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Web Filter Software’s: Best Solution to Prevent Illegal Content

November 17th, 2018 Comments off

Internet has become a necessity in everyone’s life. It is filled with almost everything like: fun things to watch, educational web sites, news and much more. It is the best medium and a time saver in learning, playing games or keeping in touch with family and friends. Having so many benefits doesn’t mean there is no downside of internet. One should always be aware of risks and dangers of internet. For avoiding the misuse of internet there are web filter software at your rescue.

  • Web filter software is basically used in monitoring us of either an individual computer or a group of computers and integrates with them to prevent porn sites or any illegal content. By having this kind of software on your computer you are offering multiple layers of protection and peace of mind.
  • Internet filter software is even used by parents to ensure that their children do not use any inappropriate content on internet like porn sites any other harmful sites.
  • It has been seen that many organizations also use such internet filter software in order to track activities of their employees and preventing their loss of productivity in watching any illegal content or wasting time in playing games or chatting online.

Features of web filter software:

  • It facilitates the controller to block the discarded websites over the web.
  • It is entirely customizable and controlled by the person who has access over its password.
  • It supplies complete significant information about the web server.
  • It as well blocks illegal searches over the search engines and acts as a porn blocker.
  • Software monitoring software allows blocking P2P programs and observes them which are frequently used for downloading not appropriate content from the web.
  • Choice to block YouTube videos that are inappropriate.
  • It allows supporting multiple users at a time.

Benefits of Internet filter software:

  • Easy and hassle-free process to monitor the activity.
  • Get the reports of host activity.
  • It is internet watch software that would work on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Most of the software monitoring software or porn blocker provides technical support free of cost.
  • We can receive weekly reports; send text alerts and instant email alerts.

Ultimately by using an internet filter you can keep a check on your employees or children that they are accessing only particular sites and ensuring their safety. With the multifunction web filter software you can say goodbye to illegal content forever. By installing one at your home or office you will definitely see the result in increasing productivity and efficiency.
For creating a safer and protective environment at your home, office, school etc. you must have web filter software downloaded on your computers!!!

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Why You Need Internet Filter Software?

August 9th, 2018 Comments off

The Internet is one of the best-known inventions of all time. As our companies, families and especially children and young people still tied to it, the more it becomes important for us to take an active role in protecting your loved ones from Internet pornography and other dangers. While nothing can take the place of the parents aware that they are actively involved in their children’s online activities, Internet filter software adds a strong, an additional defense, giving parents increased control measures, and peace of mind.
The best of the filtering software for Internet explosion of social networking sites into account. Sites can be avoided altogether, or to put the majority of users can monitor the sites inappropriate links, which can be ill-intentioned individuals. Some may also send e-mail or SMS alerts to mobile phones in real time, if a potentially dangerous drug interactions. Some may also prevent the display of video content inappropriate.
Internet Filter Software: What to Look For
I don’t claim that any package of parental control software can never replace the close interaction and participation of a dedicated parent concerned. If you read this article, but it is likely that you are looking for help in creating a safe online environment for your loved ones. Below is a brief summary of the criteria we used in the selection of the best parental control software.
Feature Set:
Internet filter software gives you the ability to manage the content displayed, block objectionable Web sites and set password to allow access to sites in each case. Powerful features such as e-mail filtering, popup blocking and chat follow-up are the tools of today’s Web Filter software, each of which is designed to prevent and combat tactics of aggressive online porn Peddlers and other predators.
The best parental control software is highly customizable. Although they offer a wealth of standard settings, often, parents must also be able to add or remove restrictions they deem appropriate. We are particularly satisfied with the programs that offer more opportunities to provide real-time alerts to dangerous situations and programs that keep pace with the rapidly changing roles of social media sites.
Ease of Use:
We must face the fact that despite our best efforts to keep track of what our children do online, we all often conflicting demands of our time. An additional reality is that many children are much more comfortable using computers than their parents. This means that to be an Internet filtering software tools must be easy to use, intuitive and does not require much maintenance time.
Ease of Installation:
Related to ease of use, ease of installation includes the initial setup of parental control software. Some can be installed on more than one computer, one more in today’s world where children can have access to various machines at home. Most of the programs in these magazines can be monitored and controlled from any computer with Internet access and remote control capabilities should be as easy as the main program.
Filtering Effectiveness:
No matter what they say about parental control software, which should be effective in blocking content that is unacceptable to users, while allowing them to access content that is appropriate. Internet filter software provides the most useful about what each family member has been done on the computer, including web sites visited, chat room activity, IM conversations and more.
Top Internet filtering software may prevent the use of proxy servers, which could be used to rotate the monitor. Good parental control software can also block objectionable sites, regardless of what language they are written.
With the Internet software filter and proper guidance, parents can keep their families safe from becoming sellers of pornography more inventive and persistent, and other online predators. These efforts can help the Internet to reach its full potential as the greatest means of communication ever, while avoiding some of the greatest dangers

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