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Visit USA Visitor Insurance Policies

May 17th, 2018 Comments off

As the name implies, Visit USA visitor health insurance plans cater to those people who are tourists or visitors the US. This visitor medical insurance policy covers the important medical exigencies or travel risks that may arise during an abroad trip.

Some of the important coverage offered by the policy includes emergency medical evacuation, illness, accidents and emergency assistance that may be required in a foreign land. In addition, dismemberment coverage and accidental death benefits are also included in the visitor insurance policy benefits. The visit usa visitors health insurance also covers any incidental travel that may arise during the stay to Canada or Mexico or US territories for a maximum period of 2 weeks (14 days).

The Visit USA visitor medical insurance policy are eligible for new immigrants, and J1 and J2 exchange visa holders who travel to the US for studies, pleasure or business purposes.

The validity of Visit USA medical insurance plans is typically for a year. The visitor insurance plan offers great benefits at nominal premiums. However, every insured should remember that the Visit USA health insurance plan cannot be renewed after the period expires. In order to continue coverage under this visitor medical insurance plan, the policy either needs to be rewritten or repurchased for the duration during which the insured requires coverage.

Cancellation of the visit usa insurance plan is possible only before the start of the plan and a written request needs to be submitted. A small cancellation fee would be charged. Refunds would not be given after the start of the plan. Plan benefits can be claimed per illness or accident during the validity period.

Direct billing for services is possible via the PPO network. This means that (at the discretion of the hospital) the hospital can send the bills for the medical expenses incurred directly to the visitor insurance provider.

It is always a good idea to go through the terms and conditions and exclusions of any plan you purchase. Pre-existing conditions are not covered under this Visit USA visitors insurance plan. These refer to the injuries, illness or diseases that exist at the time or prior to the start of the plan.

In case the visitors want to avail coverage for any hazardous activities during the trip, they should opt for this benefit as this is optional and excluded normally from the general Visit USA visitor insurance plan. Similarly, applicants can optionally choose basic accidental death benefit as a part of the coverage.

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Tax Free Shopping

May 10th, 2018 Comments off

When visiting Great Britain as a non EU resident you are entitled to reclaim the local sales tax ” usually known as VAT, on all items purchased during your stay in Great Britain.

Therefore countries that are in the EU do not qualify for this. These countries and regions include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, The Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Different companies will refund a different percentage of VAT with the simplest transaction process and you the much valued international shopper choose how your VAT is refunded.

There are three easy steps to making your claim.

Step one: collect your appropriate VAT receipt at point of purchase in the store.

Step two: on departure, present your appropriate receipt including your goods, your passport and shop receipt to Customs for validation.

Step 3: At the airport, collect your refund in your choice of currency from a cash refund office.

You have all of the UK’s biggest brand names and finest stores available to you tax free. As a national of a country outside the EU, you can save a lot of money on all kinds of high value goods.

Shops that offer this tax-free service also benefit in the following ways:

-A completely free tax refund service.

-Larger transactions through your cash registers.

-Increased profit because we return a portion of the VAT to you.

-Free online advertising and sales promotion.

-Easy and instant way to refund more money to your customers.

-Additional customer loyalty, the more money they get back, the more likely they will be to shop with you again.

-No VAT invoice we deal directly with HM Customs.

One of the best tax free shopping services with the best choice of quality stores visit – tax free shopping.

How To Transform Your Bathroom Into A Stylish Spa

February 3rd, 2018 Comments off

Did you know that bathroom designs date far back to the Greek and Roman days who really founded the idea that relaxation can be enjoyed in a big spa-like bathtub filled with mineral salts? They actually enjoyed it with other members of the community in a “communal bath” and believed the mineral salts contained healing properties.

Our bathroom designs today incorporate that same medicinal concept of healing. Gone are the communal baths and in are the private baths where the focus is you relaxing in a large tub filled with jets. The mineral salts are lavender that will soothe and comfort all of your tired, aching muscles.

Peace and tranquility are the key elements if you want to achieve “bathroom bliss” in your bathroom design. This design theme should be carried through from start to finish incorporating everything that can offer us a type of “oasis” sanctuary to escape all the worries and cares we tend to carry on our shoulders.

Of course the ultimate bathroom design will have fragrant candles burning, while the flames dance to soft music playing in the background. Doesn’t this sound wonderful, as you soak in hot, aromatic water mixed with lavender mineral salts?

This is the secret that most health spas use today. They know how to incorporate the maximum benefits of relaxation techniques to relieve our tension and stress we all tend to bring home from the office. In essence they have achieved the ultimate in “bathroom bliss”.

But the same design concept can be easily achieved in our own bathroom designs no matter how large or small they may be.

Start with a design theme that will introduce calmness to the room, like a Japanese or English garden for example. Also your color theme will be just as important. You can choose cool colors like blues and greens or warm colors that include reds, oranges and gold.

