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Affordable Medical Insurance — Don’t Forget These Tips

December 12th, 2018 No comments

There are steps that will help you get massive savings without putting compromising quality. Would you like to know them? Then read through and apply these time-tested steps to paying a lot less…

1. Knowledge, they say, is power. People who know more about health care and insurance are better equipped to get sweeter offers. You need a certain amount of information for you to see opportunities and also know how to use them.

You can get help on health matters from government agencies by calling their number toll-free. Call the National Health Information Center at 1-800-336-4797 to if you need advice on health matters.

2. There are medicines that are big brand names. Drugs that are well established cost a lot more than equally-effective drugs with less brand recognition and so increase what you spend. But are you aware that every generic drug has the same active agents as its more established contemporary? Where they are free to have any difference is in the inactive agents.

So by using brand names you surely aren’t enjoying more value even though you are paying a lot more. Ask your doctor about this.

3. There are things that you would do well not to see a doctor about as it only increases your health care cost without any real benefit. Clear example are viral infections like flu about which your doctor can’t help. Using some home remedies will really help in those situations. Your doctor will probably do things you should have done on your own at home in a case like that.

So is it wise to spend close to $100 in visiting a doctor when you already know that your condition won’t be helped much? I also think there are little home incidents that your first aid box will handle quite well. It is better to know how to handle simple home emergencies especially if you have kids. Most of those emergencies would be well taken care of if you take some time out to learn a little about first aid and also have a good first aid box.

Nevertheless, if you do not know what to do, go on and visit a doctor. And, even for those who do have some experience with first aid, know your limits. There are things you’re not supposed to even attempt if you are not a medical doctor. Handle what you should and let your doctor do those he/she should. You will pay less on health insurance without endangering yourself or yours if you do this.

4. If you make use of phone med services you would have done much to reduce your rates. These are free community services that provide medical advice by phone 24/7. You have a minimum of a registered nurse with not less than ten years experience on hand to offer free medical advice you can trust. Your local clinic is also another place you can receive free medical help by phone.

This brings down the number of visits you make to your doctor and as a consequence your total spend on the long run.

A timely medical help could make the difference between a serious ailment and a mild one. For these and more reasons, use these free medical services.

5. You’ll pay less for health insurance if you’re not rigid in your choice of health care providers. For you to land the best rates you may have to use doctors and hospitals that belong to a certain group or network. You may compelled to stop using your favorite health care provider if he or she isn’t part of the network.

It would be easier receive more affordable rates if you can make such adjustments. Notwithstanding that you’re asked to be flexible, take care that you also get what will be the best for you on the long run.

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How To Find Good Health Insurance

December 9th, 2018 Comments off

Although health insurance protection isn’t the most appealing of subjects when you consider the price of health care everywhere just keeps rising, it makes sense to make provision for the position where paying a health professional to get the best care is unavoidable. As you in all probability know all to well, the cost of health care and health insurance protection premiums continue to increase at levels substantially above the general figure of inflation. And so as the cost of medical intervention continues to rise, finding affordable health cover is becoming progressively challenging.

Often, larger establishments are able to offer private health insurance plans as part of the work package where they pay all or a big amount of the annual premium. However, the rising cost of health cover mentioned earlier is also impacting employers with many finding it challenging to maintain this company benefit going. It is a sad fact that for many people it is the health insurance plan that a company offers that makes the employer attractive rather than any other aspect of the employer. For some, finding a low cost health protection supplier is the only thing they can do as a company healthcare scheme is not an option.

While numerous people today are still able to obtain some type of health cover via their place of work or privately, many others – the low paid, self-employed and the jobless simply don’t know where to find good quality coverage at a fair price. While a little study is needed to make sensible comparisons, carrying out searches for low price health insurance protection schemes on the internet has proved very helpful for many as you are able to compare benefits of a large number of providers using online comparison tables. For those people that have families, there is an even greater need to obtain the best health protection obtainable within a specified budget.

Progressively, individuals are becoming wiser about arranging their own individual health insurance protection in an endeavor to beat the rising costs. One method being used by associations across the USA is to unite forces and arrange health insurance cover for their members via large group plans as their buying power is that much greater. And so, if you are in the position of searching for inexpensive health cover but are already associated with one of these big national or local organizations then you should check with them first to see if they are able to offer inexpensive health protection as part of their membership.

