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Discover The Virgin Money Credit Card

June 21st, 2018 Comments off

Australia has seen a lot of change especially in the credit card industry in the past few years. Long before the overseas companies began investing in this young industry, the major banks of Australia had the monopoly in credit card issuance. They charged high annual fees and interest rates such that owning a credit card was more of a luxury than a necessity.

When the big players finally came and raised the competition, these banks had to lower rates and there was a huge race to find out who would take the market by storm. These overseas companies like AMEX came with the policies of competitive rates I the US and UK thus sparking a revolution of sorts as more credit card issuers came up.

One such emergent credit card is the Virgin Money credit card that was launched by Sir Richard Branson, who owns the Virgin Group, in several countries. The card is no longer being issued due to the merger with Westpac, though the card holders will not be affected by the change. The card offers a 0% per annum interest rate for the first six months from account opening on all balance transfers to a new virgin card. This is one of the cards wonderful offers. However, the most outstanding part is that Virgin Money Credit Card holders do not get to pay any annual fee whatsoever. The cards interest rate is a fair ongoing rate of just 14.24% per annum on all purchases.

Another interesting offer is that the credit card holder is entitled to 55 interest free days on all purchases as long as he or she pays off the card in full every month and on time. This is also inclusive of balance transfers. The card holders also get to enjoy 24 hours access to the credit card issuer in case of any queries or arising problems. The card also runs a rewards program called Mates Rates instant awards where there are no fees or any periods of waiting and all the card holder does is to make deals with card issuer on things hey want in exchange for points redemption.

The Low Interest Virgin card can be used in 32 million locations worldwide and 430,000 others in Australia alone. To make payment with the card, you can transfer funds from your account directly to the credit card regardless of the bank. This is definitely an interesting card.

We all try to find the best option for debt solution, and to achieve this may be you will need a no fee credit cards and low rate credit cards .

6 Citibank Credit Cards with Annual Fee from $65

May 2nd, 2018 Comments off

It is interesting how credit cards have changed how the world does business. A few years ago, the world was fixated in trade using hard cash which was quite and still is common place in many countries. This form of trading has some serious disadvantages such as the fact that having money in your pocket all the time is a threat to a persons security. Moreover, carrying cash is tiresome and it encourages recklessness.

Credit cards come in timely to regulate these disadvantages and promote easier ways of shopping. Though it may have its own disadvantages, this system has great benefits such as easy access to credit without undergoing lengthy processes and also enabling you to keep track of you expenses.

Citibank has chipped in to present great cards into the market at competitive rates and interesting packages. Their cards have attractive interests and low annual fees. In fact they have cards with annual fees from $65. One of these cards is the Clear credit card that is quite cheap since it offers a very competitive interest rate of 12.49%. This rate is actually the cheapest among all Citibank cards. It comes at an annual fee of $65 and falls in the standard level credit card.

The Silver credit card is another interesting standard level card from Citibank. It has an interest rate of 19.99% which is rather high compared to the rates being offered by other players in the market. It however comes with a substantially low annual fee of $69. The Clear Platinum credit card is one of the most prestigious cards offered by the bank. It falls in the Platinum level and comes at a very interesting low interest rate of 10.99% which is one of the most competitive for a Platinum card. It also comes at a neat rate of just $85 per annum.

The Gold credit card is a gold level credit card that comes at an interest rate of 19.99%. the card also has an annual fee of $119 making it one of the least affordable cards from the bank. The Emirates Citi Platinum is another Platinum card that the bank offers at a rate of 19.99% and an annual fee of $199. Compared to the other Platinum cards from the bank, this card is only second to the Platinum Credit Card in being expensive. The later comes at an interest rate of 19.99% and an annual fee of $250.00

Are you in a business? then a business credit card can actually help you a lot. Find today more info about low rate credit cards and no fee credit card deals for your business.

6 Westpac Credit Cards With Annual Fee From $75

February 15th, 2018 Comments off

In the world today, there have been numerous changes that have occurred in the field of trade. These changes have mostly occurred in this part of the 21st century and have included the change from cash money to plastic money. The use of plastic money comes with many benefits and though it ma also have its shortcomings, the world is better of with improved access to credit and easier ways to do shopping.

Credit cards are thus a major break in the world of business. Nowadays, business executives are using the credit cards to control their employees spending and to keep track of the movement of money in the accounting system, making auditing easier and reducing fraud.

Westpac has produced its own varied types of credit cards to fit the tastes and preferences of the market. They have shaped their products in such a manner that no credit card is like the other and thus giving them an edge in terms of providing credit card shoppers with a wide variety to choose from.

