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Understanding MACD Divergence

April 15th, 2017 Comments off

Understanding how to interpret a MACD divergence can be very helpful for you in trading. Do you know what does a MACD Divergence means? Just that the current price trend is running out of steam. It soon may reverse direction. However, price reversal may not happen right away. But a MACD Divergence is a powerful hint. The market is changing direction. It is easy to spot MACD crossovers and dramatic rises. Not so a MACD divergence. Spotting a MACD divergence will only come after practice.

For example, if the price is making a series of higher highs and MACD is making a series of lower lows, something is wrong between the two. What you are looking for is when the price action and MACD do not agree.

MACD is seen as a sign that fewer and fewer traders are in the trend. No one is trading against the trend. Yet fewer and fewer traders are in the trend. Most probably the traders are getting nervous and slowly fading out of their trades.

The only traders in the trend are nervous. They are likely to exit their trade at the first sign of trouble. So if MACD is diverging from the bullish trend. As soon as the bears muster up enough guts to short, the bulls will exit and the bears will take over.

There are two powerful keys in locating times when MACD divergence is likely to represent a reversal in price. This is exactly why MACD is so powerful. It takes time to setup but when it works, it often works well.

Suppose the price action is at the double tops or double bottoms. MACD divergence can be powerful. You spot MACD divergence at this point. This is known as Exhaustion Pullback. You are making your trading plan based on the bounce/reversal or breakout of the support and resistance (S&R).

You should trade based on rejection reversal. What does this means? This means that the price action is running out of steam. This indicates that there are not enough committed traders to break the support and resistance (S&R). The price will reverse direction.

MACD is also used as an overbought/ oversold indicator. When you see that it has reached its overbought/ oversold range and the price action is turning normal, this is a signal that you should avoid trading at this time.

Dont think that the currency pair is overbought and everyone is buying. However, when the price reaches its extreme, you will see price exhaust and the MACD line drop back into normal zone. Dont confuse the overbought/ oversold MACD zones as trade opportunities.

It is also important to note that divergence can not only be found on the MACD line and the signal line, it can also be found on the histogram. These two situations along with your other technical indicators can provide excellent trading opportunities.

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Make Money By Trading Forex – Here’s How People Do It

April 12th, 2017 Comments off

It is only recently that the Forex market has opens its doors to the private sector and it has brought a wave of individual investors that have made Forex trading one of the largest growing home based businesses to be registered in the US. For those with the right mindset Forex trading can be a great way to bring in additional income.

The basic principle of Forex trading is that the currencies of each country shift on a regular basis. In other words, they gain or lose value based on variety of different factors such as politics, the rates of bonds and commodity prices.

Consider this example, if the Euro is worth $1.50 when you buy it and you then sell it for $1.52 that means that you make $0.02 per unit on the transaction. This works out to only a small percentage of the overall transaction, but don’t think that this means there’s no money to be made!

While this may not seem like much, but if you are making 1% on each transaction and conduct a number of transactions in a week you can earn a substantial income stream.

Knowing how to play the fluctuations in the currency market and knowing when to buy and sell different currencies is the driving force of the market.

How Traders Know What to Trade

When you look at the currency market, there are a number of different factors, which tie in directly to the value of a currency. Many of these factors deal with supply and demand. For example, the US dollar is tied to the interest rates and the bond rates set out by the Federal Reserve and the treasury. In Canada, it is primarily timber and oil when the demand or value of these things changes the purchasing power of the currency changes as well.

There are unlimited resources to help provide you with the information that you need to make investments on the Forex market. The more you research the better your chances are of maximizaing your gains and avoiding any significant losses.

You will also see some traders zone in on just a few currencies so that they can become “experts” in certain currencies.

Many traders subscribe to research services that can help to provide you with information on the various aspects of the market. However, doing this can also leave you reliant on the judgment of other people.

Most people who trade on the Forex market are going to make use of things called robots. These robots are programs, which are designed to pull market information for the trader and signal that trader when opportunities present themselves as potentially profitable.

For those considering Forex as an income stream it is important to look into these types of programs and the benefits that they can provide to the trader – especially in the initial learning phase.

Just as with any other application there are a number of options to choose from so there are a few things to keep an eye out for when picking the program that is going to work best for you.

The first step is to make sure that there is a demo program or option available to allow you the chance to check out the program out prior to placing an actual cash investment. Usually this should run a week or two weeks in order to get a good view of how the program operates.

Money back guarantee is the second thing to look for. A company that trusts its products will back it.

The best way to choose is to purchase, test and return if it does not work for you.

