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Tax Free Shopping

May 10th, 2018 Comments off

When visiting Great Britain as a non EU resident you are entitled to reclaim the local sales tax ” usually known as VAT, on all items purchased during your stay in Great Britain.

Therefore countries that are in the EU do not qualify for this. These countries and regions include: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, The Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Different companies will refund a different percentage of VAT with the simplest transaction process and you the much valued international shopper choose how your VAT is refunded.

There are three easy steps to making your claim.

Step one: collect your appropriate VAT receipt at point of purchase in the store.

Step two: on departure, present your appropriate receipt including your goods, your passport and shop receipt to Customs for validation.

Step 3: At the airport, collect your refund in your choice of currency from a cash refund office.

You have all of the UK’s biggest brand names and finest stores available to you tax free. As a national of a country outside the EU, you can save a lot of money on all kinds of high value goods.

Shops that offer this tax-free service also benefit in the following ways:

-A completely free tax refund service.

-Larger transactions through your cash registers.

-Increased profit because we return a portion of the VAT to you.

-Free online advertising and sales promotion.

-Easy and instant way to refund more money to your customers.

-Additional customer loyalty, the more money they get back, the more likely they will be to shop with you again.

-No VAT invoice we deal directly with HM Customs.

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Issues Surrounding Secondary Glazing And Condensation

May 15th, 2014 Comments off

There are many different types of windows including single glazed and double glazed windows. Many times, people will install single glazed windows in their home but then want the additional benefits that a second layer of glazing can give them. There can be problems with secondary glazing and condensation that you need to be aware of. Here is information about windows in general and what you need to look for if you do decide to add secondary glazing to your wooden windows.

If you wonder why many people prefer double glazed windows in any new installations you may not know that they offer a lot of insulation against both temperature changes and sound. They are particularly useful in a room where there is a lot of glass exposed to the outside air. This can include a glassed in porch or a conservatory. Even a room with a lot of large windows can benefit from double glazed windows.

The structure of double glazed windows is quite simple. They are made up of a framework which contains two panes of glass. These are positioned quite closely to one another. During manufacturing, a layer of gas is sealed in between the two panes and this prevents any moisture from building up since it is an occupied space and there is no room for water vapor.

You can opt to have your windows treated with secondary glazing. They usually involve the addition of a glass insert that fits inside the window. They look like the original window and tend to be very unobtrusive. They can also be applied to a number of different window styles from sliders to tilt style windows. The problem is that when there is a space between the two panes and there is not a glass filler, condensation can become a problem.

Condensation is a natural process that happens when water vapor in the air and in our breath meets a cooler surface. It is not usually a problem if there is a way for the water to evaporate again. However, if it sits on a wooden surface such as a wooden window frame, over time the wood will rot and the window will be destroyed. If this happens in your windows, they can be extremely expensive to replace.

If you want to make sure that your windows are not rotting from the inside out, you will need to make sure that there is a way for the water to escape. Vapor can escape through a gap left in an open window or it can also escape through a ventilation hole if one is provided. This can be an inexpensive option that will allow you to use secondary glazing in an area where it might not otherwise be possible. You should also make sure that the window frame is dry since damp wood can cause moisture to build up.

Your windows are an important part of the structure of your home. They can prevent the loss of heat to the outside and can prevent things that you do not want to get in from getting in to your home. If you do decide to install secondary glazing, make sure that you deal with a reputable installation expert that can get you the right products and can minimize the chances of moisture build up.

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The Awe And Practicality Of The Sash Windows Make Them A Smart Decision

April 6th, 2014 Comments off

The look of a house does come down the the windows. The wrong kind of windows for the wrong kind of house could be bad and might not make the house look as good. People have a lot of choice when it comes to what type of windows they can install when they build a new house. The elegance and popularity of sash windows make it a good choice.

Sash windows refer to many different styles and windows and also to how they open. The sash they refer to is a pane of glass. Sash windows are typically the windows that have two panes of glass together that slide up and down or side to side depending upon how they were designed. These types of windows were very popular in England and have also become popular in any country that has been influenced by the English.

The hung windows have had a very long history. It made its first appearance in a painting that was done in 1658. During the 1670s in England was when this type of window was first used. A Englishman by the name of Robert Hooke first designed this type of window. The Victorian and Edwardian type homes have used these type of windows in England since they have been created.

