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4 Points On Why You Have To Consider Testing Out The Foreign exchange Trading Software Called IvyBot

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Don’t be deceived by your own intellect. Forex trading is amazingly simply, but no human can accurately predict forex trades on the fly like a good computer software can. It is uncanny how one particular software blows the others out of the water. It is Ivybot. Many people have had their share of failed attempts at trying to use forex trading software. It isn’t always the software’s fault in the analysis, but the facts remain. The technology is getting better, and Ivybot is proven itself to be a force for the forex trader. Some of the trading forex software programs worked in trials only to not do so well in real life trading, but you can’t base your judgment on the failed attempts of other products. The question I know you want answered is “What about Ivybot? Is it different?”

Compared to other forex software, it is very similar in many respects. This software has been scientifically proven to be effective in picking forex trades by almost a decade of statistical analysis that proves the value of this unique program. The study doesn’t lie. The results were astounding. In every year tested, Ivybot proved itself over and above. In every year, there was no less than a 400% profit margin created by this wonderful software. Ivy Bot is a package of four unique and customized automatic forex trading robots that are engineered and developed by Ivy League graduates, professional forex traders, and automated technology experts.

1) Four trading pairs verses one – It is a fact that most trading programs are programmed to search for no more than one exact currency pair. This scans for four. The engineers programmed this tool to particularly deal with the task of tracking down 4 specific currency pairs. Each of these currency pairs has their own algorithm. The 4 in 1 professional Ivy bot robot code is built on a exceptional algorithm created entirely by the Ivy bot team. Its a four for one deal!

2) Updates for Life – one definite method to make the classic trading tool fails is for the marketplace to swerve widely off its normal path. It is important that any foreign exchange software programs you get will change with the market conditions. If not, the tool itself can turn out to be less valuable. This is not the situation with IvyBot forex trading software. It remains up-to-date to the most up-to-date foreign exchange market conditions. To deal with the most recent changes in the market, it automatically updates on a regular basis with the latest algorithms.

3) Fully Automated – Every forex trader dreams of a forex tool that can help to do lucrative trades on complete autopilot. Looking at it closer, IvyBot was undeniably able to deliver. The system works 24-7 by analyzing the forex markets and automating the currency trading. The result is that it becomes all hand’s free. What is amazing is that 99.9 percent of the work is already done for you by the computer. You can kick back in relax, knowing that this program has everything under control.

4) Money Back Guarantee – Apart from giving you a forex software that is essentially 4-in-1, the inventors are so secure with what they created that they are offering a 60-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked ever. If you want to make sure your forex trading is performed by the top cutting edge forex trading software for 4 reasons, be sure to try out Ivybot. I don’t know what more any forex trader could ask is all here…and guaranteed.

IvyBot and the Ivy Bot Review Video.

Trading System – Are you A System Trader?

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A trading system is a methodology of trading. An investor who uses one system and follows a specific set of guidelines when making a decision, follows system trading, and will usually never deviate. A trading system is only one method of trading, and usual requires no thinking. It is possible to have one system that is governed by multiple system.

For example, to have 10 different systems, and select only one stock from each system every month according to the main system’s qualifications.

Someone that uses several Trading Systems is a multiple system trader. They have to either have an overall system that encompasses all of them, or make their own decision on which to follow. Doing so can be dangerous, as the purpose of system is to prevent human error. It is advised to be a system trader who trades one system at a time, or trade multiple systems within a larger core system, and avoid being a multiple systems trader.

Trading System – Trading can be awfully hectic without some kind of methodology. You can’t expect to take on the best traders in the world who have teams and resources at their disposal just by throwing around money at will hoping that it works. You need an actually defined system in order to be able to trade effectively.

Many successful systems are based on earnings and high potential for growth. Stockbee’s trading system often swings for the fences. As a result, it requires a solid degree of protection. Obviously you shouldn’t limit yourself to someone else’s system, you need to find one that is right for you.

There are two kinds of traders, technical traders, and fundamental traders, each has their own system. Of course there are some who use both.

Technical traders

Some system traders, are day traders. Others are swing traders. Still other people are more of a trend trader. Each will have it’s unique system. The system will be based on the technicals. Is it volume that triggers the buy? Is it price movement? A combination of both? Or perhaps it’s pattern trading.

Some people even have trading machines or robots that do the work for them. Others rely on pattern recognition done by a system. The method is to sign up for email alerts, or some form of alerts, then make a purchase based on the software’s recommendation. There are some people that screen down a stock based on strong fundamentals, and only trade those stocks, but trade them based on the technical chart patterns and volume.

