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Credit Issues and Loan Modification

May 24th, 2018 Comments off

For people, who owe higher mortgage payments, a loan modification program comes as a blessing. In fact, individuals, who are on the brink of home foreclosures, can also relieve themselves from further misery by applying for a home loan modification program.

There may be credit ramifications during the foreclosure process.

The banks do not grant much mercy to those who do not pay their loans back. Especially when you are paying all of your other bills and leaving the mortgage out.

Those with higher credit ratings can expect a fall in their ranking, if they repay late say by 30 days or maybe even further to get a modification on their loans. This can lower their credit ratings by hundreds of points.

A reduction in your credit may jeopardize your chances of getting favorable credit rates in the future.

The good news is a loan modification may help you lower your monthly household bill.

With a reduction in housing payment, and lowered household payments a loan modification can help you get your finances back on track and lower your outstanding balance without defaulting.

A late payment does not have the long term credit implications like a short sale or credit counseling.

Save your home and prevent your credit from being destroyed. Avoid foreclosure and consult with your loan modification representative to help you get qualified for loan modification and discuss the pros and cons. Make sure that you properly research the loan modification company that you plan on working with. Some important documents to gather include, your last two years tax returns, w-2s for the last two years, recent bank statements, last two pay stubs, a hardship letter and a financial statement that lists all of your monthly expenses minus your monthly income.

Modified Mortgage Solutions are experts in loan modification processing, and an authority in loan modification processing questions.Please contact us with any questions

If I Am Not in Foreclosure, Do I Need a Forensic Loan Review?

October 8th, 2014 Comments off

A Forensic Loan Audit helps with commercial loans as well as a residential loan. If you have been turned down for a loan mod then contact a Tila Solutions Consultant. You do not have to wait to do an audit as a means to stop foreclosure. Get it before foreclosure even begins! If you are nearing or are in foreclosure, a Tila Consultant can help. They can also help people who are current on their loans or those with investment properties.

Banks operate to make money and they treat you well as long as you are helping them to make money. If you aren’t, then you are “not their kind of client”. The only relationship you ever will have with the bank is based upon how well you give them the money that you agreed to. The lender does not consider any financial hardship as a good reason to give you a loan modification-mostly they ask for a “hardship letter” to see if you have recovered and thus maybe give them money again. Their only interest is in seeing the loan they gave you resulting in a monthly payment made on time.

When a homeowner is rejected for a loan modification by his lender, a Forensic Loan Review is the critical first step that he or she should take to resolve the situation. A homeowner does not have to wait until he needs to stop foreclosure to get a Loan Audit done. In fact, the wise homeowner does not approach his lender to request a loan mod until he has his forensic loan audit completed.

What is interesting is that a violation-free loan, normally can withstand any hard times you may experience during the life of the loan.

Tila Solutions is an Audit Company that investigates loans. If you have a predatory loan, you will need a Forensic Loan Audit. If you feel that there was any kind of “oddities” or pressuring to get you into that loan, then you should have it audited.

There is a large body of laws that were passed to help prevent you from getting a predatory loan – which is a loan that heads you straight to foreclosure. Do you remember the day you got your loan? Do you recall reference to TILA, RESPA, HOEPA and ECOA? These are the laws that guide lenders and ensure they give you a loan that is in your best interest – they help prevent you from getting a predatory loan. They make sure you understand what you are getting before you sign, and give you a choice to rescind. Also, Tila Examiners often find fraud in these loans.

Tila Solutions Examiners will methodically go through your loan and locate all the violations and as you can imagine, your lender then loses much firepower against you! He no longer has the ability to pursue other money-making routes if the loan contains federal violations or fraud.

A Mortgage Audit also called a Forensic Loan Review or Forensic Loan Audit is an actual investigation or a detailed examination of the loan that the lender created issued to you. The audit is done to find all the Federal Laws that the banker violated.

Homeowners cannot forget that it was their lenders who lied to them when they gave them the loan, and it is their lenders who are still lying to them. Tila Negotiators work on behalf of the homeowner to make sure that you get your loan modification.

Once the Forensic Loan Audit is completed, you need somebody on your side who can get something done with it! Some lenders, who often seem to operate above the law, have actually told homeowners that the Forensics will do them no good and that the homeowners just wasted their money! This is completely false. There are thousands of reports of bankers pushing borrowers around and misleading them all over the internet – Tila Negotiators know how to get you the best possible result and avoid all those misconceptions.

There is a homeowner hotline at Tila Solutions that you can call. Their consultants will interview you and help you identify whether or not you should get your loan investigated. Some reports are saying that as many as 6 million homeowners today have a predatory loan. A Tila Solutions Consultant can help you determine if your loan is in need of a Forensic Loan Audit. They can help you determine if the Forensic Audit may help stop foreclosure, avoid foreclosure or just ensure that you do get that loan mod.

That is why Tila Solutions offers a free service to help negotiate new terms on your behalf you’re your investigation is completed.

