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iPhone 4S Is Discovered A Design Flaw And Can Not Recognize The SIM Card – Micro Reading

August 20th, 2018 Comments off

iPhone 4S Is Discovered A Design Flaw And Can Not Recognize The SIM Card – Micro Reading

According to technology site Engadget reported that Apple’s new smart phone iPhone 4S have frequently burst design flaws, the latest problem is that very few iPhone 4S cell phone user encountered the situation that does not recognize SIM card.

iPhone 4S is Discovered a Design Flaw  and can not Recognize the SIM Card – Micro Reading

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There are users saying their iPhone 4S error did not insert the SIM card or SIM card is invalid. Temporarily by rebooting the phone it can pre-solve this problem, but the problem will occur more frequently, until the last iPhone 4S completely is unable to recognize the SIM card.

Although most of the iPhone 4S (cases for iPhone 4) users were not affected, but the problem across a number of operators and parts of the world, the U.S. operator Sprint and Verizon Wireless customers are not immune.

It is not clear this problem is caused by software or hardware defects, Engadget says this may be iPhone 4S (iPhone 4 leather cases) SIM card slot design defects that caused the fault. If you encounter this problem, now more effective solution is to reboot the iPhone (iPhone 4 covers and cases), if not resolve, then you can only back for a SIM card.

IPhone 4 is not about delisting of stock report

July 6th, 2018 Comments off

IPhone 4 answered discount promotions no iPhone5, only iPhone4S! IPhone5 fails many of the early hours of October 5 call waiting for the domestic fruit powder down. However, iPhone4 answered part make the cut powder excited, many stores have been in short supply.

Almost iPhone4S launched at the same time, Apple iPhone4 diving prices a moment on the official website, iPhone416G b bare metal prices the previous 4,999 million down to $ 4,548, iPhone432G b bare metal price reduced to $ 4,988 from $ 5,999; iPhone 3G s bare metal prices dropped from $ 3,999 to $ 2,888. After the Apple official website iPhone4 prices diving, industry analysis, now Apple’s unique cooperation between operators in China Unicom, is likely to cut in prices for iPhone4 in the near future. After 8th, Unicom insiders on Twitter to respond to the outside world, “said China Unicom (microblogging) sales channel iPhone bare metal and the contract price will be adjusted accordingly. However, China Unicom has yet announced timing and details of the adjustment. “As prices plunged for the iPhone4, iPhone4 at theGuangzhoumarket has gradually started a price war. Recently, the southern reporter visitedGuangzhoubainaohui, places such as the Cyberport, computer city, iPhone4 prices generally fell by hundreds of dollars, at around $ 4000-4700 as a whole, bainaohui a cell phone shop is making 16G use discount package price of $ 3,999, set off a wave of selling small climax. An Apple authorized reseller based in gangding told reporters, on October, 8th only two days had sold more than 100 multiple iPhone4, current stock shortages. However, there are businessmen complained to reporters, as prices of goods on the high side, now sell iP hone4 less than Apple’s official online price, 16G models must sell at least about $ 4,700.   Only the goods sold out, the price will come down. IPhone 4 is not about delisting the other day, and southern reporter visited several digital shops found inGuangzhou, shops are not posting iP h on E4 s advertising, unlike last year when iPhone4 listed in stark contrast to the popular scenes. Is the iPhone4 price promotional posters are everywhere. Bainaohui told reporters a cell phone shop clerk, to consult iP hone4 customers more these days, mostly directed at iPhone4 price. There are many shops, told reporters, since iPhone4S after listing, iPhone4 sales increased significantly, gangding some Apple dealer was sold more than 100 to more than one in two days.       

Current dealers iPhone4 inventory is no longer in the hands of many. Fearing iPhone4S will affect the iPhone4 after listing price, many dealers have stepped up selling iPhone4 inventory on hand(iPhone 4 leather cases).  

However, insiders said, from the iPhone4S referred to as “new low”, as the new voice control feature is not used on a Chinese user, along with iPhone4 is cheaper than iPhone4S, so expected fact iPhone4 in China still has a large market space(cases for iPhone 4), will not be quickly withdrawn from the market. The main difference between iPhone4S and iPhone4(iPhone 4S covers), the use of duo A5 processor at up to 1G Hz 2, 8 million pixel camera upgrade 3, increase the voice control function.

Iphone 4 accessories – a wide variety to choose from

April 18th, 2016 Comments off

IPhone 4 cases are not just the protective gear but they are also becoming the fashion accessory. If you are having an Iphone It would require great care with its handling and for that it is necessary that you have the protective gear arranged for it. And for that the Iphone 4 Cases would be the idealist options. There is a huge variety that is available with the I phone 4 cases and with these you can give your smart shield against small jerks and shocks. Available at highly low prices and with great color options the I phone cases are the best choice to keep the smart phones safe and protected.

There is a wide variety of Iphone cases that are available in the market. Besides their color there is great variety available with the material of the cases. You can have the steel cases, plastic cases, Iphone 4 leather cases, or the woolen cases. Besides that the variety comes like the belt cases. You can put your I phone in the case and hang it around your waist with your belt. This allows you keep your I phone in a easy to reach place and will reduce the chances of isplacement.Besides the I phone 4 cases can be hung from the wrists as well. And the are also the cases that allows you keep your smart phone in place while allowing you touch the keys and screen within the case.

Not only the Iphone 4 cases but there are also the screen protectors that are specifically designed to give extra protection to the Iphone 4 screens. These are made of fine quality transparent material that allows you touch and navigate the screen and also keep it protected against scratches and dust. There is also great variety available with the I phone screen protector.

Some times people often get confused while shopping for the Iphone accessories while this is very easy. There are so many online stores for the I phones and you can buy the I phone and Ipad accessories from these online store. You will get a great variety out here and all the products are available at really affordable rices.You just have log on to the website, search for the product you are looking for, view their details and pricing, compare the different products and choose the one that you like and place the order. After the online payment has been made, the product will be delivered to your home within few days. Ands you can find the iphone accessories by the leading brands. And quality is highly guaranteed at the Online stores.

If you are looking for an online store from where you can shop for the wide variety of Iphone and Ipad accessories like incipio feather ipad black then you can simply refer the Easy I Shop online store. They supply a wide variety of Iphone and Ipad accessories and all the products are available at highly discounted prices.

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