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Foreclosure 101

December 9th, 2016 Comments off

With more homes being foreclosed on than ever before in history, savvy buyers are picking up homes are in great condition and are priced below the market. With a little patience and some preparation, homeownership could be a lot closer than you think – and a lot cheaper, too.

1. Be Ready – Know Your Marketplace. Most foreclosures sell in 3 days or less so spend some time with your Realtor getting to know your target area. If you know the comps before a foreclosure hits the area, you will be prepared to act quickly and trump any other competitive buyers. Have a pre-approval ready and waiting to roll so there is no hesitation. If you wait, you might lose the deal before it even gets off the ground.

2. Get Out Your Elbow Grease – It is totally possible to buy foreclosures that are in mint condition but they usually fetch higher prices than their “handyman special” neighbors. If you want the bargain basement top-notch deal on a property, be ready to get your hands dirty!

3. Know Your House Inside and Out – The whole idea behind buying a foreclosure is to save money, right? Then spend a little extra up front – on the home inspection. Banks make no representations (or guarantees) about the properties they sell and they are not liable for repairs after closing. Get the best inspector you can afford and look for things that might be costly trouble down the road. To save money, do your due diligence.

4. Be Prepared To Pay Close to Full Asking Price – In some of the hotter foreclosure markets (Florida, for example) banks are not willing to negotiate much on great houses. They price them at 60%-80% of fair market value up front in order to sell quickly and, if you waste time nickel-and-diming the bank, someone else is likely to purchase the home you like. This is especially true of new foreclosure listings.

5. A Realtor Will Do You A World Of Good – Agents spend lots of time combing the market for good deals. Good ones know their marketplace intimately and have often worked closely with many of your future neighbors. Use their experience to help you find the best deal possible. They will have the objective, professional eye you need to spot resale potential before you purchase. This single choice will save you thousands down the road – and agents usually charge buyers nothing to work with them!

Opportunity knocks but you still have to open the door. Real estate is historically among the safest investments in the country and 60% of America’s wealth comes from the housing market. Interest rates are historically low but are creeping upward again and prices appear to have leveled in many markets. And, if you act now, the government may even give you $8,000 just to help you buy your new house.

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Make Money From Forex Day Trading With The Forex Trading Machine

October 11th, 2016 Comments off

Do you have charts filled with colorful lines and multiple indicators? When one indicator says buy only to have the other say sell, do you want to scream in frustration? What if you could have a very simple forex day trading system that only depended on price action?

When it comes to forex day-trading, simplicity is the key. However, it is also important that you do not oversimplify your trading systems. So while you have a simple trading system, make sure it still has all the necessary parts for a successful trading strategy. This makes getting the right Forex Trading Education important in your development as a trader!

What if trading the forex market did not require you to use indicators? Could you really make money just by looking at price action alone?

Avi Frister, the developer of Forex Trading Machine, has developed a system based on his Price Driven Forex Trading concept. When you trade with strategies in Forex Trading Machine, you are looking at price movement alone with no other indicator necessary.

If you could trade without indicators, would it save you a lot of time, energy and frustration? You do not need to use multiple indicators to trade anymore. And this saves you a lot of frustration from trying to interpret contradictory signals! You have made your forex day trading a lot simpler just by looking at price action alone.

You need a simple and tested strategy to become a successful forex day trader. In the Forex Trading Machine, you get three forex day trading strategies in one manual.

To succeed in forex day trading, it helps when you can concentrate only on a few currencies. When you watch one or two currencies day after day, you start to recognize and understand how a currency behaves during specific times of the day. For example, does it trend or reverse during market opening times? What does it do? How far does it move?

The Forex Trading Machine works on the simple principle of using specific price action that tells you when a trend is just occurring so you can get in before everyone else. Another system in the Forex Trading Machine looks at how a currency behaves at specific times of the day and shows you how to capitalize on it.

In short, the Forex Trading Machine simplifies trading by removing all indicators and sticking to price action. And when you understand how price action shows you what to do before indicators can, your trading can become a lot simpler. If you are searching for forex day trading strategies that are simple yet effective, make sure you read my Forex Trading Machine Review.

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The History Behind Car Insurance & The Protection It Provides

September 23rd, 2016 Comments off

Being one of the most popular and most sought after insurances in the world, car insurance is definitely one of the most talked about insurance policies as well. Be it the Us, Europe or Asia, it is mandatory by law, for people driving cars on public roads to own car insurance.

According to the history books, the very first documented proof of car insurance (in fact,vehicular insurance) can be found in ancient China. During the times when the west had started establishing trade colonies all along the Chinese border, instances of cargo ships being hijacked or lost were reported to be on a rise.

