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When The Out Of The Money Covered Call Writing Strategy Fails Miserably

December 16th, 2017 Comments off

There are many investment training strategy websites and e-books that promise you incredible things. One of the more common stock market trading strategies taught is to sell covered call options on stocks. These websites maintain that you can earn monthly returns up to 10% or more using that very strategy! Sound good? Read on.

Under the right circumstances, impressive monthly returns can be achieved by selling out-of-the-money covered call options. This strategy has been successfully used by me. However, it is not without its disadvantages. The public has not been properly educated by the website and e-book marketers. This strategy is marketed as having low risk and being conservative. They leave you holding the bag when it all goes wrong.

When the stock market is rising in value selling out of the money covered calls works well and not to mention the importance of having call tracking. Additionally, when the stock market is neutral (not going up or down by any meaningful amount), this strategy also works well. Please tell me when the last time was that the stock market remained neutral for any length of time?

We are currently in the midst of an extremely volatile market. We have recently seen swings in the Dow as much as 200 points in either direction on any given day. Hardly a profitable market for an out-of-the-money covered call writer. Once that stock you are holding starts to decline, so do your profits. I can assure you that profits can evaporate very quickly. I have seen stocks fall from $10 per share to $1 per share over night! There is never enough premium on an option sale to cover that kind of decline.

You want the stock to get called, that is the key to out of the money covered call writing. Many so called experts do not want the stock to get called. They say you should keep the stock so you can continue to sell a covered call option on it in future months. This strategy is flawed. What you should do is select stocks that are moving up in value, in a rising market. Those stocks will make you the most money. I am happy when a stock gets called because I ended up making the profit that I expected.

What happens if the stock goes way up in value? The stock simply gets called away if it rises up past the strike price and stays there through expiration. Isn’t that what you wanted in the first place? Because you did not participate in those gains you may feel like you left money on the table. If you feel that way just buy the stock outright and don’t sell covered call options on it. Why not just let the stock get called away, take your profit and move on? Then look for stocks to buy and sell calls on for the next month.

Remember, selling out-of-the-money covered calls can provide an excellent source if income in a rising stock market. However, this strategy is less than ideal in a stock market like the one we find ourselves in today. There are, however, other strategies that will offer significant protection in a volatile or declining stock market.

Marc Abrams Is A Certified Public Accountant With Over 15 Years of Financial And Investing Experience. Visit Marc’s Website at To Learn More About Successful Covered Call Option Writing Strategies In Today’s Stock Market.

You Need To Check Your Emotions At The Door Before You Invest In The Stock Market

December 3rd, 2017 Comments off

We have all been victims of other people’s stock advice. “This stock is a sure-fire winner!” Sometimes the advice comes from a neighbor, or a close friend. Many times it comes from our trusted investment advisor.

Human nature gets us thinking. Do I want to risk losing out on these supposed gains? Without batting a rational eye, we invest. The end result isn’t usually pretty. However, we continue on and repeat this cycle over and over again.

What is wrong with our thinking? The answer is, for many of us, that emotions rule the day. They are so powerful that we often ignore our rational, logical thoughts. The hope for a quick buck or opportunity to “get rich quick” gets those emotional juices flowing. You must realize that it is not the rational side of our brain that is tripping us up, but the emotional side.

Many sound investment plans get ignored due to emotions. If you work at it, you will be able to quiet that emotional side that is prone to ignore your well thought out investing strategy. More importantly, you’ll be able to stick to your plan through both good and bad times.

Casual investors make the same mistakes over and over again because they cannot shake the demons that compel them. It is this type of trader that cannot overcome emotions while investing. They usually lack the ability to treat investing like a business and instead treat it like a game of poker.

The main driving emotion for many investors is the fear of losing money. Making a quick buck is the next one. Don’t forget about the king of all emotions, greed. All of these cloud judgment and prevent you from thinking clearly about how an action affects your portfolio. When this type of thinking is in play, disaster can strike rather quickly.

My emotions were extremely difficult to get under control when investing. I managed to finally tame that beast and let my rational side control my investing decisions. In order to do this, I developed a system that I use to invest with consistent success. I have set parameters to follow that guide me to the right kinds of investments. It is a logical system in black and white. Sure, the emotional beast tries to rear its ugly head from time to time, but I remain diligent and stick to my strategy.

There is no shame in making poor investment decisions over and over. There is good news, you can change things starting now! I made that change and as a result I have been more successful than I ever have been investing in the stock market. I also managed to do this when the stock market was in a sharp decline! I promise you, to be a successful investor all you need is a solid investment strategy and the ability to keep your emotions checked at the door. Take the advise of someone that did that very thing!

Marc Abrams is a CPA with over 15 years experience in financing and investing. Visit Marc’s website to learn more about successful stock market and option trading strategies that can teach you to invest for the future.

Mass Producing in Low Cost Areas

July 25th, 2017 Comments off

For many many years now, companies have been having their products mass-manufactured in Asia, usually in and around Southern China as this is now recognised as the global manufacturing centre of the world.

But why do these big producers insist on having their products made so far away from home? Well, one answer to that question is that because of the exchange rates between our country and most Asian countries, which works out very much in our favour.

