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Money Management – The Focus Of Expert Investors

August 13th, 2018 Comments off

Many people have been through it all, they’ve lost money and made money in stocks, they’ve lost and made money in poker, and they’ve lost and made money in options, and they’ve even lost money and made money in gold. What separates the winners from the losers and the haves from the have-nots? What do people that go through those experiences ultimately learn from? What do the experts focus on, that the beginners do not?

The fact is that it almost doesn’t matter at all how good the method is, if you cannot manage your money well. In stocks although people who can read financial statements and charts, and understand if a stock is likely to go up, or do back testing on certain method and estimate a probability that stocks using that method went up in the past, it is difficult to pin point the exact odds. That makes managing your money more difficult. However, just because you can’t know the exact probability, doesn’t mean you can’t use past results to estimate a probability range, and manage your money well. Lets just assume for a while that you could know the exact probabilities. If you know that you will win 3 times as much as you lose when you win, and you know that the win will take place half the time, do you know for sure that you will make money in the long run?

This is a trick question, you can never know with certainty that you will make money, but is it probable? Again, that still depends. How can this be? It’s easy to say that if you invest $100, you will turn it into $200 (gaining $100) half the time, and you will lose $33 the other half, that in 100 one hundred dollar investments you can expect to make $5000, lose $1667 and net $3333. However, this fails to take into account how likely you are to be able to afford the $1667 in losses and maintain that $100 investment every time out of 100 times.

In other words, the $3333 net gain is theoretical, and takes absolute no consideration on how likely you are to be able to afford those 100 investments. What if you only had $100 and you bet it all, you have a 50% chance that you lose $33 of that 1000… what then? You can’t simply make another $100 investment, So instead you have to make a $66 investment, now your win will be significantly less. If you lose yet again it will become even more difficult to get back to even. Although on paper this is a good investment, it is not a good investment without proper money management. You may have built a very safe car that drives straight, but if you are a bad driver you still could crash.

Unfortunately many people don’t learn how to drive their financial investment vehicles, and instead rely on money managers, financial advisors, mutual fund owners, and company CEOs to do everything for them. This isn’t a bad thing for those unable or unwilling to learn. However, the risk is not only that these people won’t manage your money well, and not only that if they do, you still may pay them so much in fees and expenses that it’s not profitable, but also that by handing the keys to your investment vehicle over to someone else, you lose control and you fail to learn anything. Although you may accomplish your goals with the help of these people, you also could do this yourself with a good trading system that uses good money management.

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Some Tips For Day Trading the Market

January 12th, 2018 Comments off

Day trading the stock market involves the rapid buying and selling of stocks on a daily basis. This technique is used to secure fast profits from the constant changes in stock values, minute to minute, 2nd to 2nd. It is rare that a day trader will remain in a trade over the course of a night into the day after.

The main question that the general public ask when it comes to day trading is straightforward : ‘is it critical to sit at a P. C. PC watching the markets all day 24×7 to be a successful day trader?’

The answer’s no. It’s not important to sit at a P. C. all day long. There are a number of things to consider, but generally the rule of day trading is to trade when everybody else is trading.

As with all financial investments, day trading is risky in reality, it’s one of the riskiest forms of trading out there. The stock prices rise or fall according to the behaviour of the market, which is completely unpredictable.

If you are constrained by a small amount of capital, you may not be in a position to buy large amounts of a stock, but purchasing only a small amount can add to the danger of a loss. And, glaringly, it is not possible to forecast with certainty which stocks will end up in profits and which in losses.

It is also crucial to know that in day trading, it is the number of shares instead of the cost of shares that should be the focus. If you day trade, you will face losses, but even for the more expensive stocks, the loss should be questionable, because prices don’t usually vary to an intense degree over the course of only one day.

The day trading industry deals in a large variety of stocks and shares. Here are only a few : Growth-Buying Shares shares made of profit, which continue to grow in value . Eventually, these shares will start to decline in price, and an experienced trader can usually predict the future of this type of share.

Small Caps shares of companies which are on the rise and show no signs of stopping. Although these shares are sometimes inexpensive, they are a very dangerous investment for day traders. You’d be more safe to go with enormous caps and / or mid-caps, which are more secure and stable thanks to a premium.

Unloved Stocks company stock which has not performed well during the past. Traders buy these shares in the hopes of generating profits if and when the stock rises in value. As with little caps, unloved stocks could be a risky choice for day traders.

These examples are not your sole options when it comes to day trading stocks. The best way to figure out which type of stock is right for you is to invest some time for careful research, a knowledge understanding of market patterns, a solid strategy, and a controlled trading plan.

Know as much as practicable about the industry before you start basically trading. You need to learn how to trade ONLY when the market gives the right signals

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You Need To Check Your Emotions At The Door Before You Invest In The Stock Market

December 3rd, 2017 Comments off

We have all been victims of other people’s stock advice. “This stock is a sure-fire winner!” Sometimes the advice comes from a neighbor, or a close friend. Many times it comes from our trusted investment advisor.

Human nature gets us thinking. Do I want to risk losing out on these supposed gains? Without batting a rational eye, we invest. The end result isn’t usually pretty. However, we continue on and repeat this cycle over and over again.

What is wrong with our thinking? The answer is, for many of us, that emotions rule the day. They are so powerful that we often ignore our rational, logical thoughts. The hope for a quick buck or opportunity to “get rich quick” gets those emotional juices flowing. You must realize that it is not the rational side of our brain that is tripping us up, but the emotional side.

Many sound investment plans get ignored due to emotions. If you work at it, you will be able to quiet that emotional side that is prone to ignore your well thought out investing strategy. More importantly, you’ll be able to stick to your plan through both good and bad times.

