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What To Think About Before You Rent Out Your Property?

November 21st, 2018 Comments off

It is a serious business to rent out your property and requires a lot of concentration. There are certain things that need to be considered before you rent out your property. Your property should be presentable enough if you want to get a handsome amount of renting money out of it. Then you can ask your tenants too to look after the property in an excellent way.

One of first and foremost considerations is the fact that if you have a mortgage on the property you wish to let, then you would have to contact your mortgage provider and gain permission in writing before you can actually let out the property. In case of a lease, the same also applies.

Second important thing would be the appearance of the property. The property needs to be presentable enough to attract the forthcoming tenants. You may need to spend some money on its renovation and repairs, if you think that is needed prior to advertising your property on the market.

The tenants are attracted by well-decorated properties even more. If you want to make your property stand out amongst others to let properties in the market, then you will need to invest on its decoration. You can even hire a professional and well-reputed real estate agent who can help you find the right tenant for your property. It is advisable to take a survey of ongoing fees of estate agents and then hire the most suitable one for your property.

You would also have to make sure that the plumbing, wiring, appliances, and other things are in working order. This is because it is important to provide a smooth functioning home to the tenants. You would also have to advertise that you have a property to rent out. In case you already have tenants living in the property, then you would also have to make sure that they are given prior notice to vacate the property.

The wiring, plumbing, appliances, water supply, and other important things should be double-checked. You will need to publicities your property in the local newspaper. You need to give a notice well in advance to your existing tenants to evacuate your property that you already have in your property.

If the property was in your personal use before, do not forget to remove your personal items before letting it out to someone else. You must not personalise the property after you have made up your mind to let it out.

It is a good idea to leave behind essential information for the tenant to be. Such information includes the important numbers like those of the local authorities and tax registration etc. This would offer convenience for the tenants as well as you.

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Describing The Role Of An Estate Agent

November 6th, 2018 Comments off

Theoretically, estate agents assist buyers and sellers to buy or sell their property. Sometimes you hate them and sometimes you love them for their role of trading. However, it is a fact that they are the major part for buying or selling any product in UK. The specific role of an estate agent is mentioned below.

Firstly, the estate agent estimates the correct price of your property. They are very well versed with the market situation and they do update their evaluations from time to time. Based on this information, they tell you the value of your property. The evaluators are usually qualified from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors or from the National Association of Estate Agents. The agents try to fix the value at very minimum so that they could attract the maximum number of buyers. Nevertheless, when you are a buyer they will tell high price and they will reduce it during negotiations.

Secondly, the role of an estate agent is to present your property properly to the buyers. Therefore, you can emphasise on the strong points about your property for the estate agent to tell the buyers. This would certainly assist them to describe your property in a better way to the potential customers.

The third function of an estate agent is to advertise your property. The quality and placement of these advertisements are important. Estate agents will advertise your property in the local papers, on their websites and on promotional brochures and listings.

They will also go to your property to show it to the potential customer. There are some lazy agents and some active agents. The lazy agents wait for the customers to come to them and the other type goes to customer to sell your property.

The estate agents have to manage the total selling process. They have to go through all the legal documentations once a property has been sold. They have to do a lot of work for you. The active kind of estate agents honestly tries to assist sellers and buyers.

It is in your own benefit that you tell the major and key points of your property to the estate agency. It is a morally good act not to call the estate agent to visit your property vaguely. However, you can call them when it is necessary.

All these points have to be discussed with the estate agent, as he will be showing the house to the potential buyers and negotiate with them.

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Benefits Of A Tenancy Agreement

June 13th, 2018 Comments off

Once the owner and the tenant come to a mutual decision, they have to sign an important piece of agreement, which is known as the Tenancy Contract. The Tenancy Contract is the pact signed by both parties, one being the tenant and the other being the owner of the property. This document allows the tenant to stay at the property of the owner and gives the owner the right to receive the payment for letting the tenant to reside at his property.

The Tenancy Agreement is simply for the facility of both the groups, so that no clashes or issues arise after the property is rented. It can be both in written or oral form. However, the oral agreement can cause problems afterwards, as there is no evidence of it. Hence, the written contract should always be preferred to have a written record and proof of the whole agreement. The written agreement makes it easy for you to gain your rights by approaching law, if such a requirement is arisen.

