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Take A Company Public – S1 Attorneys – PCAOB Audits – Good Luck, You’re Going To Need It

June 14th, 2014 Comments off

The undertaking of a public offering on the OTCBB, just as with the NYSE and NASDAQ can be tedious, strenuous, exhausting and an ongoing perpetuation of one failure after another until you just throw in the towel and call it quits; but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Going public can be rewarding, prosperous, empowering and the beginning of massive capitalization and international expansion. There are two things to remember when putting your ‘going public’ plans together. First: don’t be nave by thinking that you can do it yourself, you’ll certainly fail as this process has too many components and is infested with sewer rats that will climb on your back for a free ride just in case you make it. Second: be smart and hire an IPO Strategies Consultant. This type of business consultant is rare and difficult to find as they are in demand globally because of the streamlined manner in which they are able to take a company public.

Strategies consultants that specialize in pre public corporate strategies and structuring, IPO facilitation and post public investor relations planning and mergers and acquisitions. They’ll expedite the public offering while giving your company a powerful foundation conducive to hardcore domestic and global expansion.

The road to becoming a publicly traded company is littered with the carcasses of companies that either tried to complete the process on their own or corporation with the foresight to hire a consultant but battled the consultant on each portion of the process and added so much stress to the deal that the consultant threw in the towel and moved onto the next project.

Word to the wise, this is one industry that you, the inquisitive self taught or over educated doesn’t stand a chance. The intricacies of this industry are of such proportions that unless you are completely submerged in this business for years with 80 hour work weeks you won’t even crack the surface of what it takes to go public and stay public and grow through expansion with a solid trading volume to monetize your company’s securities to create expansion capital.

Find a consultant, step back, keep your cell phone hand and leave this to the professionals while you reap the rewards. You’ve earned it! Through your blood, sweat and tears you’ve built your company. You’ve created jobs, contributed to the economy, paid Uncle Sam his pound of flesh, you deserve to succeed. Use the process of going public to create wealth for your family, long term job stability for loyal and hard working employees and a product or service distribution that spans the globe.

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Taking Your Company Public And Asian Expansion

April 17th, 2014 Comments off

Global consultants are all preaching the need for IPOs and eastern expansion into major Chinese markets but very few have the knowledge on exactly how to accomplish this and even less have the contacts to make such ventures happen.

In order for a company make a cross boarder expansion into a massive market like China work the consulting firm must have powerful local and federal government contracts as well as regional and local business leaders that can support the transition. Get ready to make payoffs as this is still the way developing nations operate and during an audit there are always three sets of books, one set the company shows the government for taxes, one they show to clients to earn their business and then the actual books which are only shown to insiders. Without the proper synergies in place by the consultant and the regional power-base you can forget a trouble free expansion. Consultants who are taking their clients public in the United States and then engineering international expansion and global strategic alliances are connected, in a big way to law makers on all sides as this is the only realistic way to facilitate a global expansion. I have been in this industry for 25 years and there is one company that is constantly in the news and on the tongues of global strategists for their ongoing track record for successfully taking companies public and facilitating global expansions on behalf of their clients at a speed that is simply staggering. Princeton Corporate Solutions is one of the only true global expansion strategies consulting firms. Their CEO, James Scott has established himself among US, EU and Chinese governments and regional lawmakers as an executive with the contacts to make or break a local industry in a developing/industrializing nation.

“It’s all about synergy”, Scott explains, “when taking a company public the corporate infrastructure must be in place and the professional pedigree of the ‘C’ level executives and board of directors must be in place. After this the company can focus on inter-industry alliances and then step onto the path of going public and that path will typically start with the OTCBB if the company has ambitions to grow onto the NASDAQ”.

And as for international expansion Scott explains, “Once again, it is about synergy. We always help our clients piggyback off of the successes, distribution and alliances that we have set up for previous clients and whenever we can put another successful entity into the mix, it strengthens the position of all parties involved”.

International consulting firms agree that the one true, viable fund raising strategy is a public offing with powerful post public investor relations in place to create a market for the company and global expansion takes more than elbow grease and know how but a plethora of contacts that cover all the basis’.

For Global Expansion Strategies try these links Wiki Power, or This Consulting Firm or contact your local Congressmen

How To Go Public – S1 Filing – 15c211 – Form 211 – Turn-Key Strategy For Going Public

March 21st, 2014 Comments off

For those of you who have reached the point in your company’s evolution where it’s time to take your company public there is often a lot of confusion centering around the services that a corporation needs in order to go public at a solid price, hold it’s position and grow steadily.

The solution is to bring on a consulting firm steeped in a solid history of creating solid corporate foundations so that building on that foundation is simple and streamlined. Below is what you can expect to pay and the services you’ll need for a solid public offering on an exchange like the OTCBB that will help your company eventually qualify for the NASDAQ.

Of course there are many consulting firms out there who will do reverse mergers into public shells or charge $400k+ for the process of going public but the truth is, your company can get a premium grade public offering solutions without having to pay even remotely close to that much.

For a solid, top tier consulting firm to come into your company and provide everything from A to Z, the below is what you can expect to get and pay from reputable consulting sources.