You can save your home with a Forensic Loan Review! Call a Tila Solutions Consultant at 1 — 3 0 7 — 4 5 9 — 0 2 3 2. The Tila Solutions website is amassed with information and solutions. Visit for a Forensic Loan Audit and the free negotiation service offered by Tila Solutions.

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Your Lender is Not Your Friend

August 7th, 2014 Comments off

Once you have missed a payment the lender is not your friend.  Missed payments equal more money for the lender.  The more the lender gets, the happier he is.  The best way for the lender to get more money out of you is to increase your monthly payment through accrued interest from late payments or missed payments, late fees and penalties.  It is a real money maker for the lender.  This has always been a fact and all homeowners know it and accept it.

Where the problem currently lies is that the homeowner has been led to believe by both government campaigns and lender lies that the lender is actually going to help him – the homeowner, who has fallen behind.  The lender is not going to help you – unless there’s money to be made in it for him.  Enough money to make it worth his while – and that means he will actually pretend to help you.  In fact, the lender will just string you along with false promises and pretenses for months and months and months, finally you’ll end up in foreclosure and possibly lose your home to public auction.

You, the homeowner have always been nothing more than a loan number to the lending institutions.  Sadly, that’s all you’ll ever be.  They’re not particularly moved by the fact that your child has special needs, or your mother needs extra care.  They don’t really care that your spouse lost their job, or that the home has been in your family for six generations. In fact they have no interest in any of the aspects of your life.  The equation is simple:  Your money or your home.

What matters is that your loan number has fallen behind and now you are on the very-profitable-for-the-lender road to foreclosure.  Soon they will either get a large, normally uncontested “chunk of change” from you-who-represents-your-loan-number, or they’ll get your house – which secures your loan number.

Sure, they have seemingly courteous people on the phone (well some of them do, others use call centers in India or hire brutes to scare, manipulate and threaten you), all who say “stop making your payment and we’ll get you a loan mod,” or “we can’t help you until you are three payments behind,” or we have you in the system for a loan mod, now it will take only 4 months to get you a mod (of course it actually turns out to be 13 to 18 months because they are always losing your paperwork).

Why does a process as simple as a loan mod take so long?  Because every missed payment is more money for the lender.  Did you know that almost half the homeowners manage somehow to cure their default amount to prevent foreclosure from starting?  Sure, but they wiped out every financial resource the homeowner had, and once again, he can’t make his monthly payment!

The homeowner is back in default and on the road to foreclosure in no time at all.  Meanwhile the lender made a nice sum and gets to go for round two.  The only route left to save the home is bankruptcy – most homeowners think—so they destroy the rest of their credit and dignity in a last ditch effort to save their home.  It bought them a bit of time, but it seems the lender still gets the home in the end.

What started all this?  Rather, who started all this?  It was the lenders themselves.  That’s correct, they gave you loans designed to fail.  They’ve made billions of dollars at your expense.  That’s why it is predatory lending and predatory servicing.  Since the day you got your loan you have been preyed upon.  You have been told that this is “all your fault,” and the government has “tried to comfort you” with promises of help through President Obama’s HAMP program.  That, of course we all know now, is just a great big joke.  Most people only give money to the lender for months on end, while none of it goes to their loan, then they get disapproved and foreclosed upon.

And it seems to so many homeowners that everybody is in on their pain for the lender’s gain.  Attorney’s won’t take on the homeowner and fight for him when the lender will pay him well to foreclose.  Judges don’t really want their courtrooms clogged up with foreclosure cases, so warehouse them through.  Lenders ‘warn” homeowners not to get professional help, ‘cuz, well you know, “the lender will help you for free”, yah, sure we all know that lie by now.  And saddest of all:  politicians are passing laws that prevent homeowners from hiring professionals to help them get their loans modified!

But there is hope, and there is help.  Rockingham Associates is there for the homeowner.  They conduct forensic loan reviews which reveal all the violations in the loan the lender gave you.  They conduct predatory servicing investigations, which reveal all the predatory acts the servicer has committed against you.  They use those investigations as the springboard to getting you successful negotiations.  Lenders suddenly would rather modify your loan, than deal with investigations.

Homeowners don’t have to stand alone, they don’t have to be abused and preyed upon.  They just need a professional on their side and that would be the good people at Rockingham Associates.  Visit their website at to learn more about this company and what they can do for you.  They are busy rekindling the American Dream.  Their goal is to get you complete financial recovery.  Consider contacting one of their representatives to begin to unravel your financial dilemmas.

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Predatory Servicing Practices are Causing Many to End up in Foreclosure

June 10th, 2014 Comments off

Thousands of people are losing their homes to foreclosure or filing bankruptcy to prevent the loss of their home through foreclosure every month. In fact, recent reports from industry insiders are claiming that there are more than 7,000 bankruptcies being filed each day, while some have projected that big banks like BofA and Wells Fargo could be releasing as many as 25,000 homes to foreclosure proceedings by December of 2010. In many instances homeowners have been led down a not-so-merry path, often being told that their home is under review for a loan mod, which inevitably is denied, as a foreclosure auction date is sent to the homeowner.

