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Double card double stay women-only- lenovo P50 fashion choice only sell for 639

June 12th, 2018 Comments off

If you say it is a fashionable plaything, a lively symbols, so lenovo P50 is very suitable for you. This time lenovo’s cell phone for young people neither have the elegant clamshell action of Korea series cell phone, nor have the handsome and threatening big screen touch, but used the straight modelling accepted by young people. Accessories include charger, cable, battery natural needless to say, we also saw the replaceable color shell and telephone lines. The machine accessories are very perfect. Now in the green sen digital only sell at 639 yuan which is very affordable.

Lenovo P50 cell phone straight phone body 114.8×49×10.8mm measurements looks slightly compact, positive equipped with a 2.4 inches resolution for 240×320 pixels to display TFT screens, relatively good. The machine is equipped with a gold 200 million pixels camera, support digital zoom, support, but it took five even take the result can only say that general, only to satisfy basic shooting demand. Lenovo P50 the greatest characteristic is it can support double card double stay, airframe biggest support 8GB capacity expansion which used compare conveniently.

Lenovo P50 phones function is very rich, music player etc function fully furnished. Play interface is very professional, support MP3AACAAC + MIDWAV etc audio format output. Set it we can through bluetooth headset (Wholesale cell phone covers) for broadcast. Outer put aspects, P50 is built-in speakers, ordinary music playback is very satisfactory.

Lenovo P50 phone ( cell phone cases wholesale) appearance is simple and fashionable which can reflect glare mirror screen. It is exclusively to women custom-made. And the very bold color, choose the various colors to packaging fuselage, it is very beautiful. In addition the machine double card double stay function for multiple number need friends offers more convenient. Today this lenovo P50 (cheap cell phone cases) has exposed less than 700 Yuan low-cost, people who are interested it may consider buying.

Lenovo P50 (including invoice, the national joint guarantee) + high-speed TF card reader + fashion flannelette mobile bag + a 2.4-inch screen protector extend 1 year warranty period = ¥639

Low price double G network cell phone! Coolpad 8260 double card double stay hot sale

June 12th, 2018 Comments off

Coolpad 8260 broke dual-mode phone ever with G network and C network simultaneously standby characteristics,and this is a new double G network smartphone. This concept is extremely convenient mobile faithful users. Now at the dealer Shengtianlang telecommunications,it give 3380 Yuan low prices.People who are interested in Coolpad 8260 should seize this opportunity.

Coolpad 8260 appearance design is very atmospheric, cell phone 116 x 61 x 23mm airframe BWH although appear very generous, but business atmosphere extremely dense, very suitable for use of successful men. Fuselage with a 2.8 inches positive 26 million colors TFT shading screen, 240 x 320 pixels for resolution which reached QVGA standards, display effect is very good.

Functional configuration: coolpad 8260 adopted Windows MobileWindows CE 5.0 operating system, and has 128m flsh+64m sdram memory capacity, built-in OFFICE mobile officing and other business software, support for Bluetooth (mobile phone accessories wholesale) data transmission. Entertaining aspects, coolpad 8260 is equipped with a single 200 million pixel CMOS camera, support digital zoom and six balance, 14 kinds of special effects, support night shoot, three shutter voices, and other functions. The product also equipped with 3D stereo speakers, MP3 ringtones, and also very outstanding sound quality.

Overall, coolpad (cool cell phone accessoriea) 8260 all aspects of performance are very good.Supporting double G network standby is a big characteristic. Now just before March 15, in ChengTong innovation technology Co., LTD. Dealers buying this product just need 4580 Yuan, and you can obtain, true machine, 2 pieces of original electricity, 2 a touch pen, 1G TF card, cable, specification, guarantee card, CD, clean the machine cloth, service network address book, function expansion guidelines, manuals, headset(discount cell phone accessories), battery charger, mobile phone charger, cell phone cover and other fittings and gifts. So overflow! People who are interested in it can go to dealers to have a look.