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Apple iPhone 4 HTC Stunning Victory S710e Appropriate To Start

October 6th, 2018 Comments off

Apple iPhone 4 HTC Stunning Victory S710e Appropriate To Start

July 11, 2011, HTC amazing S710e (licensed) in the “ZOL mall” promotion. The latest offer for 3799 yuan, with an invoice. This phone accessories are: battery, data cable, headset, charger, 8GB memory card, manual. HTC is a stunning S710e with a 4.0 inches large touch screen smartphone operating system Android OS v2.2 3G smart phone.

HTC amazing S710e overall shape is very slim, but still feel very superior. This machine is a 4.0-inch front capacitive touch screen, resolution 480 * 800, and supports multi-touch display and entertainment properties are very good. The machine supports the WCDMA 3G network, with ultra-fast Web browsing speed. HTC amazing S710e built a 1GHz CPU, to ensure the smooth operation of the system, but also enhance the user experience. Back of the machine is a 800 million pixel camera, ability to take pictures mainstream.

HTC Incredible S (G11) S710e mobile phone nickname Listing Date in March 2011 the type of 3G mobile phones, smart phones, camera phones (cool accessories for iPhone 4) design straight Main Screen Size 4.0 inches touch screen capacitive screen, multi-touch main screen material main screen resolution SLCD 480 × 800 pixels, 16 million color main screen color mode network GSM, WCDMA operating system Android OS v2.2CPU model Qualcomm snapdragon MSM8255CPU body memory frequency of 1024MHz 1124MB ROM +768 MB RAM memory card MicroSD card, supports App2SD 32GB capacity battery capacity extensions 1450mAh type keyboard virtual keyboard colors black, red cell phone (peacock feather iPhone 4 case) size 120 × 64 × 11.7mm phone weight 135.5g

Editorial comment:

HTC stunning S710e is a single-core configuration is very powerful smart phone (ggmm iPhone 4 case), although not among the most mainstream dual-core processing, but the machine’s overall performance and bring the user experience is very good, compared to other brands of dual-core machine also did not strive. The aircraft is currently licensed version of the mall in the ZOL arrival, have a licensed UNPROFOR addition, ZOL Mall also support hire purchase them more easily. The aircraft is now on sale 3799 yuan, like friends look at it.