Casual investors make the same mistakes over and over again because they cannot shake the demons that compel them. It is this type of trader that cannot overcome emotions while investing. They usually lack the ability to treat investing like a business and instead treat it like a game of poker.

The main driving emotion for many investors is the fear of losing money. Making a quick buck is the next one. Don’t forget about the king of all emotions, greed. All of these cloud judgment and prevent you from thinking clearly about how an action affects your portfolio. When this type of thinking is in play, disaster can strike rather quickly.

My emotions were extremely difficult to get under control when investing. I managed to finally tame that beast and let my rational side control my investing decisions. In order to do this, I developed a system that I use to invest with consistent success. I have set parameters to follow that guide me to the right kinds of investments. It is a logical system in black and white. Sure, the emotional beast tries to rear its ugly head from time to time, but I remain diligent and stick to my strategy.

There is no shame in making poor investment decisions over and over. There is good news, you can change things starting now! I made that change and as a result I have been more successful than I ever have been investing in the stock market. I also managed to do this when the stock market was in a sharp decline! I promise you, to be a successful investor all you need is a solid investment strategy and the ability to keep your emotions checked at the door. Take the advise of someone that did that very thing!

Marc Abrams is a CPA with over 15 years experience in financing and investing. Visit Marc’s website to learn more about successful stock market and option trading strategies that can teach you to invest for the future.

Trading Software: How To Select The Best

October 17th, 2016 Comments off

The world of Forex has become very influential today and the major power behind it is to know what kind of software to chose. A good trader today should learn how to work with a Forex. The major question people will ask is why needing this software? The work of trading software is to get maximum amount of data possible from the market within a short time period. What we mean by this is that the trader gets instant data from the market and can remain competitive with this. It is for this reason that the trading software is very necessary.

To get trading software is so easy. All you need to do is either download online or you can use the one that the online Forex brokerage offers. This second option requires you to have a computer and a rapid internet connection for you to create an account with the Forex Brokerage sites. You will be granted access to the site only after you have opened a funded account. You can then use their forex for your trade.

selecting the best trading software is not that difficult. You only have to base the program you selected on 3 criteria. They are namely: reliaptitude, the type of application, and the user’s detailed personal needs. We will examine each one of them so that you will be able to get the best trading software.

The first one we will look into is reliaptitude. You must pay absolute attention to this criteria. It refers to the aptitude of the program to deliver real time data from the market. Does it provide you with instant access to market data? Does the system often get downtime? Is the data accurate? These are the questions you need to ask yourself first before purchasing software. You can always check the forums or message boards about the product. By doing so, you will be able to check out if previous users have any complaints about the product.

The next one on our list is determining which type of program works for you. There are two types of these applications. They can be either web based or server based. Server based applications have data machines that store data from the web and transactions between the traders and the users. The primary concern of server based programs is the delay of the transfer of data. The delay will be based on the physical distance of the main server to the trader’s machine. Internet connection will also play a element in the delay. You will also need a very good machine to act as the server. This will cost a lot of money because you will need to take care of your server, too. Web based programs, on the other hand, are more popular because of the fact that they do not need servers. The content is just in the website of the trader. All the trader needs to do is access it.

The detailed needs of the user are also very important. The user has to judge by him if he has really selected the best software. This can be done by checking the applications provided by the software and determine if it corresponds with what you need. This criterion is so important to consider since it will make you chose the best software.

It is vital not to forget that the Forex market is a dangerous place. This is the reason why you should make sure you grab the best program with the best characteristics. If you want to know which program will best suit you, just try many different programs by creating a dummy account with the Forex Brokerage Company. Most of the Forex Brokerage online give you the possibility to try their software programs for free in order to help you chose the software you need.

There are several sites that deal with forex and the essential thing to do to get good forex software is to try as many as possible. Getting the best forex simply means you want to maximize your chances of earning money in the forex market and reduce the risk of losing money.

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Learn Stock Trading- Three Keys To Your Financial Kingdom

January 1st, 2015 Comments off

Are you one of the many individuals who want to learn Stock trading? Given the inconsistencies of today’s economic times many other people have turned towards managing their own stock portfolios in order to at least feel as if they have a greater influence on their own financial futures. Here are three basic ideas that can help you start moving in the right direction towards learning stock trading and taking control of your own financial future.

Many experts believe that due to current volatility in the stock market it is too risky for many individuals to invest in an individual stock. This means that their recommendations lean towards mutual funds versus purchasing stock in individual companies. If you are just now trying to learn Stock trading it may be necessary that you to start by purchasing mutual funds versus stocks. But ultimately risk is managed in the market based on the amount of time that you can dedicate to having your funds invested.

In order to learn Stock trading you need to know the basics. One basic term that has been used to assess a stock’s value is PE ratio. Whereas we all know that a stock is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it today we also understand that we have to find some way to assess its potential future value. Price to earnings ratios are a method of doing this and while learning Stock trading you should become well acquainted with them.

The next tool to grasp in order to learn Stock trading is a PEG ratio. This is simply where a company’s PE ratio is compared to its growth rate. Typically a company is considered reasonably valued if its PE ratio is equivalent to growth ratio. Which means if the PE ratio is considerably below the growth ratio of a companies’ stock is considered undervalued or the stock is cheap. This is another important aspect you should grasp in order to learn Stock trading.

If you keep the simple things in mind you’ll be well on your way to learning stock trading, so always remember PE ratios, PEG ratios and the longer that you intend to be in the market to more risk it is okay for you to take. While your journey of learning stock trading will have its ups and downs in the end it will be well worth it to take back your financial future.

Learn more about stock trading market. Stop by Henry Taylors’s site where you can find out all about learn stock market trading and what it can do for you.