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Pagelines Platform Pro Theme Download

January 13th, 2011 Comments off

Want to use wordpress as cms of your business sites. Choose a WordPress CMS Theme Framework is the best! Here is a CMS WordPress Theme Framework for you. Platform Pro Framework from Paglelines, Who provides professional CMS WordPress themes, Now they released the Platform Pro WordPress Framework.  

Platform Pro theme is a drag and drop theme framework, Build custom websites in seconds, with drag & drop layout and content. Perfect for anyone–beginners, designers and programmers. With Platform you can create custom, feature-rich themes faster than ever before while still getting great design. Pagelines Platform Pro Framework has many features such as BuddyPress and bbPress integration, child theme support, magazine & blog layout modes, full-width and fixed-width designs, advanced fonts, and ajax image uploading and more.  

Pagelines Platform Pro Theme CMS WordPress Framework

Why A Drag & Drop Framework?

When the PageLines Platform Pro WordPress Framework out, there were save the three problems when building a site: custom-coding, wysiwyg editors, and themes 

  • Coding – Technical in nature, and hard to maintain.
  • Wysiwyg – Takes longer, and sites are built & designed primarily by the user; which sacrifices code quality and design.
  • Themes – Often require custom code and knowledge of WordPress to customize.  

Platform was engineered to solve these problems by combining the best aspects of all three. It is as plug-and-play as a theme, as easy to customize as a wysiwig interface, and extremely extendable so custom code can be added in seconds. 

Drag & Drop Design Control

 Platform Pro framework allows you customize your site by dragging and dropping sections of content around your site. such as build your pages. 

Draggable Layout Builder

Just drag & drop to set up your content layout. Then select each of your 5 layout options on a page-by-page basis.

bbPress and BuddyPress Integrated

Platform Pro has your community covered with BuddyPress Networking and bbPress Forums. Build your community in record time with these pre-integrated and popular plugins.

Design & Layout Modes

Choose from design modes like “full-width” or “fixed-width” site design. Use “magazine” or “blog” style layouts on your blog and posts pages. 

Sections allow you to drag and drop pre-designed modules of HTML, Javascript and other code on your site. This is sort of like widgets with a few key differences. Sections:

  • Can be enabled or disabled on a page-by-page basis (Advanced CMS Functionality).
  • Load their code (for example, Javascript), only on pages where they are used — this greatly improves performance.
  • Can be added through by designers in Child Themes.
  • Automatically registers “hooks” for customization.

Platform Pro Framework Other features:

  • Advanced Fonts – Google Fonts API & Cufon
  • Base Theme – Platform has its own child theme called “Base” designed using WordPress best practices for customization using “hooks” and custom CSS.
  • Tuned code for optimal search engine performance and accessibility.
  • WordPress 3.0 supports

View the Demo & Tour,  Watch the Overview Platform Pro Framework Video

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