You’ve got an array of bathroom fixtures to choose from when it comes to tubs, sinks, faucets, lighting and flooring. Stick to your design theme and it won’t be as hard as you think. The store representatives can help you or consider hiring an Interior Designer. Formal picks can be marble and granite, and casual picks can be travertine or slate.

And last but not least, your accents will be the cherry on the cupcake like plush towels resting on a towel warmer, or perhaps the plush accent rug your feet slip into when you must break away from that most hot and relaxing soak. Oh well, there’s always another chance to relax and unwind the next day.

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Patriot Go Travel-Foreign Travelers Visitor Medical Insurance

September 20th, 2017 Comments off

Travelers traveling to foreign countries require a comprehensive medical insurance package that would assure them of total medical security. The medical insurance policy should ideally offer comprehensive reimbursement of incurred medical expenses in a foreign country. The policy coverage is especially beneficial because securing competent emergency medical attention can be quite an expensive affair overseas.

A discerning traveler who is aware of his need to acquire a comprehensive and efficient insurance cover would approve of The Patriot Go Visitor Insurance. It offers an exhaustive medical insurance coverage to foreign travelers traveling into the United States of America for a definite period. The Visitor Insurance cover reimburses eligible medical expenditure sustained from accidental injuries or sudden ailments while on the trip.

Travelers could subscribe to the Patriot Go Visitor Insurance cover before or even after setting forth on the trip. By purchasing the health insurance for visitor policy for a minimum period of 3 months, the policyholder could renew it for the next 2 years without coverage breaks. The effective support network of the insurance policy saves the policyholder the hassles of arranging for financial resources in a medical exigency.

Patriot Go Travel visitor insurance conditionally defrays medical expenditures like charges for hospitalization and physician?s consultation. It guarantees to defray all eligible expenses incurred on securing medication and hospital services as per the stipulated policy maximum value. It also arranges for emergency local ambulance transport and intensive care units, if prescribed.

Visitor insurance policies reimburse all valid expenditures for primary and secondary medical services in accordance to the designated policy maximum. Its exhaustive coverage list ensures that all medical expenditures incurred on the foreign trip are duly reimbursed.

The Visitor Medical insurance offers a unique benefit period of 6 months even after the tenure of coverage is over. The policyholder is assured of continued defrayment of eligible medical expenses in case of prescribed treatment continued even beyond the coverage period.

Patriot Go Travel America offers to reimburse the expenses incurred during post medical rehabilitation, if deemed necessary by the physician. It also covers the expenditure of emergency medical services like pharmaceutical and insulin administration and life-support apparatus for an eligible condition. The plan also provides coverage for injuries and illnesses incurred as a result of an act of terrorism, limited in amount and by circumstance. Patriot Go Travel America , medical insurance for visitor also defrays a substantial sum to the policyholder/ his family in case of accidental dismemberment/ organ degeneration/ and death.

All these extremely valuable services and advantages offered by Patriot Go justifiably indicate the necessity of a comprehensive insurance cover while traveling overseas.

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Mass Producing in Low Cost Areas

July 25th, 2017 Comments off

For many many years now, companies have been having their products mass-manufactured in Asia, usually in and around Southern China as this is now recognised as the global manufacturing centre of the world.

But why do these big producers insist on having their products made so far away from home? Well, one answer to that question is that because of the exchange rates between our country and most Asian countries, which works out very much in our favour.

That is pretty much the main reason that a lot of companies source their products from Asia. I mean, what more reason does a company need to do something if its going to save them lots of money in the long term? But there are some other advantages, and a few disadvantages.

There are only a few advantages, but I still think that they by far outweigh the disadvantages. The main one I have already talked about, the price. For every single GBP you get 11.2CNY (Chinese Yuan), so your money really does go a lot further.

Another advantage is the close proximity you gain to their local trading environment. If you can get your company recognised in the Chinese trading industry it can only benefit your organisation. Also there is a good chance that you will end up a lot closer to the raw materials you need to make your product, therefore saving on the acquisition of your raw materials as well.

The disadvantages, I would say, are severely disproportionate to the advantages in that they seem relatively insignificant. The main disadvantage is the shipping cost. Actually getting your produced product back to the UK/USA/wherever you are based can be a bit pricey, but compared with the money you will have saved on the actual production, I think this is an insignificance.

As well as that, there’s the time that shipping takes. This is probably more of a disadvantage as this could result in loss of turnover if demand for your product is high enough. Also, the production might be a little sloppy to start with, but if you get a good sourcing company to sort it all out for you, they will ensure that this doesn’t happen.

In summary, it is my personal belief that sourcing form low cost countries such as Southern China is far more advantageous to businesses than domestic sourcing.

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