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For Seek And Scalp Profits Test Forex Trading Robots Yourself

March 18th, 2017 Comments off

Forex trading robots are programmed to seek and scalp small profits during day trading. This done on a long term basis is able to grown some considerable profits. Day trading in forex is not a huge challenge. Millions of traders are doing the same things at the same time of day, and a robot can look at these trends to build income in a relatively risk free manner. What may be a challenge is finding the right robot product.

The trading systems, goals and aims used by different traders are to a degree very predictable. Day trading can be a challenge because of the fact that it is so predictable. However there are factors such as support and resistance levels and volatility in short time frames which come into play. Because of these if a robot does not perform, it could mean losses for the trader.

There are a large variety of day trading robots available for purchase, and day trading can be good in terms of small regular profits. However, these robots come with simulated back tested track records and the only way to know how they really perform is by testing them in real time with real information. Doing this is called a “forward test” rather than a “back test”. If you see what I mean!

Certain factors have to be taken into consideration when applying a forward test to a robot to see if it performs on a brokers margin account in changing market circumstances. It must be able to offer more win trades than losing trades on a consistent basis. It also has to show money management skills on the margin account and protect the equity in the account as well as not allow large draw-downs.

The ideal circumstances for testing a forex trading robot is during the same market conditions. The capital deposit amount also has to be identical. Only in this way will you receive a true comparison of forex robot products. While traders are able to cash in on day trading, others believe this should be left for the long term. However if you are keen to try a robot product, then by all means do so, just be sure to test it yourself through a forward test.

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Determining Where To Invest

March 12th, 2017 Comments off

There are several different sorts of investments out there, and there are several factors, which you should use to determine where you should place your money.

Of course, determining where you will place your money starts with researching the different kinds of investment on the market, determining your risk aversion, and determining your investment style and your financial aims.

If you wanted to buy a new car, for example, you would do quite a bit of research before making a final decision and a purchase. You would not consider purchasing a car that you had not fully looked over and taken for a test drive. Investing works in much the same way.

You will, of course, learn as much about the investment as possible, and you would want to see how past investors have done as well. It’s just common sense!

Does learning about the stock market and investments take lots of time? Yes, but it is definitely time well spent. There are numerous books and websites on the topic, and you can even take degree level courses on the subject, which is what stock brokers do. With access to the Internet, you can actually play the stock market with fake money in order to get a feel for how it works.

You can make pretend investments in a pretend portfolio often called a ‘Wish List’ and see how they perform. Do a search with any search engine for ‘Stock Market Games’ or ‘Stock Market Simulations’, although almost every online stock broker provides these services. It really is a fantastic way to commence learning about investing on the stock market.

Other types of investments outside of the stock market do not always have simulators, so you must learn about those types of investments the hard way – by reading.

As a potential investor, you should read thing you can possibly get your hands on about investing, but make sure you start at the very beginning of investment books and websites, or, you will soon find that you are are hopelessly lost.

Finally, talk with a financial planner. Tell her your aims and ask them for their proposition. This is what they do for a living! A good financial planner can easily help you determine where to invest your funds, and help you set up a plan to reach all your financial goals. Many planner will even show you about investing along the way, so make sure to pay very close attention to what they are saying to you!

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The ABCs of Learning Forex

March 10th, 2017 Comments off

If you want to learn forex the right way, you are going to have a make a decision as to how you want to properly analyze the market. You need to choose between technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

I’m sure you can find a few traders who are equally great in both categories but for the most part, traders usually stick to only one form of analysis as their MO.

However, there are still plenty of forex traders who decide not to choose either of the methods. This sounds completely irrational but most would rather trade from the gut than really study how to trade market properly, so you can enjoy long term success in it.

I know this may sound crazy to you, but there are a ton of traders who don’t have the tiniest grasp of some basic fundamentals, such as news events. To give you an idea, many traders don’t have a clue as to why the Non-Farm Payroll figures or housing foreclosures are so critical. It’s a sad state of affairs.

Many traders arent even sure whether an increase or decrease in interest rates will make the price of their currency rise or fall.

What makes this even worse is the fact that many traders never really learn about the trading the forex market from a technical perspective. To some of these traders, the entire idea of using technical analysis is to put every single indicator on your chart, and somehow hope that your indicators are pointing you in the right direction.

The reality is that indicators don’t provide anything of value to a technical analyst. Can you think of why that is? It’s really simple. It’s because all of them are completely 100% lagging. The truth is that an indicator is really only good for telling you something that has already happened, not what will happen, which is what you need to know.

If you want to truly understand all about technical analysis, then I recommend that you clean your charts of any indicators and begin to study up on price action.

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