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You Need To Check Your Emotions At The Door Before You Invest In The Stock Market

December 3rd, 2017 Comments off

We have all been victims of other people’s stock advice. “This stock is a sure-fire winner!” Sometimes the advice comes from a neighbor, or a close friend. Many times it comes from our trusted investment advisor.

Human nature gets us thinking. Do I want to risk losing out on these supposed gains? Without batting a rational eye, we invest. The end result isn’t usually pretty. However, we continue on and repeat this cycle over and over again.

What is wrong with our thinking? The answer is, for many of us, that emotions rule the day. They are so powerful that we often ignore our rational, logical thoughts. The hope for a quick buck or opportunity to “get rich quick” gets those emotional juices flowing. You must realize that it is not the rational side of our brain that is tripping us up, but the emotional side.

Many sound investment plans get ignored due to emotions. If you work at it, you will be able to quiet that emotional side that is prone to ignore your well thought out investing strategy. More importantly, you’ll be able to stick to your plan through both good and bad times.

Casual investors make the same mistakes over and over again because they cannot shake the demons that compel them. It is this type of trader that cannot overcome emotions while investing. They usually lack the ability to treat investing like a business and instead treat it like a game of poker.

The main driving emotion for many investors is the fear of losing money. Making a quick buck is the next one. Don’t forget about the king of all emotions, greed. All of these cloud judgment and prevent you from thinking clearly about how an action affects your portfolio. When this type of thinking is in play, disaster can strike rather quickly.

My emotions were extremely difficult to get under control when investing. I managed to finally tame that beast and let my rational side control my investing decisions. In order to do this, I developed a system that I use to invest with consistent success. I have set parameters to follow that guide me to the right kinds of investments. It is a logical system in black and white. Sure, the emotional beast tries to rear its ugly head from time to time, but I remain diligent and stick to my strategy.

There is no shame in making poor investment decisions over and over. There is good news, you can change things starting now! I made that change and as a result I have been more successful than I ever have been investing in the stock market. I also managed to do this when the stock market was in a sharp decline! I promise you, to be a successful investor all you need is a solid investment strategy and the ability to keep your emotions checked at the door. Take the advise of someone that did that very thing!

Marc Abrams is a CPA with over 15 years experience in financing and investing. Visit Marc’s website to learn more about successful stock market and option trading strategies that can teach you to invest for the future.

Incorporating Old Styles: Modern Luxury House Plans

April 25th, 2013 Comments off

When looking for luxury house plans, make sure you pay attention to the many styles that are redefining modern homes in today’s marketplace. Emulating old styles from various cultural and environmental backgrounds creates an interesting combination of effects that can turn a nice house into a dream home.

Let’s take a look at four of the new styles you should know about.

Neo-Colonial Styles

These homes borrow from several different historical and cultural eras, but tap the romantic Colonial days more than any of the others. Shaped like a rectangle and standing two to three stories tall, these beautiful homes use double hung windows, complete with shutters, to brighten up each floor with natural lighting.

Luxury House Plans: Neo-Eclectic

This style is unique in that it takes many styles and throws them in a blender, which can produce amazing results or a mishmash mess of generic looking garbage. Neo-Eclectics were first built in the ’60s, and the worst examples have earned the title McMansions by irritable homebuyers who don’t appreciate the rambling nature of their floorplans.

That being said, there are some homes built in the Neo-Eclectic style that are beautiful and clever in their reimagining of historical culture and joining of otherwise opposed styles in modern homemaking.

Luxury House Plans: Neo-Mediterranean

Taking its inspiration from Spain, Italy, Greece, and several other styles, the Neo-Mediterranean homes are beautiful enough to capture the imagination. These homes are known for their carved, heavy doors, red roof tiling and stucco siding. In several ways the Neo-Mediterranean looks very much like the Spanish Revival style that enjoyed a small resurgence in recent years.

The French Colonial Style

French Colonial style does the best job of conjuring a sense of time and place for individual homes. French Colonial homes are designed for the wet Caribbean climate, so they consist of a heavy timber frame made from brick, thin wooden columns, a long roof that hangs over the gallery or porch. They are also known for their lack of inner hallways.

The most interesting feature of one of these homes is that most rooms are accessible from the wraparound porch. Strangely, French Colonial homes have a notable lack of indoor hallways, presumably for some reason though no reason is readily available to be found. The setup of the French Colonials inspires, and it feels like traveling through time.

When looking for luxury house plans, it’s a great idea to do your homework. You’re at least going to be occupying this place for several years, so make your first time around good enough to stay forever.

Whichever style you choose to embrace, whether it’s the fun Neo-Mediterranean or the challenging Neo-Eclectic or French Colonial styles, by allowing the past to influence your future, you’ll make sure that you own a dream home, rather than just living quarters.

Whether you’re looking for luxury house plans or well designed house floor plans, there are several web sellers that will provide the latest and greatest in return for some cold, hard cash. Remember to look into the seller’s track record, and only buy from reliable sources to guarantee quality.