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Simple Tips For Improving Your Own Home

May 27th, 2018 Comments off

Home improvement is indeed a very extensive subject and there are many things that you can do yourself easily and quickly and on the cheap to really give your home of a little bit of a facelift. However, there are much bigger jobs that you might want to do.

Either way, home improvement is a fairly extensive subject. You probably start off with an idea and in the end result is going to be quite different to your original thoughts. Nonetheless, you will get what you want if you go into it carefully and make sure you hire the right people to do the job for you.

However, there are various jobs that you can do yourself and you may well prefer to do this not only to save money, but you might feel that you will get the best job possible done. For example, if you simply want to renovate a room and give it a facelift with a new coat of paint, there is often no reason why you can’t do it yourself.

One of the most popular home improvements on a higher budget level is to add a conservatory for example. This gives you a very pleasant second reception room which you can use during the day and it is also a room which get an enormous amount of sunlight, making it very pleasant in the winter as well.

All of those sorts of jobs are very big however and they do take time and a fairly large budget. Nonetheless, they are the biggest home improvements that you can get, and in order to minimize the risk of delays or any other unforeseen problems, hiring the services of reliable trades people or a reliable company is generally the best thing to do.

In order not to waste money, you need to think about things carefully. For example, if you are thinking about painting the room, try to visualise it is best as possible and how it would look. If possible, it is best to get a sample of paint just to see how it is going to look wants the whole room is painted in that colour.

For jobs that you can’t handle, but jobs that are not really big enough to warrant the services of a building contractor, you can hire individual tradesmen and make sure that they are reliable before you even start. It does get very frustrating otherwise have a minor job on hold for ages simply because they are not reliable people working for you.

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How to pick up an affordable fixer-upper in Italy

March 17th, 2016 Comments off

Real estate purchasers’ spending power may have been restricted by the increased difficulty in obtaining home loans, however the draw of buying a home in a country such as Italy is still vibrant.

It explains why growing numbers of foreign buyers in Italy are choosing to renovate   or even start from new instead of buying resale property.

The primary reason is obvious – cost. Ignore any hopes of being offered fixer-uppers for Euro 1, a PR ploy rolled out a few years ago by the Mayor of Salemi, Sicily. Nonetheless in sections of southern Italy such as Molise, Abruzzo and Sicily a countryside ruin can be picked up for a trifling Euro Euro 9,500. Throw in a bill for restoration that can begin from roundabout Euro 750 per sq m and is it possible to convert a an old wreck into a 90sq m idyllic holiday retreat for around Euro 95,000 – a small fraction of the cost otherwise. In addition, beyond the initial purchase price, restoration expenses may then be divided over the length of the building project, which can be as long as the you find convenient.

Stef Russo, founder of Italian property search experts The Property Organiser, reveals: “The credit crunch has seen greater numbers of investors following the renovation path. Restoration costs in places such as Abruzzo are about Euro 900 per sq metre – around half what it would be in the north of Italy. And instead of   having to produce funds at the start, it permits them to spread costs over months or even years.

“In addition, buyers get the opportunity to stamp their personalised imprint on their homes, which is easier to do if they renovate than if they buy a resale and then attempt to overhaul it.”

The country’s history means it is awash with buildings from as far back as the 18th century, needing only a bit of TLC to turn them into fantastic modern dwellings. There is also a plentiful supply of farmhouses – always popular with foreign buyers – in the main because of the mass migration of millions of people who, in the 19th and early 20th centuries, deserted villages for towns and cities or even a new life outside Italy. By the way, if you fancy trying something a little less orthodox, the answer may lie in the approxmiately 5,500 religious buildings available to be turned into homes.

Having picked a property, the next stage is to hire the right professionals to bring your dreams into reality. Some buyers are happy to do most of this themselves, the most advisable route is to pay a reputable geometra/surveyor (your realtor ought to be able to put you in touch with one). They will be able to find reliable builders for you as well as deal with local government departments for the necessary building permission. Remember that many ancient rustic homes are built in stone and therefore fixing up such homes calls for constructors experienced working with stone.