British traders had established a number of trade colonies in coastal Chinese regions and a lot of cargo was transferred on ships, to and from this coast into the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. At times, these ships went berserk and lost track and some were even looted. It was after these incidents that they traders and investors of that era brought forward the idea of marine insurance, thus giving birth to an all new class of insurance policies.

During the time when various car insurance policies were being drafted, policy makers from all over the world felt that driving a car was not a luxury, since the car owner not only put himself at risk when driving on roads (which are public properties by law), but also third parties who are using the roads for their own reasons. Thus, the policy makers from all over the world started pushing forward laws to make car insurance mandatory for car owners.

While car insurance policies in the US can be traced back to the early 19th century, he first law, making car insurance policy mandatory for people owning cars and driving them on public roads, came into effect in 1927 in Massachusetts. Right after this law was passed, its acceptance was widespread, not only in the US, but also In the rest of the developed and developing world. With the number of cars (and consequently, the number of accidents) on the rise, such laws have been welcomed with open arms all over the world.

Dr. Truman J martin, is said to be the father of car insurance policies in the US. His policy, written in 1898, was the first policy offering liability cover in the United States. This was, however, not the first time that an insurance policy offering liability cover had been rolled out. Three years before Truman had drafted his policy, an insurance company in England had already rolled out a car insurance policy offering liability cover, in 1895.

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Working With Your Lender To Avoid Forclosure

August 25th, 2016 Comments off

If your home is on the verge of foreclosure or you fear the chance of it, you certainly will do any possible means to save it. But the problem is how you will do it? The first step, is going to your lender and asking for help.

If contacting your lender at the first sign of financial problems seems to be not so good of an idea. It may be because you are embarrassed to discuss money issues to others or you simply don’t see the need to inform your lender right away of your present financial standing. But the truth is, asking for your lender’s help will save you a lot of trouble and it will could help you save your home. Your lender will not benefit from you going into foreclosure.

People often have the perception that lenders, like banks, think only of themselves and don’t care about the future of the borrowers. This leads to the common notion that lenders show no mercy to homeowners who have defaulted on payments and will take the homes when the very first window of opportunity opens. The truth is lenders like owners will do everything they can to avoid home foreclosures. So again, the best way to save your home is to work with your lender to solve the problem.

If you miss payments for 3 consecutive months normally the lenders usually send a Notice of Default. However if you know your in trouble DO NOT wait until you get the notice to take action. Call your lender as soon as possible. Inform them of your reason of default on a payment and ask for an alternative payment schedule or temporary lower rates until your finances have recovered. You can also ask for Forbearance where your lender waives some of the penalty fees as a result of default or a mortgage refinance without going through the process of re-application. Mortgage lenders are more than willing to help you to avoid repossessing your home.

Talk to your lender, inform them of the situation, and ask for payment alternatives. Don’t wait too long before you make a move to save your home. Act fast. Understand the gravity of the situation and do something. It is your obligation to pay your mortgage but when worst comes to worst, your lender will help you keep your home. This is more true during economic downturn.

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Knowing The Penny Stocks To Watch

September 30th, 2014 Comments off

While there are a lot of different investment strategies, many people look for penny stocks to watch over time, as they believe the value of that stock could increase very soon. The fact is these stocks give one a unique opportunity to invest very little money per share and have the potential to let one in a potentially big opportunity. However, there is more to it than just watching the prices fluctuate. In fact, you have to know exactly what you are looking for in an investment.

The penny stocks to watch are those that the company could be going under a drastic change. This drastic change could be a new product being introduced, a new contract has been signed, or a new owner of the company taking over. When you buy shares at low prices in the beginning, the change the company is going through could greatly increase the value of the company and the shares, which means that you could make a lot of money quickly.

You will also want to look for new companies or smaller companies that may experience a fast growth. By keeping yourself apprised of such news happenings, you will get a better feel of where the company itself might be going. Constantly watching the online newswire will help you to keep an eye on the events within a company and where it may take the stock prices.

As you monitor the stock prices, you must also consider the timing of the situation. The information you find will need to be analyzed quickly, so that you can make a fast decision on whether you will invest. All it takes is waiting just a little too long to make the decision and you could easily lose the opportunity to make some money on shares you already purchased or actually did not purchase.

Penny stocks offers many great opportunity, but you must be determined and thorough to recognize which penny stocks to watch. Your research must be complete and you have to be on the constant watch for the next big thing to happen. If not, your chance to earn some money could slip right through your fingers and your wallet.

Go To For “A Layman’s Guide To Finding Penny Stocks To Watch. We are not licensed brokers or financial consultants. Please be advised that the information contained may not be complete and is solely for informational purposes only. This is not to be construed as an offer to sell, hold or the solicitation of an offer to buy. Investors are encouraged to seek professional advice and to perform extensive due diligence.