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Trade Is Better

August 28th, 2014 Comments off

Commerce, as we all know, can be simplified, as the exchange of products, services and even money in some cases. Trade is essential to the business needs of their needs. It 'also known as a transaction. Commerce at the beginning of a communication in the old days.

A mechanism that allows trade to take place is called market. First trade was in the form of barter. Barter means the exchange of goods and services taking place directly. In prehistoric times people bartered products and services from each other. This was the only method before the invention of the modern day currency.

The invention of money simplified and promoted trade to a greater extent. Money made trading easier and fair in most of the cases when trade was not happening at the same financial ability of people. When trade takes place between two people it is known as bilateral trade, and when it is between more than two people it is called multilateral trade.

If we look back and watch the pages of our history, we find that trade has existed. There are indications that the exchange of obsidian and flint, which are expensive rare volcanic rocks in the stone age. Since 3000, British Columbia equipment necessary for the manufacture of jewelry sold in Egypt. In India, we have seen along the trade routes in the third millennium, when Mesopotamia traded with the Harappan civilization of the Indus Valley.

As time changed modes of trading also changed. We have Retail Trading which consists of sales of goods from a fixed location, such as a department store or a boutique. Wholesale trade on the other hand can be simplified as sale of goods to retailers and industrial and commercial users.

Since the invention of Internet, people have been able to do everything virtually. Now days online trading have become one of the most popular mediums of trading. These online trading facilities are provided by many financial companies like Reliance Money, ICICI online trading and many more.

Online trading proves beneficial for both new comers in the industry as well as advanced and experienced traders. Online trading gives opportunities to trade stocks and foreign exchange all over the world without physical performance of a broker. Stock trading has now turned out to be much available to independent investors. In this kind commissions incurred are also very low because everything happens on the internet.

If we look at improving the commercial market, we see that it has always been increasing and is now better than ever. The rapidly changing times around the world, and we can see that it takes all the mental functions that have always helped to facilitate all methods on the market.

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Trading And Banking Made Easier

July 19th, 2014 Comments off

Banking in this millennium has found a new meaning with mobile banking coming up front. Mobile banking eliminates the need for using paper bills and banking statements. This development has started a slow shift towards a greener lifestyle as less of paper is being utilized for all the related transactions.

Mobile Banking which is also known as M-Banking or SMS banking is a term used for services which enables balance checks, transactions related to your account, different types of payments etc, via a mobile phone. Mobile banking is mainly performed through SMSs or Internet services any mobile device. Mobile Banking sometimes uses special programs downloaded to the mobile device.

With the popularity of Internet, which has enabled new ways like online banking and online brokers, we see that these methods are growing and are including a large percentage of the entire banking business industry. Banks are now able to offer a variety of services such as funds transfer while travelling, receiving stock updates, also gives the liberty to perform stock trading from the comfort of your homes, coffee houses or any other place.

The newly introduced Smartphones and 3G connectivity provides some facilities that older text message-only mobile phones could not provide. Phones like Blackberry Curve 8900, Storm 9500, iPhone, Bold 9000 and more have these internet facilities.

Mobile Banking and Mobile Trading is not just helpful for an individual who is travelling most of the time, but it also gives him the freedom to access and analyze at DailyFX. This can be found on many sites present on the internet. At these sites you can access videos to see how to use and go about Mobile Banking and Mobile Trading.

Another term used for buying and selling of services and goods using a mobile phone is called ‘Mobile Commerce’ or M-Commerce. This is a branch of Electronic Commerce or E-Commerce which is conducted over internet enabled wireless devices. Mobile Commerce is widely used to conduct promotional and financial activities over mobile phones and is widely spreading to all the banking institutes around the globe.

Mobile Banking services are offered by various banks, one of which is Reliance Money which is one of the leading companies of the Reliance Group. Those who hold an account in Reliance Money in any city of the country can make use of this facility.

Be it Mobile Commerce, Mobile Banking or Mobile Trading, as we know that all these are related, we can conclude that they provide related kinds of advantages. It is now beneficial for both the consumers and service providers. Consumers all around the country can conduct any kind of transactions from cities to remote locations as well, using their mobile devices.

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Reliance Money Offers Unlimited Trade For Flat Fee

April 29th, 2014 Comments off

Reliance Money, under the brand name, provides a single window, enabling customers to access, amongst others, Equity & Commodity Derivatives, Portfolio Management Services, Wealth Management Services, Investment Banking, IPO’s, Mutual Funds, Life & General Insurance, Money Changing, Money Transfer, and Gold Coins Reliance Securities Limited is a broking and distribution company offering Equity and Derivative trading, distribution of Mutual Fund and IPOs, Portfolio Management and Investment Banking.

Reliance Capital is a part of the Reliance – Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. Reliance Securities Limited is a group company of Reliance Capital, one of India’s leading and fastest growing private sector financial services companies, ranking among the top 3 private sector financial services and banking companies in terms of net worth.

Reliance Money’s new product offers unlimited trading and margin trading to new customers for Rs. 6000. This product is aimed at aggressive investors and regular traders, valid for three months. First product in the industry offering unlimited trading option on flat fee model customers to get range of value adds including fee waiver on account opening, Shares As Collateral facility, SuperTrade Subscription and Trading calls on trade with new product.

