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IRS Eases Investment Rules for 529 College Savings Plans

July 13th, 2018 Comments off

Saving for college is always difficult and is even more so during the current economic downturn. One of the most popular college savings plans are so called “529 plans.” The IRS recently announced that participants in 529 plans will be able to change their investments more often in 2009 than in past years. The IRS will allow a change in investment strategy twice in 2009. This is good news for 529 plan participants, especially those who may otherwise be locked into a mix of investments that has turned out to be more speculative than initially contemplated.

Tax-Free Distribution Options A 529 plan, a type of qualified tuition program, allowed taxpayers to contribute to an account established for paying a student’s educational expenses. Eligible educational expenses may include the costs of tuition, books, and fees at eligible institutions, such as colleges, vocational schools, and other ostsecondary institutions.

Contributions to 529 plans are not tax-deductible. However, earnings are tax-free, and distributions used to pay the beneficiary’s qualified education xpenses are tax-free.

Be aware that A 529 plan should not be confused with a Coverdell Educational Savings Account (Coverdell ESA). A Coverdell ESA is also a savings account for education expenses that offers tax-free distributions. The funds saved in a Coverdell ESA can be used for elementary and secondary school expenses as well as college costs.

Investment Decision For the most part, participants in 529 plans must select only from among broadbased investment strategies designed exclusively by the program. The IRS has also traditionally permitted a change in investment strategy only once a year.

In response to the economic slowdown and the turmoil in the financial markets, the IRS will allow investments in a 529 plan to be changed during 2009 on a more frequent basis. A 529 plan will not violate the investment restriction if it permits a change in the investment strategy twice in calendar year 2009, as well as upon a change in the designated beneficiary of the account.

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Important Reasons Why A Business Should Use National Collection Agencies

March 2nd, 2018 Comments off

When shopping for a collection agency you may not have stopped to consider the benefits of national collection agencies versus smaller local collection agencies. National collection agencies have a lot of reasons to recommend them. Following is a discussion of their benefits.

The first reason a national collection agency will trump a small local agency is their greater number of resources. Any business which has enough funds to operate offices in each state is going to be better equipped to collect on your debts. An example of this is the fact that over 50% of US states require that anyone doing collections have a license. The licensing procedure takes time and costs money.

If you’re using a local agency to call people in other states, they may not be aware of licensing requirements. National collection agencies will keep abreast of each state’s requirements and conform to them so you are in compliance with local laws at all times.

National collection agencies have well-trained staffs and make the commitment to continue this training even for their most experienced employees as collection techniques evolve. The debt management industry is very different today than it was even three years ago, and it’s crucial that you hire a firm that continually improves its practices if you want your collections to be successful.

Because they are more prestigious, national agencies get the cream of the crop when it comes to collection employees. They are also more likely to impress debtors into paying something. They will realize you mean business when you have a national debt collection firm representing you.

Since they attract the best people, national agencies are more likely to have specialized staff for unique industries. If you require medical collections, for example, you don’t want someone who’s mostly done collections on credit cards handling the files for you. If your collection needs are specialized, a nationwide firm is more likely to be able to fit them.

National agencies have an advantage when it comes to time as well. They have larger staffs so they keep longer business hours, and with offices in each state, you don’t have to worry about time zones. If you need to collect on accounts on the West Coast and your collection agency is on the East Coast, you’ll be missing out on some prime opportunities to reach the client due to time zone issues.

Finally, national collection agencies use advanced computer utilities that facilitate communication and allow you to check up on their activities. With most of them, you can monitor your account online in real time whenever you want. This is far preferable to the monthly reports that smaller agencies tend to send out. You want to check up on the rate of return, how quickly they’re getting your money back, and other details, and the best way to do that is by having access to your own files. Most smaller agencies just can’t offer this, so if keeping informed is important to you, you’d best consider national collection agencies.

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How to Increase Profits through Blogging

February 10th, 2018 Comments off

If you’re a business owner who is looking to increase their visibility while also increasing revenues then you should consider starting an entrepreneur blog. These low maintenance internet sites are a great way to generate buzz about your business without increasing your advertising costs.

An entrepreneur blog can be defined as a website with regular entries of commentary on any type of subject such as description of events, graphics, video, or current news. The more entertaining the commentary on your site than the more visitors you’ll attract. The trick is to make the content relevant not only to your business but to the reader as well.

Keeping the reader’s interest is the name of the game so your postings will have to be entertaining and informative. The most successful blogs attract visitors by providing.

After you’ve established your entrepreneur blog and get a feel for the content you’re going to post, you’ll start to see the number of visitors increase. As you start to see you’re sites popularity increase, you can cut back on traditional and more costly methods of advertising. It’s much cheaper to post information touting your product on a blog site than it is to place an advertisement in print media. This is just one way an entrepreneur blog can help increase profits by cutting down on your companies overhead.

You can do some research on how large companies such as Coca-Cola and Nike have generated interest in their products through blogs. Rather than spend millions on television and print campaigns, they were able to generate just as much interest through popular blog sites. Of course these companies have huge amounts of influence in their markets but you can achieve the same results albeit on a smaller scale.