The Tenancy Agreement should be in accordance with the country law. It must privilege you with your statutory rights; otherwise, it becomes ineffective. Through this agreement, both the landlord and the tenant are liable to some privileges, and bound by some errands.

It is very important that the agreement have a clear mention of all the details point wise with the signature of the tenant as well as the owner. The presence of a person providing guarantee, that is a third person, is very vital. He has to assure that all payments and dues are dealt with as per the tenancy agreement. The duration of the tenancy, with starting and ending dates, should be mentioned in the contract.

The payment that the tenant has to submit to the owner, has to be stated in both words, as well as numbers next to the agreed due date for the payments. The owner of the property will then give a written testimonial about the security deposit that he has the right to keep till the tenure of the tenancy. Even the amount of the security deposit has to be in words as well as in numbers.

Even the system of the payments should be clearly mentioned in the tenancy contract for future reference, which will state the way the rent will be paid to the owner; either directly, by the state agent, by mail, cash in hand or by signing a cheque. This will be a written proof holding all the details of the payments.

The tenancy contract will also comprise of minute details such as the responsibility of the tenant to pay off all the bills of the facilities he uses, such as electricity, water, gas, along with the fees of reconnection of any facility (if required), television license fee and others. It should be clearly mentioned in the contract that the tenant is bound to take care of the house and only use it for residential purpose. On the other hand, it should also mention the duty of the owner to pay for all the maintenance and repairs, pay the taxes as well the details of the insurance of the property.

The tenancy contract proves to be a record of all mutual agreements decided by both parties, and hence, they are bound to abide by it in order to avoid any disputes.

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Why People Love To Live In Salford Quays

November 29th, 2013 Comments off

Salford is a city that is under constant change, and is running towards future development that should be a representative of its cultural, economic, and residential location. It is a blend of urban hassle, and greenbelt serenity, and has the rick mixture of waterfront, city, and countryside environments to create a setting where people have the urge to live, experience, invest, and visit.

Queen Victoria inaugurated the docks of Quays, at the head of the Manchester Ship Canal in 1894. The port was to become the third largest and prospered area of Britain, providing local employment for people over many years. However, from the 1970s, the usage of the port began to turn down. Many ships were too large to enter the port, due to which it was not used that much; plus, trade patterns shifted with the import of goods from the west becoming much less important than imports from the east; for this reason, Manchester docks were inopportunely located. The docks were closed down in 1982 and the area became neglected.

Salford has immense benefits like sufficient and extensive transportation network. It has two train stations in the city. They are known as the Salford Central that runs over the Manchester city centre, and the second one is the Crescent that is situated between the Peel Park Campus and the Frederick Road Campus of University of Salford. Both these stations are interlinked with the city that is near Manchester Victoria with its running facilities from Deansgate, Swinton, and Bolton.

Although Salford tends to lack in its shopping variety, and that sector is under development, it however makes up for the culinary choices. The Quays is highly popular for people at large who have no impulse to travel to Manchester for the evening. Some of the recommended places are Clippers Brassiere, and the WaterShard Cafe that is right behind the Lowry Centre, and is located along with the Manchester Ship Canal. There are other eateries like Cafe Rouge, Pizza Express, and Frankie & Benny’s et al that are some of the interlinked food chains near Quays.

MediaCity UK is a project of BBC that is being shifted to Salford Quays. It is still in its completion stage, and it will be starting its services by 2011. It is gathering an attention amongst the local people, because this project is thought to create 10,000 Job opportunities, and is a big revelation for everyone out there, since it is expected to add 1 Billion pounds to the UK economy in just the first 5years of its inception.

Salford is a city where modernism, leadership and partnership working are contributing notably to the increased economic vigour, growth and competitiveness of Greater Manchester and the county as a whole.

During the last decade, enormous investments, more jobs, greater economic affluence, improved environment quality and lower crime levels are changing the insight and image of the city for the better. More people now prefer this place to live, work, invest, visit and study than ever before. Besides, a neighbourhood plan has been approved for Claremont and Weaste coordinates for regeneration activity to secure the future constancy of the area.

This place is a beautiful city, which is not only a regeneration project rather it provides high standards of living, proper security and good educational opportunities. All these factors make it one of the most preferable cities of the world. Analysts believe that Quays will be one of the most profitable areas of Britain since BBC start operating some of its departments in that city very soon.

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