For a full turnkey solution, the costs involved and solutions provided would look something like this: 1. Retainer ($25k to $35k)+ equity distribution 2. Business plan and Private Placement Memorandum authoring 3. Company Valuation by top tier analyst 4. Board of directors selection and evaluation 5. Advisory board selection and evaluation 6. C level executive evaluation and recruitment initiation (if needed) 7. Strategic Alliance search and facilitation 8. First round of funding offered to our investor network (and your investor contacts) 9. PCAOB audit 10. $50k fee from proceeds raised paid to Consultant 11. S1 filed by PCS legal team through SEC comments stage to SEC approval 12. Market Maker attachment, 15c211 filing with FINRA and final payment of $50k is made to Consultant from capital raised 13. Trading symbol issued to company by FINRA 14. Company is up and trading on OTCBB 15. Consultant brings in first phase Investor Relations strategies to create market and trading volume activity 16. National Public Relations strategy begins by having C level executives placed on top tier radio and TV programs as Expert Panel participants for industry 17. Ongoing acquisitions identification, corporate expansion strategies and Investor Relations consulting by Consultant to assist company with growth.

You don’t need to overpay for a service as intricate as going public. Just find a turn-key consultant who understands your company and what you’re trying to achieve and take it from there.

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Take Your Company Public: Here Is The Process

December 12th, 2013 Comments off

Becoming a publicly traded company is an exciting and rewarding experience. The following sets forth the method, steps, fees and estimated timetable to go public on the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) ‘from scratch’, or through a self-filing and discusses the 1934 Exchange Act responsibilities after a company’s registration statement has gone effective (after the company has become publicly traded):

Prior to filing the registration statement, a company that wishes to go public must first obtain an audit of the Company’s financial statements for the past two fiscal years. For most companies, the financial audit can be completed in about a month and costs typically range between $5,000 and $25,000, depending on the complexity of the company financials.

A public company will also need shareholders. To that end, if additional shareholders are needed, the company going public will need to complete a self-underwritten Regulation D, Rule 506 offering in which the company sells shares of its stock to investors for real consideration. This is not a difficult task, so long as you have a properly prepared private placement memorandum (PPM) and you follow the relatively simple rules of Rule 506. The price per share and number of shares offered can be determined by the Company, but most registered broker-dealers that will eventually submit a Form 211 for an OTC Bulletin Board quotation prefer to have a minimum of 400,000 shares distributed among the investors.

In addition to the minimum number of shareholders requirement, a company must have free-trading shares, called the ‘float’, in order to go public. Upon completion of the private offering and the financial audit for the prior two fiscal years, an S-1 Registration Statement must be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) to register the shares sold in the private placement, thus creating the free trading shares. The completion of the S-1 process with the SEC will make the Company a 1934 Exchange Act reporting company, which is required in order to obtain a quotation on the OTC Bulletin Board. The SEC will review the S-1 and provide comments within 30 days from the filing date. Comments from the SEC typically relate to the terms of the offering, the Company’s business and its financial statements. It usually takes between 2 to 3 months for the SEC to approve a registration statement on Form S-1 and for the S-1 to become effective. However, the actual amount of time will depend on the level of review and number of comments given by the SEC and the corresponding response time by the Company in filing its amendments.

Shortly after filing the S-1 registration statement with the SEC, a market maker must be ‘engaged’ to file a Form 211 application with FINRA for the purposes of obtaining a quotation of its common shares on the OTC Bulletin Board. It is important to note that market makers cannot receive compensation for making a market in a stock, thus typically you must have connections to accomplish this. The timetable for approval of the Form 211 process is approximately 3 weeks to 5 weeks. However, the Form 211 will not be approved until the S-1 is approved by the SEC since the approval of the S-1 provides the “free trading” shares necessary to obtain the OTC Bulletin Board quotation.

The completion of the entire process to become a public company typically takes approximately 3 to 4 months from completion of the private offering and financial audit, however, the actual time could vary based on the factors discussed herein. If done right, with planning, hard work, the proper foresight, and a good firm guiding you through the process, going public is a truly exciting and rewarding experience.

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How To Build Strong Strategic Business Partnerships and Alliances Fast and Easy!

May 27th, 2013 Comments off

Do You Need Capital For Your Company? Build Strong Strategic Partnerships! In this economy, companies who survive have more than just a strong business model; they have aligned themselves with strategic partners in a joint effort to create a win/win relationship where each contributes to a pool of contacts, promotional initiatives and industrial knowledge.

Strategic alliances are the number one way to strengthen your company if you are trying to raise capital from venture capital firms, angel investors, hedge fund lenders, angel investors or if you are trying to take your company public. Empirical evidence companies who demonstrate a track record of unified success strengthens the package and puts you on the radar as an invest-able entity and you’ll start to get attention from the big players as you watch the value of your company soar.

The big question is, “Where do you find these partners and who can help you speed up the search?” You should start by having an executive meeting and put all your industry contacts together and invite these contacts to a networking ‘meet and greet’. Make it nice. Have a caterer, have giveaways etc. After you’ve done this the next step is to talk to your accountant, attorney, members of professional organizations in which you are a member, your banker, your billing service (if you outsource your invoicing), your financial adviser and/or consultant and any other professional that you’ve used in the past who has access to corporations in your industry or in a complimenting industry and can introduce you to new partners. This is exactly how ‘in demand’ executives and powerful CEO’s, CFO’s and consultants do it.

I have personally built a database of 10,000’s of contacts from using these methods, in fact I’ve never gone into a consulting situation where I couldn’t introduce my client to 1,000+ new strategic partners and I just cherry pick to find the best partners for my client. Your contact portfolio is the most powerful thing you’ll have in business. Contacts are your bartering chip when you’re in a crunch or when your board of directors is all looking at you waiting for a miracle. I have made it a point to create contacts in every industry no matter how polar opposite the industries may seem because it has allowed me to step into any situation with companies of any size and immediately start putting the pieces together and building an infrastructure based off of the powerful knowledge of dozens of industry experts.

Take the initiative and find a consultant who can help you launch your company into a whole new realm with the power and knowledge and expertise of a contact base built to induce growth and stability.

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