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Permanent Life Insurance — When It’s Your Best Option

November 26th, 2018 Comments off

If you want to get the most coverage per premium dollar spent then whole life insurance is NOT for you. It’s not the cheapest out there for you — You’ll save much more with a term life policy given exact same circumstances. Getting the cheapest policy is not always what it is cracked up to be. Competitive prices that offer better values are more attractive than a cheap policy. Sometimes this makes whole life policies a better option. Whole life is frequently a superior value at a more competitive rate, let?s go through why that is…

1. A whole life insurance policy must pay out a benefit provided you fulfill your own part of the contract. It’s NOT a question of if; it’s a question of when. Whole life guarantees that when you expire your benefits will be paid.

2. If you become seriously ill once you have bought your policy, you have nothing to be concerned about. Remember, once you’ve signed the dotted lines, the insurer is stuck. Term life is not the same, your insurance is finished the instant it runs out.

3. Whole life policies develop a cash value so you can give up the policy for the cash value or it can be used to secure loans. The best thing to do is to sit down and really study your policy. Your benefit amount can rise and fall depending on certain actions that you take. Others may incur a penalty or charges.

Many people avoid a whole life insurance policy for one reason: It’s a lot more expensive. But you can take a simple step that will guarantee you save several hundreds or even up to a thousand in premium dollars…

before you make a commitment to any company, get quotes from at least five places. You might be taken by surprise at the vast differences between insurers. Enjoy the benefit of it and shell out a great deal less for better-quality coverage.

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Find Out The Story About ARMs

September 24th, 2018 Comments off

You have a lot of choices to make in buying a house and deciding upon a home loan, and in today’s confusing loan world, you now also have to choose the index that you want for your Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM).

The index of an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) is the financial standard upon which the adjustments will be made. Various indices are employed, including government treasury instruments, the Fed Fund rate or LIBOR.

The rate on an ARM is adjusted periodically upwards, or downwards, based upon the movement in the general interest rate environment, but tied to a specific instrument. If your index is CDs, and CDs go up, your mortgage rate increases. ARMS also contain adjustment caps, so that you can limit the exposure as to how high your mortgage rate can go, even if your index rate continues to go up, which is good if you just had a change, and the rates go up again. Of course, the reverse can happen, and if your rate has just been readjusted at a high rate, and then the index moves down, you cannot take advantage of that until your next readjustment period.

ARMs can be tied to any number underlying instruments, such as the 90 day U.S. Treasury Bill. Another basis that is frequently used is the Federal Funds Rate. Many of the international banks will use the LIBOR as the index rate for loans.

Deciding upon which index is best for you will depend on your own situation as well as your view of interest rate movements. Adjustable rate mortgages that use CDs as the reference rate tend to change more quickly. Adjustable rate mortgages that use T Bills will change more slowly. LIBOR is one of the quickest moving indices, so if you want to take advantage of rapidly falling interest rates, this is the one to use.

An option ARM is one in which the interest rate adjusts monthly and the payment adjusts every year, and the borrower is offered an “option” on how large a payment he wants to make. The options that are offered represent interest-only payments, and a lowest possible payment that can’t be less than the interest-only payment. Those using this option should be aware of negative amortization, because they may never repay any of the principal if they always choose the lowest amount.

There are so many choices in the home loan market today that the new home buyer should not try to cover this field by himself but should instead call a certified mortgage expert.

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Universal Life Insurance: Stuff You Ought To Know

August 5th, 2018 Comments off

One component of a universal life insurance policy is the security of using it as security after one dies, however, there are other things to consider. Some people use universal life insurance as a savings vehicle.

The comparison could be similar to combining a standard term life insurance policy with a tax-deferred interest accumulating savings account. Many like this kind of plan because once they have built up some revenue in their account, paying further premiums is not a requirement any longer.

Universal Life Insurance Quote

Universal life insurance policies are a good option for those individuals that have a considerable amount of time to invest into type of vehicle. For people that don’t have that kind of time to invest they would be more likely to benefit from a term life insurance policy and a retirement investment savings account such as a 401K or annuity.

A universal life insurance plan offers premiums payable to age 100 and coverage that stays in force until age 120 or longer. One price is established and that sum will never change.

When you are looking for a life with plenty of security, a universal life insurance policy will be the best choice. Universal life insurance plans are eternal.

Disbursing premium payments in a timely manner will ensure the permanent universal life insurance plan. Universal life insurance assumes an interest rate and the cost of insurance and comes up with a projected premium.

The difference between universal life insurance and whole life insurance is that whole life guarantees the cash value and guarantees the premium.

You will save much by visiting at least 5 quotes sites. That way, you will increase your chances of getting the lowest quotes possible since five sites will give up to 25 quotes altogether.

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance: What You Should Understand

July 25th, 2018 Comments off

When searching for a no medical exam life insurance policy one usually will not find it extremely difficult. When you seek term life insurance policies this is applicable.

The best way to do this is by using the Internet. Explore the larger databases of insurance companies that provide term life insurance policies.

In advance of initiating your search, be advised that not anyone will get a no medical exam life insurance policy. Once you locate a spot of interest you’ll have to complete a questionnaire.

You’ll be asked for some personal information such as your gender, age, weight, and height. You’ll also be asked about your medical history and about the medical history of your family.

Knowing this assists agents in determining you’re eligibility for a no medical exam life insurance policy. More often than not, you must be fairly young and in good health to qualify. You should be aware of the implications of lying on your life insurance application.

While it is very easy to do because not much is verified in advance, in the event that a claim is filed and the truth is discovered the policy will be canceled and nothing will be paid out.

People that say they are in good health and then die, had better been telling the truth. Be certain that you comprehend the policy and be truthful. The intention of the health exam is to provide shelter for the company. If you have a serious and potentially fatal health condition, the life insurance company wants to make sure they receive the necessary amount of payments to cover you and your beneficiaries.

You can save much money in life insurance if you obtain and compare life insurance quotes from quotes sites. You’ll realize savings if you visit only one of such sites. But keep this in mind, you will get better results by using at least five.

The straightforward reason for this is that you will receive many more life insurance quotes from a wider range of insurance companies. This raises your chances of getting better rates.

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The Value of Life Insurance in the Recession

June 9th, 2018 Comments off

Those who have life insurance coverage know the importance of life insurance products. It is the very reason that they buy them in the first place. It is basically a death benefit that is targeted to ease the suffering of your family if you pass away prematurely during the coverage period. The problem is that us humans are inherently forgetful. After some time we tend to forget the importance of the life insurance coverage and start thinking of the burden of the monthly premium payments. We forget how important it is for our family’s future. It can even get so bad that you start to resent the monthly payments for what might.

A look at Term Life Insurance Products that we think represent great value to you.