One constant danger with projects like this is that your outlay can rise out of control, often by up to 30%. Common pitfalls include pools (allow up to 20,000); improving access roads (up to Euro 2,000 for a 50-metre section); and upgrading lawns. But your surveyor can insist on a contract with your construction workers outlining a budget as well as a deadline, with penalties applicable if they are not stuck to. Although surveyors|geometre|geometras} design homes to a certain level, their knowhow only goes so far and it is a good idea also take on an architect to take charge of design. It is essential before a brick is laid that you are crystal clear what you hope to achieve and that you convey this to the architect. Going back to Square One during the course of work wastes time and a pain in the rear for the rest of your team.

Be realistic about the probable timescales involved. The purchasing process can take between one and three months and obtaining building permission a further 12-36 weeks depending on the Commune overseeing affairs.

One last thing, unless you intend being on-site most of the time, your team should also include an independent project manager to oversee everything and help keep things ticking over. Your architect or geometra can also step into this role. One project manager explains: “By visiting as often as is needed, more often than not with no prior warning, we keep the client clued in on the speed of work through fulsome notes and digital photos. Therefore any problems can be sorted out quickly. We keep everything on track and, even more importantly, ensure the client isn’t ambushed by ugly shocks.”

The author is an expert in Calabria property for sale at Homes and Villas Abroad. She also writes on Tuscany farmhouses for sale and real estate on the Amalfi coast.

Why Luxury Homes Need Interior Design That’s Right For Them

August 9th, 2014 Comments off

Think about your home for a minute. Don’t you want it to be comfortable and secure, and a haven from the stresses of everyday life? That’s why home interior design in Canada can be so helpful to you. However, it’s even more important for luxury homes, since the interior design and not just the size is what makes a luxury home just that.

A luxury home should evoke feelings of rest, relaxation and general peace of mind for anyone who walks through its doors. The following are some of the key factors that one must take into consideration when making the decisions around interior design in Canada.

Reflect your lifestyle

Fittings, colors, designs, and accessories you choose should reflect your personality and lifestyle, and should be consistent with you, what you value, and what you visualize for yourself. The design should show individuality as well as class. Don’t just settle on particular designs because they are a hot market trend for the present.

You should stay true to your unique tastes and preferences. This does not mean that you should not seek advice from luxury home interior design experts. Rather, you should uninhibitedly bounce off your ideas on the interior design professional such that whatever you come up with is distinct and uniquely your own.

Beautiful, attractive settings

Even as you focus on your personal preferences and tastes, remember that interior design in Canada for a luxury home is all about class and beauty. There are several ways through which you can achieve a classy and stylish look. For instance, you can incorporate pleasant works of art around the home to bring out a more lively yet attractive feel.

You should also keep in mind what you want for your furniture and house fittings, which should be at the level of luxury the rest of your house is, so that you get interior decor that matches your desires. Chandeliers, lampshades, window blinds, curtains, and the main door’s design are all things you have to think about carefully so that you don’t undercut one of these elements and come up with a result that’s less luxurious than you want.


As you do your interior design in Canada, you should have a general theme running through the house; but you should also not that there may be slight theme variations in different rooms depending on the purpose they are expected to serve.

Each room should have a theme design that matches its function. As you choose furniture, fittings, and colors for each room, you want to make sure that room is as luxurious as possible, but that that luxury does not at all detract from its functionality or use.

Increase in value for your home

Finally, interior design in Canada when executed well can automatically increase the net worth of your home. Two houses with identical building architecture will usually not cost the same if one of the houses has a classy interior design.

Getting luxury interior design right will make your home more attractive to buyers and allow you to ask for a premium price when compared with what is available in the market.

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Corporate Apartments Mississauga

June 3rd, 2014 Comments off

For many working professionals, travel is not just an occasional luxury but is instead a fact of life. Spending each day or week in different cities or even abroad can make even the best hotels tiring, yet with the proliferation of corporate apartments, this need not be the case. Business travelers can have a quality of service and the convenience of home all thanks to corporate apartments. Mississauga residents and travelers need not be left out of this trend, as corporate apartments offer a level of service not found in hotels and other lodgings. Many factors differentiate corporate apartments from the competition.