The Obama plan (HAMP program) has taken hit after hit for failing to actually save homes. In a recent news article put out by the Huffington Post, entitled Extend and Pretend: The Obama Administration’s Failed Foreclosure Program, the Obama Plan is described as doing nothing more than putting off foreclosures, allowing the banks to appear financially healthy because they can carry the full value of the loan, and not record any loss.

This has been identified as a stabilizing act for banks and the housing market, but not for homeowners. They are left for months, even years wondering if they will lose their homes to foreclosure, when the sheriff will come knocking on their door, or if they will have to destroy the rest of their already distressed credit by filing a bankruptcy.

Rockingham Associates is a company that investigates loans and investigates lenders. Borrowers have federally protected rights. Rockingham Associates has a long history of helping borrowers gain an advantage through investigative techniques.

People with predatory loans normally end up with predatory servicers. The banks are doing what is best for the banks, which has always been the case. But this time in an effort to save their own bottom lines they have betrayed the American public, strung them along, taken money from them under false pretenses and finally taken their homes.

Homeowners who are seeing what the banks are really up to contact Rockingham in record numbers to get their lenders and their loans investigated. They use the results of these investigations to show the bank that there are laws which have been broken by the banks.

The Obama Plan was all about giving the lenders “incentives” to work with homeowners. Incentives don’t seem to work with the lenders. They’ll toss people who don’t even qualify for the HAMP program into the program, and then extract payment from them month after month after month, even though the program only required three payments during the trial phase. Then they tell them they don’t qualify, and complete or start foreclosure. The government paid them to do this. Sadly the Government continues to allow this predatory servicing to continue unchecked as the foreclosure statistics rise month after month.

What does work? Predatory Servicers seem to respond best to the force of the laws that protect homeowners or borrowers. Sadly, they spend their time threatening and abusing homeowners preying upon the homeowners fear of loss, while then doing a 180, and becoming the homeowners “best friend”. It seems when you start showing the lender “the goods”, he then realizes that you did qualify for a loan mod after all.

If you are tired of being a victim of your predatory lender, and tired of being lied to, and you truly think that you should be able to save your home, then you should consider contacting the people at Rockingham Associates. They are the experts who save homes.

Consider contacting one of their representatives to begin to unravel your financial dilemmas. Visit their website at .

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Restoring Your Credit Scores is an Essential Part of Financial Recovery

May 6th, 2014 Comments off

If you are like so many people today, the down trending economy has left you under employed or unemployed.  You may have struggled for many months attempting to save your home from foreclosure, and hopefully you did not lose it like so many have.  But probably in your attempts to save your home, your credit scores have dramatically declined.

As a result, you could be trying to figure out how to put all the shattered pieces back together.  If you are losing your home, or have already lost it, your credit scores have taken a deep dive.  An active or completed foreclosure and possibly even a bankruptcy may now all be present on your credit report.

Recovering from all this damage is probably foremost in your mind. You may have tried to save your home by using your credit cards or other unsecured lines of debt.  You may have tried to save your home by stopping payments to the lender when the lender told you that was the only way you would qualify for a loan mod.

Perhaps you have been left in limbo for many months, just waiting for an answer while you sent in more paperwork, and still you do not know if the bank will just keep running up the amount you owe with late fees, penalties, and foreclosure fees, or if you are going to get a loan mod.

However the plunge in your credit scores happened or is happening and wherever you are headed now, to successfully manage your future, your credit scores are going to need to be cleaned up.  Getting things moving in the right direction as quickly as you can is essential to your future plans and goals.  Without good credit scores, getting a new home – even if only a rental can become a nightmare.

Many people who have been living through the past three or four years experience embarrassment, shame and hopelessness when asked to provide their current credit report.

One of the key essential first steps to beginning to restore your credit is to get your requests for loan modification completed, if you have not already lost your home.  A successfully completed loan modification automatically brings your loan current and your modified monthly payments begin reporting as current again to all three credit bureaus.

If you have already lost your home, then you may need to research and find out if your foreclosure was legal, and/or if you were the victim of a predatory loan, or predatory foreclosure.  If you were, chances of getting your house back now are still possible, providing you have a good attorney who can prove your case in court.

More realistically, you can use that information as the first critical step to helping you get negative information removed from your credit score.

There is much that you can do to start restoring your credit, but chances are that you are not sure where to begin or what actions to take to get things moving in the right direction.  If you don’t know where to begin, there is an excellent company that can help you understand what to do and how to go about it.

The company is called Rockingham Associates.  They provide a number of essential services to homeowners and borrowers across the nation.  They can help you save your home from foreclosure, and they can help you clean up your credit scores, even if you have already lost your home.  Their program is designed to help borrowers who are trying to restore their credit, save their homes, or recover from the loss of their home.  They utilize the federal laws that guide lenders and protect borrowers from unfair or predatory lending practices.

Consider contacting one of their representatives to begin to unravel your financial dilemmas.  Visit their website at .

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