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Temporary Investor Visas

June 8th, 2018 Comments off

Relocating to the USA can be a very stressful and difficult business. There are however, a few ways to better your chances of successfully being granted a visa. One of the best ways of doing this, is to select an investor visa, of which there are two main kinds, permanent and temporary.

The temporary investor visa is called the E-2.

The E-2 visa is commonly referred to as the temporary green card. This is because there is no top-end limit to the visa term and so extensions and renewals can be applied any number of times providing the conditions of your visa are still met.

The purpose of this visa is to allow foreign people who have invested considerable amounts in the US to relocate there to further develop and run the business or businesses that they have invested in.

You may fit the criteria for this visa if you are the investor in a foreign business, or are a vital employee such as a manager or executive, and if you and the large shareholders in the business are nationals of countries that have a long standing Treaty of Trade, Friendship and Commerce with the United States of America.

Executives and other essential employees must be from the same country as the corporation to be eligible for the E-2 visa. You will have to show that you are in the process of making an investment or that in investment has already been made.

The E-2 visa may be suitable for those who wish to invest a significant sum of money in order to either purchase an existing business or to set up a new business. The E-2 visa is not suitable for silent investors as the investor is required to play an active role in the management and direction of the investment enterprise.

Investing in a US company and qualifying for a visa is a notoriously complex task, it is therefore strongly advisable to seek professional, competent legal advice on the criteria you must meet in order to qualify before making the investment.

Once you have chosen your preferred business, our law firm will be able to assist you in the legal process and complex and lengthy paperwork involved in applying for an E-2 investor visa. Go to for advice on applying for an investor visa.

Mississauga Apartment Rent- Furnished Executive Suites

June 23rd, 2013 Comments off

When you travel to Mississauga, looking for Mississauga apartment rent discounts or specials will be important. There are various options out there in regards to the rental properties, and they can be long term or short term leases. One of the most enjoyable places to stay are the furnished executive suites, but if you would rather stay in basic apartments these are also available. It all depends on what type of budget you and or your company are willing to use. Regardless, we still recommend that you get picky with your choices, because when you live somewhere for 6 months that is uncomfortable it becomes a working issue. Granted, you may live there for a longer duration which will make it even more important to be picky. You can find these by either contacting each rental you come across, doing your homework, or hiring an agent or locator.


One of the biggest complaints most tenants have, no matter where they live, is that the apartment staff isn’t attentive to their needs. The tenant may put in a work order and then it doesn’t get done. So they keep calling. When the work order still isn’t completed, this can cause a tenant to want to find another Mississauga apartment rent property.

Unfortunately you may come across a staff member that is extremely rude or simply has a bad attitude. Chances are if they’re acting like this now they won’t be attentive at all when you actually need something important. This can make your stay an absolute nightmare. So take the time to meet the staff if you are interested in a particular area. Just observe how they act, if they’re professional or even if they have an attitude towards everyone who lives there. It’s the little things that will make a huge difference in whether or not your stay will be a happy one.

Furnished Apartments

Sometimes, you need to find an apartment that has furniture already included. These are usually for students are business people who travel a lot and don’t have the money to haul all their belongings around with them. You’re going to pay a little more for furnished executive suites, but they are available if you know where to look. These Mississauga apartment rent suites come fully furnished which means all you need to bring is your clothes, your toiletries and anything else you think you can’t live without. These furnished executive suites save you money on moving costs, and they’re extremely convenient.

Convenience is always a big deal when you are away from home, and Mississauga apartment rent areas can provide plenty of it for you. The only thing you need to do is figure out if they offer you everything you will need during your stay. If they can do this and offer rental property that is service oriented, you’re definitely going to be happy with the results. In the end your life will be a lot easier and your stay will be that more enjoyable.

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Migration Expert Advises International Students to Fast Track Their Canadian Citizenship Application

May 5th, 2013 Comments off

(1888PressRelease) Migration Expert explains the unprecedented opportunity for international students who graduate from universities in Quebec to fast track their application for Canadian citizenship.

In light of an exciting program announced on February 14th 2010 by the province of Quebec offering Canadian citizenship to international students who graduate from any university in the province, has clarified the specific requirements that international students must satisfy and is offering a unique approach to assist students in fast tracking their student visa applications.

“We want to make our clients aware that an official Canadian delegation will be visiting university campuses abroad to encourage students to study in Canada especially in the wake of recent problems in Australia and the UK for international students”, says’s Manager of Migration Services. “As a result of these changes we have seen an increase in students contacting us to help them apply for a student visa to Canada. Thankfully, pilot projects are under way to increase the processing time of student visa applications and it is common for a student visa application to be processed in as little as two and a half weeks.”

A leading expert in identifying current immigration trends, Migration Expert believes that the recent changes announced by Quebec were intentional in luring students from countries such as India, as Canada already has long standing partnerships with many educational institutions. For example, since its inception nine months ago, the Student Partners Program has seen approximately 4,000 applications submitted from Indian students intending to study in Canadian colleges and universities.

Migration Expert applauds Quebec Premier Jean Charest on the recent changes which will see any student who obtains a bachelor, masters or PhD degree from a Quebec institute automatically receiving a certification of selection to become a citizen of Canada. Premier Charest asserted that, “this is the first time that such a step is being taken, and the idea is to recognise the efforts and skills of those who come to study with us. We have a shortage of skilled labourers, and we need to address that.”

In order to qualify, explains that student graduates must be at least 18 years of age, complete an eligible course of study in Quebec leading to a diploma, and have been in Quebec for at least half of the duration of the period of study. Under this category, applicants must intend to reside in Quebec and occupy a job in an eligible occupation after their graduation, must not take an undertaking to return home upon completion of their studies, and must be willing to undertake support of their family for up to 3 months. Successful candidates may apply up to 6 months before the completion of their studies and will also be required to satisfy language proficiency requirements of moderate oral proficiency in French.

While the student visa application and processing times can vary, Migration Expert is able to assist their clients by choosing the best procedure to apply under. Furthermore, a Certified Immigration Consultant can ensure that the student visa application is prepared and applied correctly to minimise any further delay once submitted.

For further information and advice on obtaining Canadian citizenship, contact by visiting

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