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There Was Never A Better Time To Invest In Real Estate

December 6th, 2018 Comments off

The current economic downturn and the fear of an impending recession has driven the normal real estate market, which thrived on speculation and gambling to a virtual standstill. The credit that usually sustained it has disappeared as savings associations have started to massively recall their loans and to bring foreclosures down upon those who have defaulted.

A direct side effect has been the falling of house prices to their lowest point in a very long time as debt weary owners anxious to sell their properties before they are foreclosed are selling their houses for far below their market value. This means that the opportunity to purchase investment properties is here.

There is always a market for reasonably priced good homes even in the eye of a potentially stormy financial climate. Also, housing markets tend to be cyclical and prices will eventually bounce back so their current nadir, as long as it lasts, may be the end opportunity to purchase investment properties at such bargain prices. The amount of property desperately on sale at more than reasonable prices fringes on the impossible.

Investors who are knowledgeable enough in real estate, are aware of market fluxuations and are willing to run the risk which can be as high or low as the investor feels ok with stand to make a killing in the middle and long term.

Whether an investor is looking to invest in a property to flip it immediately or to renovate before selling, this is a fantastic time. As long as the investor is disciplined, evenhanded, methodical and not seeking to make a quick and simple buck there has not been as a good of time to buy valuable real estate on the cheap in many a year. This is no time for people on the fence or unskilled investors who depend upon luck and the gift of gab. For serious businessmen, however, the opportunities are raining down.

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The When of Commercial Real Estate Investing

November 20th, 2018 Comments off

Income property investors are wondering if now is the right time to buy. It might seem that good investment opportunities fluctuate with the market but the truth is, depending on the investment type, now may or may not be an ideal time to buy.

It is important to note that in the case of acquiring income property the timing of the purchase is not as important as how the property is purchased. The method of purchase offers protection from the ups and downs of economic cycles.

There is both support of and opposition to this method, but the fact remains that to allow this spending, new bills have been printed; therefore, there is too much money in existence.

Using historical statistics, the current climate can be dissected to some extent. Net Gain describes a recession as a manner of alleviating surplus. There have been 20 prior recessions since the start of the 20th century, all of which have made a full recovery. Statistics show that the length of time between peaks of a recession determines the level of excess, which indicates the severity of the next recession.

History can lend some insight into what the present situation means for investing in income property. The current recession is in its 20th month. Based on past recession averages of 59 months peak to peak and 14 months peak to bottom, now should be a good time to invest.

But knowing that the time is right doesn’t mean the process for buying the property is irrelevant. As with every past recession peak, investors that are hurting financially today probably made poor decisions at the time of the purchase. Entering into poorly written agreements, acquiring excessive debt, failing to account for expenses, and other pitfalls can turn an investment into a money pit.

As NetGain has addressed in previous articles, these issues are not to be taken lightly and should be strongly considered and addressed before making the decision to invest. Right now terms of mortgage are a critical point of focus due to the influx of currency. With increased interest rates, inflated prices, and strategic terms, investors can ultimately use money of decreased value to repay the mortgage.

The key is to negotiate the mortgage correctly using the following guidelines: -Interest Rate: Should always remain fixed -Term: 20 years or more -Due Date: None -Mortgage should be eligible for gradual liquidation or prorated write-off -Debt should be non-recourse -No lock-ins over one year -No pre-payment penalties over 1.5% -Eligible assumptions will be accepted

Today’s economic environment presents an attractive investment opportunity for acquiring income property. Considering the key components discussed in this article will ensure that the transaction goes smoothly and the investment is set up for success.

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Basic Info On Real Estate Flipping

October 12th, 2018 Comments off

Flipping real estate means, owning real estate lands and reselling them keeping]realizing a profit within a period of 12 months. Many investors can be noted in the real estate market engaged in flipping properties and boast about their considerable earnings within a very short span of time.

In addition many media and books are filled with information on how to efficiently flip real estate emphasizing that everyone can embark on real estate flipping trade if they are well verse with the game rules.

Nonetheless, it is not a walk in the park type of game. Before you enter the property market, the wannabe investors should refer to gurus in the trade to understand pitfalls or there will be disasters at the very beginning of the trade.

Hard proofs are good enough to show that real estate flipping is not meant for those who are novices to the market. To buy worthy lands and deal them within a very short time is not a walk in the park but a demanding achievement with various connections that must be mastered really well.

However if you are skilled, this is the area that earns good income in the arena of real estate investing. Nevertheless, there are various accounts of experts with idle lands, which have no future for a long time to come.

A large network of informed realtors with lucrative properties is needed if you would like to be successful in flipping real estate. That is where many scramble from the very beginning. The connection with the right individuals and legal experts are also vital if you intend to be competitive in the trade.

Finally, it is not a domain where you are not to perform your best. If you possess talent, creativity and the right kind of networks, flipping real estate can be a financially gratifying career path.