They will sell based on a trend break, or rules on when to take gains such as 20% gain according to their system. They will set a stop loss based on their system as well. It might be 4%, or 8%, or it may be a trailing stop.

Fundamental traders

Fundamental traders might do things a little differently. They are looking for improving fundamentals, or stocks that pass through a certain screener. is a great resource if you want to rely on fundamentals. Earnings is always a big part of a system, and the Zacks’ ranking uses earnings revision to get in early when the earnings and company internals appear to be improving. Zacks’ has several screens, and their software allows you to screen stocks according to many different options.

Regardless of your trading system, one thing remains important in every single system. Money Management and loss protection.

It doesn’t matter what the upside is or win rate is, if you can’t protect yourself from major declines, you shouldn’t be trading. I don’t care if your system is 90% effective (no system is and if they say they are, they’re lying), and if the gain is 1,000%. If you put all your money on it repeatedly, eventually you will suffer a loss so catastrophic you will never be able to recover without borrowing money. By taking one loss, you hinder your ability to make money. That is more costly then the potential for greater gains that you would gain by taking additional risk.

Just to illustrate if your system causes you to take a 95% loss, you need a 2000% return just to make up for that loss. You cannot trade like this. No system is better then it’s weakest link. That weak link unfortunately for many people is the ability to manage money. Fortunately, it is a skill that can be learned, and doing so will make you a better trader. Better yet, if you do not wish to be a better trader, you can simply follow the rules of a system that contains a methodology on how to manage money and how much to invest before placing a trade.

I recommend that you either have a trailing stop or a hard stop. You can also buy a protective put if you are afraid of a stock bottoming out overnight and plummeting through the stop. Protective puts are like owning insurance. Unfortunately, you have to continue to buy the insurance as it eventually expires if you don’t use it. Don’t trade options without learning everything about them.

Some puts are not good for some strategies. Longer term trades and Investments will require long-term equity anticipation securities, or LEAPs, where as you may not need to risk as much capital for short term protective puts. A trailing stop should be usually 20%, where a hard stop should be more like 7%. Different systems will require different stops so take this with a grain of salt.

A good investor or trader actually will rarely need to ever be fully invested. There are people that trade on complete margin for a few times the entire year, and the rest of the year they’re on the sideline, but generally the best traders that have a career that lasts have lots of money on the side, even more so if they use options and are unhedged. If you are unhedged, that is only playing one side of the market, (all buys, or only playing one theme such as only playing inflation or only playing deflation), you need to have even more cash on the side.

The lower the win rate, the more money on the side you need, and the smaller your positions should be. Any good system won’t require you to analyze. Having to do a lot of the thinking can cause you to panic and make incorrect decisions. Most people aren’t cut out for that, and that’s why it is a smart thing for many to use a trading system.

If you trade within a system, you have a much better chance at placing winning trades. A trading system will have a solid record of success, evidence that it works and has been working, an understanding of the decline and proper money management planning. If you trade within a system, you can estimate your results, and by doing so attain measurable success consistently with a trading system.

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Pointers For Modern Forex Trading

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A lot of amateur private traders often fail to stake their claim in profitable forex trading as they are lured in by the false prospect of easy money. And who wouldn’t be blinded by the Foreign Exchange Market? It’s the ultimate goldmine, at a daily turnover of $3.2 trillion -it would take the New York Stock Exchange 3 working days to turn a profit close to what forex makes.

The truth simple is: it’s not easy to make money in forex trading. While its potential for profitability is nearly limitless, so is the potential to crash and burn. The forex market has certainly seen its share of hopeful amateur traders putting their entire life savings in the fray only to lose them in the span of a couple months. These amateurs fail to analyze forex trading and see it for what it is: a ruthless dog-eat-dog world with the world’s finances as its foundation.

5% of the transactions are done by individuals, private traders armed with nothing but a clear understanding of how the forex market works, the will to make it big, and the best forex trade tracking software and forex systems in their own home laptop computers.

Reactive trading is when each trade action is a reaction to recent and immediate pulsations in the market. Forex tradetracking is best utilized in reactive trading and another similar method: day trading. Day trading is when a trader opens up and closes transactions in the span of a single trading day. The transactions here are based on price swings, buying and selling at the most immediate opportunity to turn a profit.

Speculative trading, otherwise known as anticipative trading is when each trade action is based on scientific predictions of future market movements. This requires putting a lot of time and effort into researching nearly every possible factor that might shake up the Foreign Exchange Market. Speculative trading is also known as long-term trading.