Your health cover insurance policy will also list the kind of services that are not handled by your insurance provider. One thing to check with the health insurance is the meaning of an emergency and whether this can be treated by primary care doctor. So it is clear that there are numerous things to look into before you make a decision on what health cover provider you intend to use. Already there is a great deal of discussion about future problems that are likely to be caused by a growing number of the population who do not have any health protection. The mortality figure in any given year for someone without a health insurance cover plan for example is twenty-five per cent higher than for someone with insurance.

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Medical Debt and Personal Bankruptcy: Time for Reform

September 23rd, 2018 Comments off

Republican, Democrat, Left, Right, Centrist… No matter how citizens in this nation may choose to politically identify ourselves, we are all pretty much in agreement about one thing: This country needs health care reform. Our suggestions as to what shape that reform should come in may not be identical but there is no denying that we are currently on the fast track to bankruptcy if meaningful reform is delayed much longer.

In fact, many individual Americans have already been bankrupted through devastating encounters with our current health care system. This past summer, the respected American Journal of Medicine released new study findings that revealed some staggering statistics that reveal the role that medical expenses play in personal bankruptcy filings. Working to reduce the margin of error in their findings, the authors applied a stringency to the study that made it a first of its kind: a truly random sample of bankruptcy filers nationwide, followed up with detailed personal interviews of participants. Medical causes of bankruptcy were defined to include medical bills and loss of income due to health issues. In conclusion, they discovered that more than 60% of personal bankruptcy filings in 2007 had significant medically related expenses that pushed individuals and families over the financial edge to file for bankruptcy.

Dr. Steffie Woolhandler, one of the study’s authors, voiced her conclusions in an interview with CNN saying, “Unless you’re a Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, you ‘re one illness away from financial ruin in this country If an illness is long enough and expensive enough, private insurance offers very little protection against medical bankruptcy, and that’s the major finding in our study.” There are those who find Dr. Woolhandler’s words a little radical. A spokesman for the Washington, D.C. based nonpartisan policy research foundation, The Center for Studying Health System Change, admitted some reservations about the findings but at the same time concluded that 1 in 5 American families are “unduly strained” by medical bills.

In 1981, only 8% of families filing for bankruptcy claimed to have done so in the wake of a major medical crisis. (The accuracy of that figure is somewhat debatable since court records do not indicate the origin of debt that is handled by collection agencies, possibly obscuring debt generated by doctor or hospital bills.) In 2001, a major study concluded that over 46% of personal bankruptcies were medically related. The American Journal of Medicine study’s most recent conclusions of 61% used data from 2007, indicating an alarming trend and numbers which interestingly predate the fallout of our economy’s current recession.

The stigma that hangs over personal bankruptcy in our country is in part due to the public’s common misunderstanding of what the average filer looks like; many people have a mental image of a hapless slouch. The American Journal of Medicine’s study reveals this misapprehension for the untruth that it is. Most of the debtors surveyed were middle class, middle aged and college educated. 75% of the debtors had health insurance coverage at the onset of their financial and health problems. Typically this insurance left them with the commonplace gaps of high premiums, copayments, hefty deductibles and a range of uncovered medical services. It is important to note that policy rescission is a normative practice among medical insurance companies with 25% cancelling an individual’s policy immediately upon a disability diagnosis and another 25% of companies cancelling within one year of the diagnosis.

It is hard to ignore that the middle class’ back is being gradually broken under the weight of the current insurance system. Health insurance premiums skyrocket every six months and deductibles on most policies follow a similar skyward pattern annually. Proponents of the American Dream have traditionally contended that what is bad for the middle class is bad for the nation as a whole. Currently, it is estimated that the U.S. will spend 17.6% of its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) on health care in 2009. The future holds an ever upward spiral if reforms are not soon brought into play. A further consideration of this staggering GDP statistic is to realize that it does not and cannot take into account all the associated costs that medically related bankruptcy of individuals or small businesses impose on the economy and society.

Do yourself a favor as a good citizen and read the American Journal of Medicine’s study in full. (You can find it quickly online at, Vol. 122, Issue 8, pp. 741 to 746.) Be informed, do some further fact scouting and let your congress representative and senator know that the average citizen wants and needs access to the quality of health insurance elected officials are privy to.

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Health Insurance For The Masses

September 15th, 2018 Comments off

Trying to look for good insurance deals on the market can be challenging at the best of times without complicated vocabulary getting in your way. This article looks at some of the jargon found in insurance information. From here, you can begin to understand insurance in more depth when browsing on websites and in directories.

