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Temporary Investor Visas

June 8th, 2018 Comments off

Relocating to the USA can be a very stressful and difficult business. There are however, a few ways to better your chances of successfully being granted a visa. One of the best ways of doing this, is to select an investor visa, of which there are two main kinds, permanent and temporary.

The temporary investor visa is called the E-2.

The E-2 visa is commonly referred to as the temporary green card. This is because there is no top-end limit to the visa term and so extensions and renewals can be applied any number of times providing the conditions of your visa are still met.

The purpose of this visa is to allow foreign people who have invested considerable amounts in the US to relocate there to further develop and run the business or businesses that they have invested in.

You may fit the criteria for this visa if you are the investor in a foreign business, or are a vital employee such as a manager or executive, and if you and the large shareholders in the business are nationals of countries that have a long standing Treaty of Trade, Friendship and Commerce with the United States of America.

Executives and other essential employees must be from the same country as the corporation to be eligible for the E-2 visa. You will have to show that you are in the process of making an investment or that in investment has already been made.

The E-2 visa may be suitable for those who wish to invest a significant sum of money in order to either purchase an existing business or to set up a new business. The E-2 visa is not suitable for silent investors as the investor is required to play an active role in the management and direction of the investment enterprise.

Investing in a US company and qualifying for a visa is a notoriously complex task, it is therefore strongly advisable to seek professional, competent legal advice on the criteria you must meet in order to qualify before making the investment.

Once you have chosen your preferred business, our law firm will be able to assist you in the legal process and complex and lengthy paperwork involved in applying for an E-2 investor visa. Go to for advice on applying for an investor visa.

Valenti International / Savers At Mercy Of Government Ineptitude …

December 7th, 2014 Comments off

“Valenti International”: Those planning for retirement are seeing the goalposts being moved.

“Valenti International” has given their starkest warning yet to UK savers and investors relying upon traditional methods of earning returns on their nest eggs. The firm issued a supplement to the scheduled client newsletter in which it slammed the actions of the Bank Of England and the previous government who, it claimed, had “punishing the prudent to save the reckless”.

Its warning centered on the controversial quantitative easing program the Bank had used to stimulate lending. The consensus is that, eventually, the banks will stop hoarding money and begin lending again most likely adding to existing inflationary pressures that are currently keeping UK CPI and RPI numbers markedly above Bank Of England forecasts.

Valenti International” suggests that those who have been sensible in the run up to and during the financial crisis are unable to rely on traditional savings accounts that pay pitiful returns because the BoE continues to hold rates at all-time lows. They also said that pensions relying on stock market performance for growth could be compromised if the Bank has to raise interest rates to curb an inflationary spiral.

“The ordinary saver is caught between a rock and a hard place and they could be forgiven for thinking the deck is stacked against them,” said one “Valenti International” analyst.

“Valenti International” – Gross Disconnect In Markets…

November 16th, 2014 Comments off

“Valenti International” on the conflicting signals from equity and bond markets that could punish malinvestment.

“Valenti International” analysts have warned clients that malinvestment will be severely punished in the coming weeks. The firm says that its evaluation of markets shows that although bond yields in developed markets are plumbing record lows, the equity markets appear to be flirting with year highs.

Valenti International” traders explained that the rising price/falling yields of government debt usually means that investors are more concerned about the return OF their money rather than return ON their money which appears to support the theory that investors are bearish on the economic recovery. In stark contrast, equity markets are pricing in increasing profitability for companies despite evidence of falling economic activity and declining revenues.

The “Valenti International” analysts believe that those seeking safe-haven investments like bonds are less likely to suffer losses than those still acquiring stocks at values the firm considers excessive. One said, “There is little evidence to support the perception that corporate revenues are headed anywhere but down in the next 12 months given the unemployment rate and the double-dip in housing. Only the prospect of additional quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve can justify the froth at these levels”.

The “Valenti International” analyst went on to say that a relatively minor knock in confidence could send the price of stocks down sharply.

Valenti International: How Long Can Rates Remain Anchored?

November 8th, 2014 Comments off

“Valenti International”: Inflationary pressures could force central banks to raise interest rates sooner than expected.

“Valenti International” has told clients that growing inflationary pressures may force central banks to hike interest rates before their economic recoveries become more sustainable.

In its latest client newsletter, the firm’s analysts warned that official inflation figures that strip out fuel and food costs should not be regarded as an accurate reflection of rising prices. “Valenti International” believes that most people define inflation as the rising cost of things like fuel and food and, to the average consumer, the cost of both of these items is rising.

“Regardless of government figures, it is difficult to ignore when the price of essential items are rising. Countries like the UK are net importers of oil and, as sterling’s value against the dollar has tanked, it is inevitable that converting the currency into dollars – in which crude oil is denominated – will almost certainly help to keep inflation at high levels. At some point, the Bank will be forced to raise rates and that will have a negative impact on businesses and the consumer not to mention the housing market which still remains significantly overvalued”, said one “Valenti International” analyst on the phone.

The firm has standing advice to acquire precious metals and defensive stocks as a way of preserving purchasing power.

“International Nexus Ventures” – Selling Off Interest In Sino-Shaolin?

August 6th, 2014 Comments off

“International Nexus Ventures”, the venture capitalists, have neither confirmed nor denied rumors of an imminent bid for its controlling interest in Chinese gold miner, Sino Shaolin Mining.

Speculation continues to center on overtures apparently made by a larger gold miner supposedly interested in Sino Shaolin’s recently revealed crusher and screening technology that significantly improves the efficiency of the production process.

“International Nexus Ventures” is thought to expect production at Sino Shaolin’s Shagnhai G1 project to show significant improvements as a result of the newly introduced technology.

A spokesman for “International Nexus Ventures” apparently declined to comment on conjecture citing “obvious confidentiality issues” but said that the firm is and always will be receptive to proposals and transactions which enhance return on its investments.

SSM’s G1 project has secured plaudits from a number of the members of the local mining community for its tireless endeavors to minimize adverse environmental impact upon the area in the immediate vicinity and the dedication of its principals who are directly credited with developing the exciting crusher and screening technology.

A spokesperson for “International Nexus Ventures” said that if a buyout of its stake was received, it would obviously be in the interests of all parties to enter into discussions.