However, if you’re blog is popular enough that you receive thousands of visitors a day than you can consider a whole new revenue stream generated by your entrepreneur blog. Once your blog has reached these levels of popularity you now have an outlet that other business would be very interested in utilizing. Your blog can now generate advertising revenue for your business based on the rate and number of advertisements your run.

Cutting edge content is a key to most successful blogs with a perfect example being the celebrity gossip blogs that have become so popular. These sites have fueled the rise of multi-million dollar enterprises based on the opinions of a relative unknown. Perez Hilton, the famous celebrity gossip columnist, went from a relative unknown to the creator of one of the most popular blogs on the internet today.

As the internet continues to become the main source of how people connect and interact, the use of entrepreneur blogs to increase a company’s visibility will also increase. By creating a blog with cutting edge content you can not only promote your business, but open up a new revenue stream as well.

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How To Pick Out A Property Management Company For Your Investment

January 11th, 2018 Comments off

Managing investment property is not simple. You worry concerning the maintenance, and receiving rent payments. The broken appliances happen at odd hours and solving occupant complaints takes up valuable time. It takes additional of their time and currency to maintain. Unluckily, investors quick become weighed behind as the investment maintenance is additional work than predictable. The solution for a lot of investors, then, is to hire a reputable property management company to take above managing the property.

A proficient property management company always reduces the investor?s burden by repairing the problems in the property and also by maintaining very good records. Your business will be streamlined if the company agrees to execute all the services upon the agreed fee.Hence, what are criteria upon which we can consider in hiring a manager for your property?

Company fees are a major aspect in the decision making process, so do your research. For a large rental property, the national average is around 4 percent of the property’s income. The national average for a single home is around 12 percent. Before you sign a contract, be sure to do your research on fees charged, payment schedules and the services included. What will their fees cover, and how will payments be made? How will they deal with other expenses not included with these fees, such as repairs and insurance premiums? Some send invoices, while others include these expenses with their fees.

It’s a good idea to hire a reputable property management company, so find out about other properties that they have managed. Ask for the addresses of these properties and see how they are doing. Also, the property management you hire should have experience with the type of investment you own. A manager with experience in single home management may not be a good match for a job with an apartment building.

Good communication is good business, so speak with the person who will actually be dealing with the property. Poor communication early in the business relationship can lead to hassles in the future. Be sure to get references from the company’s previous clients. The property management company also deals with advertising, so take a look at their previous advertising work and ask about advertising costs. Costs will differ between newspapers, television and the internet. Ask about a website, and check out its ease of use and if a prospective tenant can apply online.

Other questions to be enquired are of hiring cleaning contractors for preparing vacancies and can the cleaning be done quickly to ensure you are not losing valuable time and money while the place is prepared for tenants?,do they have contractors for repair and landscaping needs?,what are the hours the property management company is available and if they are available after working hours for emergencies?,how close is the management office located to the investment property?.Also their viability of approach.Another aspect that should be kept in mind is their proximity to the investment property to solve the problems as they occur.

Hiring a property management company to oversee your property saves your time wasted on daily problems.The company also allows the owner to find time for other deals which can be passed onto the same company to manage them as well.

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Managing Maintenance Issues of Rental Homes

June 16th, 2017 Comments off

You’re a homeowner and you just found a qualified tenant to occupied your home for rent in Utah. The contract may be written out and understood clearly by both parties. But there may be an issue that was not thought which is who is in charge of the maintenance? If something breaks down should the tenant call the owner to have them fix it or should they take care of it themselves and notify the owner what happened?

Many landlords decide that they will be in charge of the maintenance. That way when something goes wrong they can fix themselves and know it was done properly instead of having the tenant finding the cheapest, maybe not the best way, to fix it. If the landlord is taking well-care of their rental property in Utah, then they lengthen the life expectancy of the appliances and other things in the house.

In the long run, it’s best for the owner to use their own money and time for any maintenance problems. Instead of the owner having to worry about the house constantly and wasting time trying to find the best deal to fix things, they can hire a Utah property management to handle it for them. At KeyRenter, they have helped hundreds of people in Utah rent their homes and have given them a good deal on maintenance as well. This second option of letting an outside company take care of those issues are a huge advantage to the owner.

With KeyRenter, they offer a 24/7 in-house maintenance crew. This means any time of the day or week, there is always a maintenance person on deck ready to handle a problem and handle it as soon as possible if requested. Since they are part of your reliable Utah property management, you can trust that they will do a good, reliable job. Another advantage to it is that they also give you good rates and prices for it as well compared to others.

Not too often is the tenant responsible for maintenance issues because many time appliances break down because of age. A person isn’t obliged to pay on something that would be characterized as improvement of the property. General maintenance is the sole responsibility of the landlord, and essentially still is when they go through a Utah property management. This is because it is still the landlord’s money that is used to complete and fix maintenance projects, not the property management.

Maintenance issues that arise can be messy with rental homes in Utah. That’s why many choose to have an outside company like a Utah property management company handle these issues for them. That way the landlord and tenant can stay on good terms and know that the rental house is being taken care of by professionals.

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