Whatever the technique or method you choose, it’s a good idea to top it off with a forex trading system that also fits with your trading personality. Try out different trading platforms and systems until you find the right combination that’s most comfortable to you.

Long term trading is its opposite. This method requires watching the overall movement of the forex market, trying to predict the direction its heading, and basing trade transactions from that data. This requires a trader who’s not afraid to take risks, sleep in while the figures move up and down along with his invested money.

Speculative trading is when a trader, upon analyzing all factors that might affect the forex market, predicts its future shifts. Trade decisions are then based on these market predictions. Long term trading is best suited to speculative trading.The future of world finance is online. Stake your claim, and don’t be left behind.

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Setup A Home-Based Forex Trading Business

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Are you another one of those who are dissatisfied with their current career? Do you know a lot of people who are also? If you answer “yes” to these questions, then you now have a good reason to set up your very own home-based forex trading business!

You must know a lot of people who want more income, including yourself. Everyday expenses tend to affect all of us. Even for a little bit we want to experience something possible by simply having additional income. Even the thought of having more money somewhat comforts us. People simply love spending money and that is fact. That is one of the reasons why you can be sure that you might get earned commissions when you set up your own forex trading mlm network.

You simply can earn by helping others earn. Spending worldwide involves various currencys. People have to pay using some currency whenever they engage in financial transactions. It is not cheap converting currencies, but because people have a natural urge to buy foreign products, people will facilitate currency exchange. This is the reason why forex trading is an industry that involves trillions of dollars every year – that is trillions, not just billions. By the time we reach the year 2010, there is no telling how many trillions might be involved. It is estimated it willgrow even more in the future, right along with the U.S. economy itself. Isn’t that a great business opportunity?

If your friends are searching for more income, they will choose you. With your forex business, you have a chance to competing against the universal need for more money. If you offer others a good way to increase their net worth, who do you think your friends will choose to do business with: you, whom they know, and trust, or someone else? You know the answer to that one.

You can work at home and be your own boss. Working at home lets you have additional quality time with your family and more time to enjoy your hobbies. It also means no boss to intimidate you, like in a typical office.

You may utilize a powerful tool: the Internet. We all know that the internet has made our lives easier. This is certainly true with forex trading. Almost everyone has access to the web. Why not take it one step further and use it to your advantage with your foreign exchange business? If the big companies are in it, then shouldn’t you be too? One reason they got big in the fist place is because they got into this business.

Everywhere in this nation, many people with little effort and capital are earning big bucks while competing with the big companies. Now, isn’t that a profitable competition you ought to be in?

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Your Forex Trading System and Your Forex Career

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If participating in the lucrative and dynamic foreign currency exchange market has crossed your mind, you might have thought of grabbing the opportunity right then and there. Indeed, the prospect of engaging in forex trading is merely sitting out in the open. Come to think of it, one does not need to leave the confines of his home to participate in forex trading. All that one needs is a computer and an internet connection – and you can start your forex trading career in the comfort of your own home or at your office or practically anywhere you might be.

To a lot of people, the forex market is a complex trading ground, especially for beginners. Most find it hard to participate in the actual trading because of the many factors that one needs to be aware of. However, almost everything is possible in the forex world. Armed with the basics and tips from seasoned traders, one can start participating in forex trading.

As one goes through forex trading, he will need to have a forex trading system – a good forex trading system. Success in forex trading does not come to those who settle for the mediocre. A lot of beginners experience early failure because they avail of phony forex trading systems. Large as it is, a lot of swindlers abound the forex market and they can rip people off anytime. Therefore, finding a legitimate forex trading system is one key to success in this volatile market.

It is important that one should not allow himself to be overwhelmed with expensive forex trading systems. It is also not wise to settle with trading systems that promise quick and easy profits with minimal risks. One should remember that as many as the opportunities that the forex market offers, the same number of risks abound.

In order for one to trade like a forex market pro, one needs to learn how to use forex trading systems – and one has to be really serious about learning it. One thing to take note of is that good forex trading systems are dynamic. Good forex trading systems can provide daily market advice, manuals, and many other forex trading resources that can help turn you into a successful forex investor. Gathering feedback from users of different forex trading systems can also help. It is also helpful to do some research on the company that released a certain trading system – check if that company has good reputation in the market.

Perhaps the best way to learn more about the forex trading system you have chosen is through doing practice trades with it. Nothing beats doing a lot of practice with your forex trading system. Not only can you learn how to easily read trends and market signals, you can get a good feel of how you can make profits with the help of your forex trading system.

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