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International Health Insurance for Missionaries

July 22nd, 2018 Comments off

Various international health insurance plans have been designed for missionaries who travel outside their home country for work. Since comprehensive health coverage benefits are not provided by most of the health insurance plans which offer domestic coverage in their home country, the missionaries need to necessarily purchase an international health insurance plan while they travel abroad.

These international travel health insurance plans which are designed for missionaries provide coverage worldwide for both non US and US citizens who travel outside their native country. The policies can be purchases for a minimum duration of 10 days or a maximum period of 2 years during initial purchase. For longer periods, long term international missionary health insurance plans have been designed.

Many of the long term international missionary insurance policies place restrictions on the duration of stay in the US. However, certain specific missionary insurance plans do not place restrictions for these missionaries and their families.

International health insurance for missionaries offers a wide range of medical coverage benefits which includes doctor office visits, intensive medical care, local transport in the ambulance to the nearest medical set-up during emergencies, treatment of dental injuries which occur during the accident, emergency illness treatment with or without hospitalization, emergency evacuation, repatriation and reunion, accidental death benefits and return of mortal remains back to the homeland.

In case the missionaries purchase long term international missionary medical insurance plans, they might be eligible for coverage of pre-existing conditions, maternity and wellness after a specific pre-determined waiting period. Optional coverage for leisure sports, adventurous or hazardous activities are also available.

The effective date of the short term international missionary health insurance plans begins on the day the completed application form is received by the insurance provider along with the requested initial payment and the day the missionary departs from the native country. However, if a specific date is mentioned in the enrollment form, the effective date starts as mentioned in the application. Missionaries seeking for long term health insurance coverage should also submit a lengthy questionnaire along with the application form. Coverage period begins once the application is approved.

The international insurance policy remains valid until the date requested at the time of application or the expiry of the insurance policy or upon the return of the missionary back to the country of citizenship, whichever event occurs earlier.

Short term missionary health insurance plans can be renewed on a daily increment basis or a monthly basis and the request can be submitted as an application form or completed online. However, if the renewal period is less than one month, you have to submit the request online only and you would be charged a nominal processing fee. Annual plans can be renewed for as long as the insured continues to remain eligible for the plan.

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Travel Medical Insurance – Patriot Trip

May 19th, 2018 Comments off

Patriot Trip – Travel insurance comes into use if the pre-planned trip gets canceled in the middle due to unforeseen circumstances. This popular trip cancellation insurance plan covers a wide range of benefits like expenses incurred for advance booking of travel and other reservations during the trip, emergency reunion, personal baggage loss, repatriation of mortal remains, travel delays, emergency evacuation and medical expenses incurred including any requirement for dental surgeries due to an accident during the trip.

The patriot trip insurance coverage benefit helps you recover non-refundable payments and deposits or any un-utilized payments during the planned travel.

To be eligible for this travel health insurance policy which includes trip cancellation coverage benefits, the minimum cost incurred by the traveler for the trip should be $500, the destination should be at least 120 miles away from the point of start and the duration of travel should not exceed 30 consecutive days.

The trip cancellation benefits become effective from the midnight of receiving payment and the completed application form. Other coverage benefits of this travel medical insurance policy become valid right from the departure date of the insured.

The Patriot Trip – Travel insurance would end upon the date of return of the insured from the trip, or the planned return date in case of no interruption or cancellation, or end of coverage period as indicated in the policy or cancellation of the planned trip that is covered (whichever is earliest).

The Patriot Trip – Travel medical insurance plan offers full refund of charges if the travel insurance policy certificate is returned within 10 days of receipt and the insured has not departed for travel within these 10 days and no claims have been made so far under the purchased insurance plan.

The premiums rates of this travel insurance plan varies between every individual and the calculation is based on certain factors like total cost of trip, age of the individual and the other travelers accompanying the insured during the trip.

The pre-existing medical conditions are waived off for travelers who are less than 70 years old and have purchased this travel medical insurance plan within 14 days of paying the initial deposit to the travel agent. In addition, the insured individuals should be declared medically fit to travel on the date of applying for the Patriot Trip – Travel medical insurance plan.

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Travel Medical Insurance – Atlas International Policy

April 27th, 2018 Comments off

Falling sick while traveling to another country is a real concern for many travelers. To allay those fears, Atlas Travel Health Insurance offers short-term plans that are especially beneficial for those on holidays, business trips, and student exchange or similar programs.

With the Atlas international travel insurance plan, the plan holder receives medical benefits for inpatient and outpatient treatment. The plan includes ambulance charges and hospital coverage up to $100 per night at the hospital, and physical therapy. Coverage includes emergency dental treatment, and the cost of evacuation for emergency medical treatment. The hazardous sports coverage covers the cost of medical treatment if the insured gets injured when performing adventurous sports such as mountaineering.

Seniors often struggle with the terms of travel insurance because it excludes diseases previously detected. With the Atlas international travel insurance plan, those under 70 can still get such conditions covered in case of their acute recurrence. Also, if hospitalization results in an unattended child under 18, the plan covers the minor’s return home.