Staying in a good corporate apartment can provide huge savings when compared to staying in a hotel. Typically this can be around 30% cheaper, which when considered over a 7 night stay can really add up. Anyone who regularly needs to use corporate apartments will know this and will typically use them based on these prices, amongst other things.

Corporate apartments should also strive to meet and exceed client needs, particularly if they wish for repeat business. This happens via client contact, and by determining what worked and what didn’t. A corporate apartment that listens to what its clients request is crucial, and these communications should happen on a regular basis to maintain a good relationship.

Quality must always be constant and consistent. There is no room for poor quality apartments and services in this industry. This is why furnished apartments Mississauga have everything to make a traveler feel as though they are right at home. Having the kind of luxury furniture and fixtures adds an extra touch to your corporate client’s experience, which is vital for good service.

Never leaving clients waiting for a service. Corporate apartments should have everything that a business traveler wants, from a place to cook meals to somewhere to do their laundry. Extras such as larger beds, flat screen TVs, DVD players and so on are considered as requirements in a corporate apartment. These are things that you would have to pay extra for in certain hotels. By failing to meet the needs of clients a corporate apartment owner will be putting off potential clients in the future.

Evaluate all your available options when selecting a corporate apartment. Not areas in which some offerings exceed those of others, and use those as a guideline in knowing what you might wish to find in a quality corporate apartment. Also, knowing how some offerings fail to meet expectations can be a good guide in knowing which behaviors and practices good corporate apartments should avoid.

Fulfill the promises that you make to your clients and give them over and above what they expect. This is the basis of all good corporate apartments and a detail that will get you repeat custom.

Understanding and exceding client needs is the most crucial feature of any corporate apartment. Mississauga offerings deliver in this regard, helping anyone who stays in them to feel as if they are in a home away from home, providing all the quality and amenities they have come to expect. Any quality corporate apartment should provide this level of comfort and service if it wishes to be a compelling choice for today’s business traveler.

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Luxury Homes Design

April 16th, 2014 Comments off

Luxury is always a good thing. Many take a lot of pride in surrounding themselves with the finer things in life. This is particularly true when it comes to your own home. I think you’d agree that a home’s overall look affects one’s mood. From the curtains on the window to sheets on your bed, your interiors can set your mood for the entire day. Finding things that make you feel comfortable, relaxed and satisfied in your own house is a treat that’s well deserved. You may opt for minimal interiors or opulent design. One thing’s for sure, luxury homes design will make you feel like royalty.

Do you have a new house that feels bare and incomplete? Or maybe you want to improve your existing interiors and add that special touch of sophistication? If you answered yes to one of these questions then it’s the perfect time to start decorating your interiors. If I can share one piece of useful advice – get help from a professional interior designer.

Anybody would want their house in its design to say something about who they are. For even a homeowner who has a strong sense of style, adding in furniture, paint, and accent pieces can be a difficult task. Moreover, you may know what you want your place to look like but it is still a good idea to hire a professional designer so that you can have a luxury homes design.

There are many advantages to hiring the services of a professional interior designer. If you happen to be a busy person and do not have the time to do all of the shopping and other things it takes to design your interior, a professional can do all of this for you. The designers who specialize in this field can create a design that is based off the structure. They are also very good with utilizing space and maximizing functionality. Designers will offer you a variety of design options and allow you to make a choice and what suits your own needs best. There are just so many options and great possibilities for luxury homes design. There are even some things that you thought might be impossible, but with the help of a professional it can be done. In addition, all the changes and designs that will occur will be by your permission and according to your preferences. Whenever it comes to the materials used for the interior design, the designer for your opinion will bring in samples. This will help you get a better picture of what the place will look like upon completion.

Professional interior designers also have great connections with different furniture designers, contractors, and stores also. Because of that, you have many possibilities for discounts and reasonable prices from these places and people. A professional designer can help you discover many original and creative ideas for an interior design. When the team up with you for creating luxury homes design, expect your dreams to come true.

A home should show the owners personality through the design and overall look itself. All details of what makes a home look the way it does is extremely important including the paint, curtains, wallpaper, carpet, and anything else for that matter. To achieve luxury homes design hiring a professional interior designer is the best way to go.

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