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Process Of Building A Home In Costa Rica

June 24th, 2018 Comments off

It is not difficult to purchase real estate as much as building a home in Costa Rica, which takes time, effort and meticulous planning to achieve the best results. When it comes to buying properties in Costa Rica there are numerous options, which may be considered ranging from furnished apartments, villas, single-family homes among others. However, many individuals opt for building homes on available land plots, which prove to be more affordable by hiring some of the best architects who can design suitable homes for living. There are lots of cheap lands offered on sale in Costa Rica, which can be used for building your own vacation homes as well.

Building a home in Costa Rica requires good knowledge of the local laws and legal regulations of the land as the building process differs from place to place. There are some places where the building norms are followed very strictly and it is necessary to abide by the laws of each state. You can hire the services of an authorized lawyer who can provide you with the required knowledge and legal assistance required for developing a new project on the land premises.

A well-experienced architect can prove to be valuable in providing you with the required assistance while building a home in Costa Rica. It is always better to verify the credentials of architects with whom you are planning to work by examining their past records and previous projects on which they have worked. In this way, you can find out, if they can successfully deliver good quality work based on the agreed terms and conditions. Finding a good professional architect can help you in building a home that fulfills all your needs and requirement to match your personal taste in home dcor.

If you are keen on building a home in Costa Rica, then it is important to purchase a land, which has good location and infrastructure facilities. Otherwise, there are high chances that you may not get the best value for your property, if you wish to sell such homes in the future. Today, lot of low priced lands are available in far off locations across Costa Rica, which may not be the best option, if they fetch very less returns on investment. The next vital step is to get the building permit from the local government authorities, prior to starting any kind of construction activity on the purchased land.

Once you have bought the property, the next step is to get in touch with a professional architect and discuss the site plans and technical specifications using the drawings. It is necessary to submit all the required documents, which includes copies of the house plans, property deeds, contract agreement, electrical layout and permission of water company for seeking construction permit. You will need to get a building permit from the local municipal authorities while building a home in Costa Rica. Once your project has been reviewed and approved by the presiding Municipal officer, then you are ready to begin the construction process.

Then you can begin any construction activity for building a home in Costa Rica by obtaining a cost estimate from your architect to determine, if any additional finances may be required for constructing the home. This may include the cost of the labor, materials to be procured to the construction site along with the fees charged by the architect for providing his services. In short, you need to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth with high quality service while you are hiring an architect for building your home.

Building a home in Costa Rica is definitely a challenging task but it becomes easy, if you hire the right people who can offer you the best quality services at affordable costs. A good architect and civil engineer can ensure that you get homes built as per your personal taste and requirements.

Costa Rica Property Investment

August 31st, 2017 Comments off

Costa Rica is a country comprising of a group of islands in the Central American region. San Jose is the capital of this beautiful country. When Christopher Columbus discovered this land in the year 1502, he was right in naming this country Costa Rica in Spanish which translates to “rich coast” in English. This country is a land of captivating beauty. The exuberant greenery and the bewitching landscape attract the people to this beautiful country.

Costa Rica is a country much beyond just intoxicatedly lovely beaches, the luscious, green and breathtaking landscape and the majestically enthralling mountains. The beauty of Costa Rica lies in the people who inhabit this beautifully rich country. The people of Costa Rica, generally referred to as “ticos”, are warm and friendly by nature. They are also very welcoming and helpful.

Property investment in Costa Rica is on the rise today also because of the various types of property that a person can invest in. Starting with a lovely beach home to a luxurious hotel, there are a number of options for the investor to choose from. Each of these properties is sure to rake in profits in a short period of time due to the increasing exposure to Costa Rica.

Some of the most famous places in Costa Rica where you can invest in property are Puerto Viejo, Punta Uva in the Caribbean side, Heredia and Alejuela which are central provinces, and Escazu and Santa Ana in the capital city of Costa Rica, San Jose. There are many mountain properties, commercial establishments, beach properties and some upscale residential homes on offer for investment in these areas.

Costa Rica is one of the oldest and strongest democracies in the Central American region. This country is also considered to be the safest among the Central American countries. Costa Rica is making positive changes in order to lure investors to invest in property here. The infrastructure is developing rapidly and now Costa Rica has good roads, good Internet connectivity, good air travel facilities, banks, schools and universities. The economic policies are also liberal which makes it convenient for the investor to purchase property here.

Costa Rica property investment is a good option because this place is also safe to a great extent, and offers peace of mind and protection to the foreigners who invest their money here in purchasing property. The government of Costa Rica has introduced many liberal economic policies that are in favor of the investors looking to invest in property here. As compared to many other Central American countries, Costa Rica has the longest and strongest democracy too.

Though Costa Rica offers a lot of benefits of living here, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while planning to invest in property in Costa Rica. Costa Ricans tend to think that “gringos” or foreigners who are investing in property in their country have a lot of money stacked in their bank accounts. Hence, the real estate in Costa Rica is a two tiered market. The “ticos” (native Costa Ricans) quote different prices for the same property to “ticos” and “gringos”. Gringos are most often quoted a higher amount. This is one important point to bear in mind while investing in property in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica property investment is lucrative; however, the person who needs to invest in property in this country must be well versed with the local laws of this country. This is needed to ensure that you can get the property completely registered against your name and get 100% ownership rights.

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