In keeping with the times, the plan also offers coverage for injuries resulting from acts of terrorism and natural disasters, and costs related to political evacuation. If an international trip is interrupted due to a catastrophic event that damages the home of the insured, the Atlas International insurance plan will cover his/her trip back home. In the unfortunate event of the death of the insured, the plan covers the cost of sending the remains home.

The plan not just covers travel, but also temporary trips home during the plan period, for up to a maximum of 15 days in 3 months. The Atlas insurance plan eases the transition on return by offering medical coverage for 30 days in the home country.

The travel health insurance plan also offers non-medical benefits such as lost baggage tracking and help with finding doctors and lawyers in case of need. The plan covers treatment (after the deductible) by U.S. doctors and hospitals that are part of the PPO network.

Applicants to the Atlas international travel insurance plan must be at least 14 days old. Plans can be for a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of 12 months, with options for extension. An Web-based client zone helps plan holders work with and perform tasks associated with the plan. Round-the-clock, round-the-world customer service is available through toll-free phone numbers.

Benefits of the Atlas international travel insurance plan range from $50,000 to 1,000,000. The premium varies with the age of the insured, maximum medical coverage and deductible. The addition of the sports rider will increase the premium.

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Visitor Insurance Policies For Older Travelers

September 15th, 2017 Comments off

Traveling is advantageous to every person with a spirit of discovery, irrespective of age and social standing. However, a senior traveler needs to ensure that his travel is not interrupted by unforeseen medical emergencies and crises. What every senior traveler needs is travel health insurance for senior travelers.

The numbers of senior travelers are increasing at a steady rate globally. Keeping that trend in mind, the Travel Health Insurance companies are designing policies that exclusively target this section. The policies are formulated with respect to the age, health and medical history of the travelers. The insurance policies ensure prompt medical attention and comprehensive medical coverage for senior travelers.

In foreign countries, senior travelers often experience discomfort due to changes in diet and weather. Travels in less-developed countries might also expose the travelers to contamination, food poisoning and diseases. Travel health insurance coverage ensures that they get prompt medical attention and medication.

There are numerous extremely vital advantages to the Travel Medical insurance for senior policies. It promptly secures doctoral services and necessary medication even in areas where these are difficult to locate. The insurance cover saves the traveler unnecessary hassles of carrying extra cash and medical supplies for medical contingencies.

Getting medical attention in some countries can be an extremely costly affair without the benefits of the insurance coverage. Fortunately, the travel medical insurance, defrays necessary medical expenditures like hospital charges, medical evacuation and transportation. It also covers ancillary expenditures like diagnostic charges and physician?s consultation fees.

Insurance companies designate a maximum age restriction for policy applicants. Some policies for senior travelers, however, offer coverage up to 99 years. The maximum value of coverage for travelers over 70 years of age is $100,000. This value becomes halved, i.e. $ 50,000 for seniors who are over 80 years old. Some of the major insurance policies for senior travelers are offered by Inbound USA, Diplomat America and International Major Medical.

Insurance policies for senior travelers also offer covers possible medical expenses necessitated by automobile accidents and unforeseen injuries. The policies also facilitate prompt evacuation and reallocation of medical resources, if deemed necessary by the physician. The accrued hospitalization, nursing and physician consultation charges are also covered by the policy.

Traveler?s insurance policies that are accepted and acknowledged worldwide are extremely important to travelers. Most insurance companies accept online applications and payments. The payments are channeled through secure protected networks. With its amazing worldwide coverage value, the travelers insurance is truly the senior traveler?s best friend.

Short Term Medical Insurance Policies For the Unemployed

May 30th, 2012 Comments off

When you lose your job, you often also lose affordable healthcare as well. Taking advantage of the COBRA plan that your company offers is usually very expensive. Instead, many unemployed individuals decide to purchase a short term health insurance plan that is typically cheaper.

It’s risky to be uninsured while you are unemployed. If you are sick or injured in an accident, any costs for medical treatment would have to be paid of pocket directly, which can lead to substantial debt that you can’t repay while unemployed.

Purchasing a short term insurance plan instead of utilizing the COBRA option is an affordable alternative. While a short term plan may offer less coverage than a COBRA plan, it does offer coverage for care received in emergency situations, including hospital stays.

Short term insurance includes plans that offer temporary coverage for those who don’t currently have medical insurance. In the event that you are laid off or fired, you can easily sign up for a short term plan with coverage becoming effective immediately. Due to the nature of these plans, those who want to enroll usually don’t have to wait for a lengthy approval process as with traditional insurance plans.

When you are unemployed, every dollar makes a difference. By selecting a short term insurance plan instead of paying high monthly COBRA premiums, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of in the event of an unexpected illness or emergency. Having this peace of mind during an uncertain time is an important benefit of being insured.

After you lose your job and have filed for unemployment benefits, take the time to research the short term health insurance options available for you. Be sure to compare costs and coverage for several plans, in order to find the best one for your situation.

You can find the most value for your money by purchasing a plan from a reputable short term insurance company. To find out what short term plans offer, research the companies and their offerings online. Ask any questions that you may have prior to purchasing a plan to make sure that you are getting the coverage that you need.

It?s stressful enough to lose your job, let alone having to consider how you’ll pay for unexpected medical situations. You can save time and money and spend more time looking for a new job when you are prepared with a short term health insurance plan.

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