Their cards come with attractive interest rates and affordable annual fees. Their cards have annual fees from $75 and include the Earth credit card which is a standard level card that has an interest rate of 17.74% and an annual fee of $75. This card is one of the most competitive of the Westpac cards.

Another card is the Altitude credit card that is also a standard level card that comes at a rate of 17.74% and an annual rate of $100. This card is followed by the Earth Gold credit card that is actually a Gold level card and thus more prestigious. It comes at a rate of 17.74% like the two others but carries an annual fee of $125. The Altitude Gold credit card is a gold level upgrade of the Altitude credit card and it has the same interest rate of 17.74% and an annual fee of $150. The Earth platinum credit card is the most prestigious card that Westpac offers and it is only similar to the Altitude Platinum credit card. Both these cards come at the same rate of 17.74% and have annual fees of $250 and $295 respectively.

It is notable from the six cards that Westpac offers the same medium rate for all its cards. This is good since customers do not have to focus on reduced rates when making a selection of cards but will consider the individual aspects of each card which are varied.

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HSBC Credit Card And Balance Transfer

January 26th, 2018 Comments off

Many consumers consider so many things while shopping for a credit card. This may be a low interest rate or one that has reward programs like cash backs and rebates.

However, there are other features that the credit card shopper looks out for while shopping for a card. One such thing is what is known as a balance transfer credit card. These are cards that are designed to consolidate the credit card holder’s credit card debt onto just one single card. This enables the holder to save money on interest charges. A common feature with such cards nowadays is that they now charge a low introductory APR rate of interest on balance transfers on credit cards.

One of these cards is the HSBC Platinum MasterCard with Cash Back rewards. This card guarantees the holder unlimited shopping restrictions and great cash back offers. These rewards include a full 1% cash back on every card purchase that the holder makes with the card regardless of place or amount. However, the most outstanding aspect of this card is the fact that it allows for balance transfers at an outstanding rate of 0% for the first one year. This is a very exceptional offer since the card holder does not worry about any other expenses in the first year except the monthly billings.

The card also has a special introductory rate of 0% APR on all card purchases for up to 12 months and an APR as low as +3.99% on the total purchases. Another great aspect of the card is the fact that the client gets Platinum benefits in the form of purchase protection, extended warranties on your card and rental car insurance on you automobiles.

Other attractive features of the card include a 100% fraud liability protection which protects you in case of a fraud. This applies automatically from the moment it is reported. MasterCard Platinum benefits also include Purchase Assurance coverage which protects you from any kind of theft or damages on the new purchases you make, extended warranty insurance which doubles the manufacturers warranty on all the new purchases, MasterCard Global Services which gives you 24 -hour assistance on all stolen or lost card needs and finally, the card has acceptance at millions of specified locations worldwide including all online purchases and reservations. You also get discounts from your MasterCard at many of the favourite merchants anytime you enrol for the service at This is surely a card you can count on during these hard economic times.

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Opening A Saving Account In Australia

December 22nd, 2017 Comments off

Savings account in Australia 1) It is quite an essential step to get a saving account started to pool out a number of benefits when one is going through a bad time. Though making a saving today is a difficult task to do when all the earnings are spent on the daily requirements but the smallest of amount saved can be of great help for future.

2) There are a number of reasons of opening a saving account. The Australian banks provide their customers with best deals of opening a saving account. These banks are well managed and provide the customers with good services.

3) Many of the Australian banks let the customer start up saving account free of cost .They permit them to deposit any amount and there is no rule of depositing a required minimum sum.

Credit cards and ATM cards 1) These banks handle all the accounts nicely and pay a good interest on the amount deposited from 3.5 to 5%. They are a good option where one can get their saving deposited securely. Nowadays online saving account can be opened and also the customers are able to have an access to their account details on the internet.

2) They are presented the information regarding the depositions; withdrawals and the interest paid in one go at simple click of the mouse. The Australian government provides full guarantee of the money deposited in the Australian banks. One is free from the burden of paying money for the depositions and withdrawals from these accounts and can save their money for a longer period of time.

3) One can make withdrawals with the ATM cards without being charged for it. It is quite essential for the customers to search for the best options available in the market in order to get the maximum benefits.

4) The Australian banks are very careful about the withdrawals made by the account holder that saves him from any unnecessary use of the money. It is quite essential for account holders to make the depositions timely to prevent any fine charge or bad credit rating. How to get the cards? One has to fulfill all the required formalities to get the account started and work fully in accordance with the terms and conditions that are prescribed by the banks. It is essential for the person willing to open an account to give the bank all necessary details regarding their other savings, loans, investments and other details of the assets he/she possesses. One should have good credit ratings that would be beneficial to open the account without any problem.

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