There are typically two kinds of sash windows, however, there can be more. There is a double hung or a single hung window, but there are some churches in New England that have triple or quadruple hung windows. The double hung is when both panes of glass can be moved up and down or side to side. The single hung window is when only one side can be moved. It is typically the bottom one that can be moved and the upper one stays still.

The windows used to use a pulley system after they were invented. This was set in place to reduce the risk of falling and so the pieces could move separately. Spring and hinges are used more often today than pulleys to keep them up and so they will not fall down randomly. Weatherstripping, balances and springs are used to keep things from coming out of balance.

These windows have many obstacles to overcome that would keep them from working as they should. Termites and wood corrosion will keep the window from proper placement and proper movement. Noises from the wind blowing on them is another thing the window might have a problem with. Broken pieces could make the window very hard to move. There is a surprising amount of maintenance to keep these windows functioning properly.

Despite the problems with these windows there are quite a few benefits, such as good looks and keeping up with the current housing laws. The sash style window has been around for hundreds of years and this must be because it is a popular style of window that is eye catching for continuing generations. It will continue to be a good choice of window for those building houses or replacing windows for years to come.

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The Problem With Secondary Glazing And Condensation (Moisture Build-Up)

April 6th, 2014 Comments off

Secondary – and double-glazing are both tried and true methods of making a building more energy efficient. Both will reduce heating and cooling costs and also lessen carbon-dioxide emissions. Both work well but are certainly not equal in their efficiency or functionality. For one thing, there is an on-going problem with secondary glazing and condensation. This is not such a problem with double-panes.

If you choose to install double-glazed windows you should see savings on your energy bill, reducing it to about one half of its current amount. A high-quality double-paned window is very efficient at its job, which is to reduce heat loss and insulate against outside noise and air pollution. Your home will be cleaner and quieter and, most of all, more comfortable and efficient.

One reason double glazing is so effective is because of the insulating space between the two panes of glass. This may be filled with air, gas (such as argon) or left empty (with a slight vacuum). This space acts as an insulating barrier and must be properly sealed in order to function correctly.

Sometimes ‘Low Emissivity’ (Low-E) glass is used, which significantly increases the window’s efficiency. This Low-E coating, applied to one side of the glass pane, is able to keep the heat in your house by bouncing it back when it’s trying to escape through the window. At the same time, Low-E allows the sun’s solar rays through, making good use of the sun’s warmth. It’s a great technological innovation.

Because an air-tight seal is critical for double-glazed windows to perform properly, condensation (moisture build-up) is a rarity. Secondary glazing, however, does have problems in this area, due to its configuration. These are windows applied from the home’s interior, right over the existing windows (usually single-glazed units). This method is not nearly as efficient as replacement with double-glazed models but may still be the best (or only) option in some cases.

For one thing, secondary glazing can be used even in Conservation areas and may be installed without planning consent. If your home is listed this may be your only viable option. In that case a few things should be considered.

Secondary glazing and condensation problems associated with this method of upgrading your windows is something to consider. They will also cut your energy bill and reduce your emissions but only about half as much as the double-glazed units. Half, of course, is better than none and, in some cases may be the only alternative. Consider the options.

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Tax Refunds For UK Shopping

April 21st, 2012 Comments off

If you are a citizen of a country that is not in the European Union and you are visiting the UK, then there will shops available for you to make purchases in, and then claim the tax back on those purchases. This service is offered by many shops all over the city.

The VAT in the UK is around 15% and in order to claim it back after the purchase, you must spend at least the minimum amount which may vary from store to store, but it usually around 30. The next thing to do is to get your tax refund cheque stamped by Customs on your way out of the country.

Coming to the UK to shop have never been more opportunistic because you can now claim the tax back on all of your purchases. This luxury is available to people who are from outside the UK who are in the UK as tourists and is one of the few benefits that you can enjoy that the residents don’t get to. If you plan to bring your purchases home with you then you can ask the staff in the tax free store for a refund cheque while you are paying for your purchases.

When you show your purchases, the receipts and passports in the Customs department at the time of departure, you can get your refund cheque stamped. There are numerous refund offices across the globe who can very swiftly arrange for a refund straight to your credit card or in certain cases, they may give you cash. However, there might be slight variations depending on the locations, so one is advised to go through the details clearly and get the entire benefit of shopping tax free.

There are shops all over the country that take part in this scheme and you can tell which ones they are because they will have a “tax free” logo on display outside them.

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