Reliance Money, one of the largest distribution and broking brands in the country, launched a new product for customers that allow unlimited equity trade for a fixed fee. The event was held in Jaipur on 9th Feb 2010. The new product, which is being offered by Reliance Securities Limited (RSL), was unveiled by Mr. Vikrant Gugnani, Executive Director, and Kapil Bali, CEO, Retail Broking, RSL, at a press conference.

Mr. Gugnani said that the product was the first of its kind product available in the Indian broking industry. The new offer allows all traders and investors to cap their brokerage expense while offering them unlimited trade option through their platform. This is also in line with their strategy to offer competitive pricing and convenient brokerage options for their investors. This new product – Trade Unlimited -, priced at Rs. 6000 for three months, offers unlimited delivery trading and margin trading turnover and is available to new customers.

As an incentive for availing this product, the company would be waiving account opening charges; offer shares as collateral facility – which allows client to trade on intraday and F&O by pledging shares instead of having to provide cash margins; offer SuperTrade Subscription , a superfast execution platform for 90 days, and Trading calls on its platform.

Mr Bali spoke on this occasion saying that the new product is aimed to provide huge price advantage – upto 25-50 per cent of brokerage to aggressive investors and traders who easily end up spending much more on other platforms. According to in-house limited research done by the company – Regular traders doing more than Rs. 5 lakh a day or over Rs. 1 crore a month in margin/intraday/F&O at a brokerage of 0.03% could be spending Rs. 3300 a month or more on brokerage.

The new account would be activated between 10-15 days. The 90 day count will begin either from the day the client starts his first trading; or the 10th day after account activation in case no trade is done before that. Once the 90 day period is over the customers can choose from the existing range of limit cards depending on their trade volume and value.

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Financial Services And Solutions From Reliance Money

February 6th, 2014 Comments off

Reliance Money, a part of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group is a comprehensive financial services and solution provider, providing customers with access to Equity, Equity and Commodity Derivatives, Portfolio Management Services, Wealth Management Services, Mutual Funds, IPOs, Life and General Insurance and Gold Coins.

Customers can also avail Loans, Credit Card, Money Transfer and Money Changing services. Reliance Money has 3 million customers and a wide network of over 10,000 outlets and 20,000 touch points in 5,000+ locations.

However, while the US and the European economies are either having negative growth or marginal growth, India is expected to grow around 7% this year. The projection for next year also is around the same level. Under the given circumstances, this growth is pretty good.

There is constant endeavor for Reliance Securities to change the way investors transact in equities markets and avails services. It provides customers with access to Equity, Derivatives, Portfolio Management Services, Investment Banking, and Mutual Funds & IPOs.

Most of the large companies in this sector had a significant funding book comprising Margin funding and IPO funding. This business does not exist anymore. However, Reliance Money never had a margin funding book and hence our reliance on income from funding business has been negligible. Having a flat fee structure has also worked out to be an advantage.

Broking volumes have not dropped significantly. In fact, as compared to the market volumes, the share has increased. The average daily volume on the stock exchanges is Rs30bn, representing approximately 4% of the total stock exchange volume. On the whole, broking is only a part of the entire business mix. The customer base has recently crossed 3mn and is rapidly expanding. They are entering new business segments, hiring fresh talent and setting up operations in new geographies.

The customer base has recently crossed 3mn and is rapidly expanding. They are entering new business segments, hiring fresh talent and setting up operations in new geographies.

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Reliance Money With Good Investment Opportunities

February 6th, 2014 Comments off

Having tried to take some business risks cost you an arm and a leg, but if you had given it a second thought you would have committed your money to a savings account earning a 1, 2 or 3 annual percent during that time period.

Is committing money to earn a financial return the same as playing for money? It must have crossed your mind if you had committed some money every month to acquire shares of any major company during four or five years previous to filing its bankruptcy. By becoming an owner, you could suffer the risk of your company not being successful. The rewards of this risk are high. You, as an equity shareholder, are entitled to a share in the profits of the company’s business as well as any appreciation in the perceived value of the shares.

When investing your money in a debt investment such as a bank deposit, bonds etc you are assured a fixed amount of interest on your investment and return of capital. This isn’t the case with an equity investment. BSE reflects the movement of the share prices on the stock markets. The Sensex rises and/or falls continuously during trading hours. Rises indicate gains and falls indicate losses.

True equity money is unsecured and directly reflects the faith of the investor in the business, its management and the commitment of its principals to it. The risks and rewards of investing your money in equity are clearly apparent from the Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index (BSE Sensex).

The negative part that comes along with the internet is that the use of such a simple and quick that you can make investing mistakes much more easily. Without having to talk about your investing ideas to your agent o financial broker, you could end investing in low return shares and bonds, but with a higher risk of losing it all.

Advice about investments is spread freely and easily through internet. But you should take into account that no advice is free. If you had followed the advice of a research analyst having to do with which shares to buy or sell for the 2000-2002 period you would have lost most of the capital you invested.

Having success in investments requires knowledge about values and stocks in which one is investing as well as the risks that those values carry. Investment opportunities are very broad and the abundant information that exists in the internet may help you get more knowledge about those investment opportunities that you feel you can carry on. Many analysts recommended the buying of shares and stocks with very little information about those values, and only because the prices had dropped to a very low level.

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