That is pretty much the main reason that a lot of companies source their products from Asia. I mean, what more reason does a company need to do something if its going to save them lots of money in the long term? But there are some other advantages, and a few disadvantages.

There are only a few advantages, but I still think that they by far outweigh the disadvantages. The main one I have already talked about, the price. For every single GBP you get 11.2CNY (Chinese Yuan), so your money really does go a lot further.

Another advantage is the close proximity you gain to their local trading environment. If you can get your company recognised in the Chinese trading industry it can only benefit your organisation. Also there is a good chance that you will end up a lot closer to the raw materials you need to make your product, therefore saving on the acquisition of your raw materials as well.

The disadvantages, I would say, are severely disproportionate to the advantages in that they seem relatively insignificant. The main disadvantage is the shipping cost. Actually getting your produced product back to the UK/USA/wherever you are based can be a bit pricey, but compared with the money you will have saved on the actual production, I think this is an insignificance.

As well as that, there’s the time that shipping takes. This is probably more of a disadvantage as this could result in loss of turnover if demand for your product is high enough. Also, the production might be a little sloppy to start with, but if you get a good sourcing company to sort it all out for you, they will ensure that this doesn’t happen.

In summary, it is my personal belief that sourcing form low cost countries such as Southern China is far more advantageous to businesses than domestic sourcing.

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The Apartment Rental Business In Mississauga And Their Relationship With The Mortgages.

March 2nd, 2014 Comments off

Choosing the right mortgage can be a difficult process, here are some points you should consider in order to succeed:

The first step to get into the Real Estate business is capital, and most of us can get them from the bank like a mortgage, this document will explain to you some important facts about the instruments that you need to know.

The amount of money you are going to apply for.

Most of the time when you are able to cover up to 20% of the total amount the bank will consider you an affordable prospect, if you are unable to reach that goal with your own money it is very probable that the banks will not see you as their preferred consumer and you will have to bring to the table additional guarantees and or get higher interest rates.

The Interest Rates for the Mortgage.

There are three different rates: variable, fixed and mixed. With the variable interest when interest rates are at a low level, you will pay a cheaper fee, but when interest rates go up, you will pay more. The fixed rates, although more expensive, gives you the confidence that you will pay the same rate until the end of the loan. The joint interest comprises a fixed interest rate early in the life of the loan (for the first 2 to 5 years) and then passes to a variable interest.

The Mortgage Amortization Period.

The longer the repayment period means that you will have to pay more interest over time, obviously this means that the monthly fee you will pay will be lower as well, on the other hand if you chose a shorter repayment term the interest will be less since the capital return to the original lender in less time and the lower cost of the mortgage decreases; this perspective brings higher quota as more capital has to be amortized in less time.

Products Related to this Service.

Some banks offer other products that can improve the general conditions of your mortgage; these products are credit cards, insurance (multi-risk and life); do not forget to ask for the cost of each one of these products and compare them with other similar opportunities in the market because some times they add extra expenses to the package and the benefits are not easy to see.

The Bank Part: Commissions.

There are banks that charge higher commissions than others, it is important to know that in general the commissions are negotiable. There are different types of commissions: Opening and study, partial redemption, cancellation, subrogation (change of entity) and modification (novation in financial terms). Depending on your profile, you can negotiate these fees until they are at 0%. Except for opening and study commissions, the rest have maximum levels set by law.

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Indicator-Based Forex Strategies.

October 4th, 2012 Comments off

No matter whatForex strategy you make use of, there must have been times when you perform Forex trades and then felt that you had never dealed it. The statement laid here will help you so you can cut down greatly on all of your trades that might in fact cause your zest. You have to keep in mind that a Forex indicator can always help in adding a degree of certainty to that strategy that you make use of for your Forex trading.

But with any indicator it certainly is considered as salty if you try and deal trades on this factor alone. You can always be sure that if you make use of it with all your cautions that are set on the higher targets, then it can always help you to guarantee that all of your dealing is just going in the right direction and that the trades are on high averages. The default setting with these forex indicators on charting deck sets two different exponential moving averages at 12 and 26 days.

This is one point that is marked by a color line (but you have to ensure that the color might just differ based on the variety of charting package you use), which crosses a separate colored (9 EMA) which is also called as the triggering line. So the moment the 26/12 EMA exceeds the 9 EMA triggering line it states an upward momentum and also vice versa.

There are also a number of Forex indicators that have a mid line or even termed as a null line that is often called as a line of water. So, when you are trading with any indicator just above this center line then the indicators represents an upward trend. And in case this is just below the level then a bottom trend is indicated by the indicator. This is the unique strategy that is used by a number of indicators when you are trading in Forex trades.

A number of indicators also show you with a histogram that is in the pattern of vertical lines that might just appear below or above the center line. You have to keep in mind that there are few Forex indicators that are a type of lagging indicator which are programmed to follow the market price action. Looking at the histogram can certainly give you a clear picture of the direction in which you Forex trading is heading at an early stage.

The author is using many strategies and indicators together to enhance the resulting effect. Possibilities of using the MetaTrader indicators to develop free Forex strategies are quite limitless.