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“Web security = Greater productivity”

November 18th, 2018 Comments off

Internet has become a necessity and an inseparable part in all the organizations. To every employee one desktop with internet facility is been provided because these days each and every work is done with the help of computers or more precisely with the help of internet. Workers surf web all the time and till the constraints are imposed on them they will do whatever they wish too. This problem than arises the issue of loss of productivity by employees during working hours. If they keep on accessing internet for their personal use than they can even bring many types threats into the company and the entire network. All these issues can easily be rescued with the help of web security. All you need to do is install internet filter software to your group of computers to prevent the misuse of internet.
Here are some things that a Good internet blocking software can do:
1. Good internet blocking software can block newly added porn that gets added every day.
2. It can stop illegal file sharing with p2p programs like Livewire.
3. It can stop chat rooms and protect your child from pedophiles.
4. It is compatible with every web browsers while free internet blocking software can only be used with Internet Explorer.
5. It can be locked and unlocked with password control.
An effective internet blocking software will help you to filter out many undesired traffic on to your network. This way you are going to help in minimizing the risk of internet threats getting in to your network and increasing productivity of the employees
Internet blocking software will help you in blocking all those websites which are frequently used by the employee’s during work hours like Facebook, Twitter etc. any illegal content sites or online games sites can also be prohibited totally. On the whole all the websites which the employer thinks can divert employees attention from their work can be barred out.
The biggest advantage of internet filter software is that the employer can monitor each and every employees work at any point of time even when not in the office or out on a vacation. This way you can keep a track of your employee’s performance and take actions for those who are at fault.
Web security is of utmost importance when you want your organization to excel in its field and increase employees efficiency and productivity.

Author says that Internet filter software is the best solution to curb the epidemic of internet addiction which is common in employees. So provide web security to your networks and block all illegal websites using internet blocking software. If you are searching for any internet filter software you can visit and get your free trail copy.

Necessity of Internet Filtering Software

August 10th, 2018 Comments off

We all enjoy the benefits of the internet. In fact it has become an indispensable tool for work education etc. Time spent on internet might be very productive for some people but for some people it, can interfere in their daily life or relationships. In the present scenario students are majorly getting exposed to the wrong use of internet. This problematic use of internet has been mounting from last few years. The students have been found playing games online or exposed to sex- related material on the internet.
We discussed this with few institutes and this is what the feedback was:
The students are exposed to Internet at the school however we have noticed that the content accessed by them is sometimes not relevant to their studies; playing online games, visiting adult websites is common. This is a disadvantage of providing internet which we are not able to control.

  1. Maria Fernandez, Don Bosco School

We have regular intervals for student to access internet, however a lot of times malware gets downloaded, adult content gets loaded. We understand that all this may not be intentional but internet filtering needs to be done prior to content display to students.< /br>

  1. Joseph Faiclough, Creative Heights

From this arises the need of web security through internet filter software’s. Parents would want to block certain websites for keeping their children away from the inappropriate usage of the internet. Also these days all the institutes allow internet access to their students in the hope that they will get productive results out of it. But as we know with the benefits comes few disadvantages too. Students are caught playing games or chatting online with their friends instead of referring only to study material. These days many internet filter software are available in the market and provide great flexibility to the institutes. A web filtering software will help the institutes in allowing only relevant data to be accessed to the students. Hence it will benefit you in allowing internet access to the students and at the same time restricting unwanted activities by the students. For children there’s less opportunity for them to get access to an objectionable website as defined by the filters.
Below are few features of good internet filtering software:

  1. To allow to visit only the specified websites from the white list
  2. To view the logs of all the activities done on the internet
  3. Force safe search on all major search engines
  4. Block social networking, online games and other inappropriate content as per schedule or all the time
  5. To specify the allowed tie for internet access
  6. Restricting any harmful or malware links to open
  7. Block chatting, messengers from access

So if you want to stop the students from accessing to any of the inappropriate content on the internet then internet blocking softwarecould be the answer that you are looking for. It not only helps in tracking the students activity done by them on internet but it also gives you the assurance that students will not be exposed to any unbeneficial content on the internet. This shall help the students to improve their productivity and excel in their respective fields.

Author says that today internet has became the basic need of everyone, especially students are just addicted of internet, so make them secure from wrong use of internet you should use internet filter software which can be used for blocking websites or programs like a internet blocking software I found i.e. IM Lock which can be downloaded or purchased from