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Home Insurance: Types of Policies

May 29th, 2018 Comments off

Purchasing home insurance is just as important as the purchase of the home. Because buying a home is such a major financial investment, it is essential to make sure that your home, property, and contents are protected. There are various types of home insurance policies available so it is imperative to understand each type so you can make an informed decision.

The following outlines the main types of home insurance policies:

HO-1: This type of policy is considered a basic for of protection. It insures against fire and lightening damage. A homeowner may purchase this policy for a particularly valuable item such as expensive jewelry.

HO-2: This type of policy is referred to as ‘broad coverage.’ Coverage includes damage from such events as smoke, wind, rain, hail, vandalism, theft, an explosion, removal of items that are threatened by fire damage, glass breakage, and damage cause by falling objects. As well, it also covers snow causing a roof collapse, ice damage, burst pipes, water damage from broken pipes, and damage from a riot.

HO-3: Referred to as a ‘special’ form, or sometimes called ‘all risk’ or ‘open peril’ insurance, this policy insures your home against damage or loss. There are exclusions that will be listed in the policy so you should read what items are excluded. This is the most commonly purchased home insurance policy.

HO-4: This is a tenants insurance policy. It insures the contents and personal items against the same situations as the HO-2 policy. It also covers supplementary living expenses if required such as medical payments. It also provides liability protection. The policy cannot be extended to cover items owned by the renter. It is mainly for protecting the owner of the property.

HO-6: This type of policy provides coverage for a condominium owner who wants to insure items that are not insured by the condominium association policy. They may also want to add personal liability protection.

HO-8: This policy is referred to as the ‘older home’ policy. If you have an older home, some policies may not provide replacement coverage. You may have to purchase a modified replacement policy where the policy will reimburse you for standard building materials.

Some states will categorize these policies under different titles, but they contain the same information. It is important to be aware that are living in a high risk area such as hurricane or flooding area, you will have to pay for extra protection. Some people combine a couple of policies to get complete coverage. Most companies now offer online quotes, so you can easy way to make your selection. Because prices and features can vary among insurance companies, it is essential that you comparison shop so that you are getting the best coverage at the best price.

Because there are a number of insurance policy options available, it is important that you understand each so that you can acquire the right policy that meets all of your needs.

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Types of Car Insurance Policies

April 13th, 2018 Comments off

The law requires that anyone who drives a car must have car insurance. Purchasing car insurance involves buying a policy from an insurance provider. The premium you pay depends on a number of factors such as age, gender, and the make, model, and year of the car. When you look for an insurance policy that will provide you with appropriate coverage, it is important to understand the types of car insurance policies that are available.

The most common car insurance policies include:

Liability Coverage: This type of insurance is a must-have for every driver. It provides coverage for accidental physical injury and damage to property caused to another person. Physical injury damages can be pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation. Property damage can be damage caused to another driver’s car. State laws determine how much liability coverage you must purchase. States provide a minimum set coverage that one must have, but most people protect themselves by purchasing more liability, however you can always get more coverage. The law requires liability coverage because most people do not have the money to compensate another person for an accident.

Most insurance companies will provide coverage for a maximum limit as outlined in the insurance policy. The liability coverage limit can be anywhere from $50,000 to $1,000,000. The amount of liability coverage you acquire will determine how much your premium will be. The higher the liability coverage, the higher the premium will be. Most experts recommend coverage of 1, 000,000 to ensure that you are fully protected. It is best to have at least $500,000 or $1,000,000 liability. This will make certain that you will be able to cover all damages and expenses that you may be responsible for paying.

Comprehensive Coverage: This coverage will cover any damage to your car that is not caused by another driver. Examples include fire, theft, (including car parts) weather damage such as hurricanes, floods, hail, ice storm, vandalism, hitting a object such as a deer, etc. Comprehensive Coverage is optional and is usually purchased for vehicles that are worth more than $1000. Deductibles can range from $250, $500, and $1000.

Collision Coverage: This type of coverage covers your car if it is damaged from a collision. For instance, you are covered if you crash into a fence or another car. This policy provides coverage for all damage minus the deductible up to the set maximum limit. It has to be an accident such as a collision caused by slippery roads. Deductibles range from $250, $500, and $1000. You should get this policy if you have an expensive car.

In order to ensure you are fully protected in the event of an accident or another car related mishap, you need to understand the details of each car insurance policy. As well, you must comply with state law regarding the type of insurance that they mandate for all drivers. To avoid unnecessary financial and emotional hardship, choose the policy that best meets all of your needs.

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Health Insurance – An Important Necessity

February 4th, 2018 Comments off

An important topic of conversation across the world these days involved health insurance. With the rising costs in health care these days, it is almost necessary to have health coverage.

Have you ever inquired how much it costs for a regular office visit with your family doctor if you do not have any health insurance? Depending on what that particular office charges, you could find yourself paying anywhere from forty five dollars clear up to or above one hundred dollars.

When a health insurance company agrees to add a specific doctor to their list of providers, they also make an agreement with the doctor to get a reduced price or discount for their services. For patients that are paying for their own office visit without the aid of an insurance policy, the doctors can charge the full rate.

Some people have medical conditions that require them to follow up on a regular basis with a doctor that specializes in treating their particular type of medical condition. The office visits and treatments for these types of doctors tend to be very high when compared to a family doctor.

Finding a cheap health insurance policy is very possible. Most of the times you will not even have to fill out a health questionnaire before being approved for the policy. Lower more reasonable prices are available for health coverage if you need to purchase the plan yourself.

Having children adds a lot of expense to your health care budget. To start with, they must have proper immunizations in order to stay healthy. This usually requires a visit to the pediatrician several times a year.

As the children get older they will be required by most schools to get an annual checkup. At these visits, they will get their sight tested and their ability to hear tested. This along with a physical exam should be expected before each school year.