One term you will hear all the time is HMO. This stands for ‘Health Maintenance Organization. HMOs oversee health coverage, guidelines and standards for doctors in hospitals.

Usually the pay is too low for your employee to afford their own health care. It is seemingly impractical to pay for health insurance even if that means a loyal worker goes without. There is ways to get insurance for small businesses and the employees.

Every state has numerous offices and firms that will carry insurance for small businesses. Like any other commodity, companies are going to try to get the most that they can out of you. As a small business owner, you cannot afford that.

You need to shop around and see what firm will offer you the most for the least. By accessing what you need for your employees and yourself, you will be able to match your budget and save where you can. The more quotes, the better.

Both sides bring up excellent points that should be considered. After all, health insurance and coverage will be dominating the media in months to come. It is better for you to research both points fairly and decide.

Democrats argue that it is simply unfair to the millions of people who have to go without. They believe that the price for HMOs is too high and that the healthcare companies have developed an industry in which they control pricing. Their values say that it is time to step in and oversee the healthcare industry.

Republicans believe that it is not only wrong for the government but will be paid for by the expense of the American people. It will cost trillions of dollars to implement free health insurance. Through their ideology, they believe that free health insurance is a socialistic response to a problem.

Under Obama’s plan it will be mandatory that all businesses carry health insurance for their employees. Also, all parents must insure their children or they will be fined. He also wants to increase health insurance chances to those considered to be in the ‘pool of risk’

Risk pool is term that you might hear once in a while. This refers to a group of people who cannot find health insurance based on certain conditions. They are risky to insure because of their condition and therefore are a greater cost to the insurance companies.

There are many ways to cut cost when shopping for the insurance for your small business. I know that it is costly to have but in return, you can provide well being to both yourself and your employee. Having that will help both your employees and your business.

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Socialized Medicine or a new National Health Plan?

August 29th, 2018 Comments off

Freedom is defined as the lack of intimidation or limitation in choice or action and liberation from the command of another. It is what American men and woman have surrendered their lives shielding. Even so, American leadership has created a greater burden imposing what is thought to be the most legitimate community plan. Unfortunately, this leads to Americans independence to a unhurried death as efforts are made to smother them through this new health care revolution.

One American asks How is it that one of our country’s founding documents is the Declaration of Independence and now we are allowing ourselves to affirm our reliance on our government and chief? Obama’s new health care revolution offers many benefits that Americans have never wanted nor opted to pay for. It allows governmental administration to decide the rate and the synopsis of benefits without consulting the actual people it would cover; not quite by the people and for the people.

The proposed community rating means that all people would have the equal insurance rate regardless of lifestyle choices. No longer would the preference for a healthy existence be advantageous. A one size fits all type plan where Americans hand over their insistence on choice having no Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), Health Savings Account (HAS), nor a capitalistic economy which now exists for senior Medicare supplements. Although, the reasoning behind backing this plan has come with great speculation as Mr. Obama responds with a yes to the preliminary health questions on tobacco use.

In light of his dialogue with students, some might dispute the need to make young people conscious of the toil they will face as they move from adolescence to adulthood. According to Forbes magazine college graduates will walk away from his or her university with a minimum of $20 thousand in dept and an yearly income of $30 thousand. In today’s market, that is not exactly guidelines for success.

Obama is asking young Americans to take ownership of his or her education and with the same breath, it seems, making a decision that will control their future. Obama will demand that young people pay more into the health care plan while making less. While older Americans will make more and pay significantly less for a program they make more use of.

Who is Obama thinking of when conveying this revolutionary health care plan? One may think of the mature and ailing patients. Unfortunately, these are not benefiting from the loss of their freedom either. When Americans give up the right to choose, they also give the right to doctors to come to a decision on which patient is more important, perhaps pushing ill patients to the back of the line since they are viewed as having nothing left to contribute to humanity.

Some have coined the phrase of Americans Endangered Freedoms as we slowly let government decisions cut away our autonomy for individual life choices. This Health Care Revolution will dictate how Americans hard-earned income or retirement is spent. It will choose the health care provider, the health care plan, the deductible paid and even the doctor seen.

Maybe in hearing this ones mind may drift to another time when a people dressed in uniforms, raised his or her right arm and declared Hail Obama? Is this the American way paved for future generations? Perhaps Americans should bestow more credit to their own minds and decide what is best for their individual needs? If not, American freedoms could become extinct.

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