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The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4, Back PK

October 10th, 2018 Comments off

The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4,Back PK

Who Know Chinese Better? The Contrast of Music Phone S1/iPhone 4,Back PK: “Smile Curve” And the Story of LOGO

Both of the phones reflect a quite different sense from the design philosophy, then on the details of the body is even more different. The core of Music Phone S1 reflected the design of the word “music”, in both the design process of the back or the silver curved “smile curve” make us feel the charm of Music Phone S1.

The back of Music Phone S1 uses the design process of IMF, and the craft surface of IMF has a hardened layer of plastic film, there is a printing pattern in the middle, and the plastic layer on the back. As the ink layer in the middle, so you can scratch the surface of the product placement, but also can maintain the distinctive color and does not fade.

The back of iPhone 4 shows focus on Apple’s LOGO. All phones use 5 megapixel cameras, but the iPhone 4 (black and white iPhone 4 cases) is equipped with a flash design.

Both sides of the interface contains a power button, headphone jack (iPhone (iPhone 4 cases black and white) at the top, Music Phone at the bottom), and volume control buttons are designed on the side. The side buttons of Music Phone is at the end in the “smile curve” which is a clever fusion, it seems still a whole.

This navigation Music Phone / iPhone (iPhone 4 4S cases) recount positive PK: two design styles, back PK: “smile curve” and the story of LOGO, who knowChina better: Clover Classic UI

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