Once they get playing sports and such you then have to take them to get sports physicals. Even once they have left home or are in college it is important to have student insurance.

When considering which health insurance plan is best for you, consider all of the options involved. Some insurance companies will offer you cheap insurance but the policy comes with a high deductible.

The amount that the insurance company requires that you pay prior to the policy taking effect is called the deductible. For people who do not get sick very often it may just be cheaper to pay a full priced office charge than to pay for the policy monthly.

If someone in your family has a medical issue that will require you to take them very often to see their family doctor or even to a specialist, the deductible may be met very quickly and then the plan will go into effect and begin to cover some of the expenses. If someone has to spend a day or two in the hospital, the deductible may be met just in the first day of the stay.

Yes, in that case you would have to pay the entire deductible before the plan begins to pay but what it does cover after your deductible can be substantial. The cost of a hospital stay even for one day can be unbelievable.

Having health insurance is a very important piece of coverage for you and your family. Whether you are looking to purchase student insurance or just looking for cheap health insurance, it is a wise decision to make. There are many policies out there and there is certainly one that will fit your needs.

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Most Common Variables Considered When Calculating Travel Insurance Rates

June 23rd, 2017 Comments off

Travel Insurance is a form of limited or special situation insurance that covers loss arising from a specific event. This could be flying in an airplane or riding in a train. The policies are based on the behavior of a group of individuals engaged in an activity and the likelihood that a loss will occur.

Travel Insurance is rated based on the occurrence of a loss as it affects a group of common interest, such as airline passengers. This differs from individual coverage, which rates the risk of loss occurring based on the personal preferences and habits of the insured. It would be difficult to use individual underwriting standards such as age and health status to travel insurance since not everybody flies in an airplane.

Group insurance factors in the community experience of the group as a whole in order to access the probability that loss will occur. Community experience factors can include the number of air disasters in a given region, or in a given year, or by a given carrier. When assessing loss exposure on a group basis it is easy to discern certain trends and patterns regarding the chance of loss. Since air travel is deemed safe with air disasters occur very infrequently (roughly 1 in 2.5 million), the rates for travel insurance is very low.

If you accept that activities such as air travel are safe with a low probability of occurring, why the need to buy travel insurance? Insurance is about something not happening, as oppose to a loss occurring. Insurance provides a way to restore value in the event of a loss and for some, having the piece of mind that some benefit may be available may be important.

Travel insurance policies are typically issued in kiosks at an airport. It may also appear as a rider associated with a credit card or to a person’s property and casualty indemnity coverage. However it is purchase, the benefit provided is a low amount of coverage, maybe no more than $25,000 (although a few higher death benefit policies exist). This is done based on the community experience-rating factor that looks at the incident of death or dismemberment occurring based on the chance of an airline disaster.

How old you are, how physically fit you may be, whether you smoke or not, are all rating factors or variables that are not important to issuing travel insurance. None of those factors has an impact on a plane taking off and landing and the likelihood that a crash will occur. That the instances of plane crashes are so low suggests that very limited factors need to be considered when pricing travel insurance.

Insurance is based on a concept of risk transfer. This means that the individual pays a premium amount that insures that if something were to happen, the insurance will provide a benefit to compensate the policy’s beneficiary. The amount paid in premium is low relative to the potential benefit that is paid. The insurance company rates the potential for loss and prices its policy accordingly so that it is able to pay if that loss occurs. The higher probability that a loss can occur means a higher premium. Applying group underwriting principles to travel insurance helps provide a product that is low cost and pays a uniform benefit.

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How To Avoid Filing For Bankruptcy

June 28th, 2014 Comments off

The majority of people have been in debt at one point or another. The bad thing about debt is that is like sinking sand, once you enter it’s hard to get back up. When you start missing payments it can be hard to catch up on your past due amount as well as what is currently due. Some people get so behind that they have to file for bankruptcy.

There are several chapters for bankruptcy but two most common o the main one is Chapter 7. In this chapter the majority of your property that is not exempt is sold so that your debt can be paid off. Both individuals as well as business can file for Chapter 7, but not everyone can qualify.

The other most common type is Chapter 13. With this chapter you will agree to pay off your debt within two to five years. You agree to a certain amount each month that will allow you to pay off your debt within the set time period. In order to qualify you would have to show details of this plan as well as a reliable source of income.

There are other bankruptcy alternatives that you can choose from. One of these options is consolidation of your credit cards. You would need to transfer all your credit card debt into one single credit card or obtain a loan that pays off your credit cards. You would then pay one single monthly payment instead of many different ones. You of course would have to be strict about your paid credit cards. You do not want to have a balance on those again.

Another alternative is debt reduction or debt settlement. With this method you pay your creditor a lower amount than what you owe. This does have a negative impact on your credit but can be an option when you cannot pay off your debt. Some companies usually offer this after you have gone several months without payment.

Instead of waiting and hoping that they consider a debt settlement you can obtain a credit negotiator. That way they can do a creditor negotiation that will have you paying a lower amount than what is owed. There are certain restrictions that apply such as in order to qualify you have to have a certain amount of debt accumulated.

One last option is to gather all your bills for the month and figure out all your expenses. You would then have to do away with things that are not necessary for the time being. This things can be subscriptions or memberships to things such as magazines, etc. Cutting down on things you do not need such as going out to eat can mean you have more money to pay off your debt. You would have to be strict with your money and only use your monthly allowance and not go over that per month.

These are just some of the options you have before you file for bankruptcy for example file bankruptcy Toronto or file bankruptcy Durham redion. You still have several options that are not always explained to a person who is trying to file. These other options can have a hard negative impact on your credit report. You also have to realize that these missed payments already left a bad mark on your report.

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