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How To Improve Your Home For Little Money

May 23rd, 2018 Comments off

Home improvement can be costly. If you are not careful in your home improvement projects, you can actually take away from the value of your home rather than add to it. If you do improvements that prospective buyers see as something they will have to undo, then you lower the value of your home.

If you plan to live in your home for many years, then the ability to recoup your costs does not really matter. If, however, you plan to live in your home for just a short while and then you will need to budget carefully the plan that you have for your home.

One thing that you can do to improve your home on a budget is to paint. If you are able to do this project on your own, you can make a real difference in the appearance of your home and can save a large amount of money. Paint in itself is relatively inexpensive. The project may require that you do some scraping of loose paint and priming to prepare the surface for painting. Be sure to invest in drop cloths and to wipe up any spills immediately.

When choosing paint colors, be sure to keep them in light colors. The prospective buyer of your home not going to be willing to pay as much for the house if every room is Harley Orange. While it may have been your favorite color, all he will see is three to four coats of paint in every room in order to cover up what he sees as a horrid color.

For a flooring improvements, choose neutral colors that will not have to be upgraded by the next homeowner. Choose flooring that is long wearing and this upgrade becomes a great asset to your home. Many of the new laminates will do this job very nicely.

Although the following improvements may have little effect on the resale value of your home, they can add greatly to your comfort and enjoyment of the home.

First, upgrade the insulation to the minimum requirement. While this improvement is not visible, it will do much to add to the comfort of your home. The savings in heating and cooling bills will help you to quickly recover the cost of your investment and may even be enough that you can afford other improvements in time.

A second upgrade that may cost a bit more is to replace older windows with new ones. Older windows allow cold air to enter your home during the winter. They add to the draftiness of many older homes. Replacing those windows with newer vinyl double pane windows can once again save money in heating and cooling.

A home is a large investment. Carefully choosing the improvements you make will help your home to retain its value.

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Decorating Ideas With Your Personal Style In Mind

August 27th, 2017 Comments off

Does your living room or bedroom lack style and comfort? Are you ready to create a space that is both stylish and comfortable for your friends and family? Something you are proud to show and not be embarrassed?

A room that reflects your personality and shouts to the world, this is what your personal style is all about. It is a reflection of you and who you are.

Your personal style is collected through your life’s experiences, travel. Education, shopping sprees and more, and add memorabilia that can be proudly displayed in every room in the house.

You have collectables that can be displayed throughout your home that reflects your personal tastes and style. Perhaps it was the vases you purchased from Italy, or the accent rug from China.

All these collectables, whether from a special vacation of a lifetime or a simple, quick stop at your favorite home store, is exactly what your personal style is all about. All these items you purchased were exactly what you liked, made you smile, made you feel good.

Now if you are in doubt about what your personal style is, take a stroll to a few furniture stores in your area. They will display designer showcase or “vignettes” that will give you tons of decorating ideas for your home, from furniture to lamps and everything in between.

You will see living room vignettes, bedroom, kitchen and dining rooms. These vignettes will help you to formulate what you like and don’t like. You’ll see a variety of color, texture and accents that will aid you in your decision making process.

If you plan to purchase on one of these shopping sprees, first and foremost, make sure you have your measurements readily available. Never buy furniture without measuring your space.

For more great decorating ideas you’ll want to shop your favorite design magazines. Make sure to clip out your favorites and take them with you on your shopping trip. The sales representatives can help you find your personal style.

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Many Advantages Of Do It Your Self Sash Window Draught Proofing

November 14th, 2014 Comments off

Do it your self sash window draught proofing is a very cost effective means to make improvements on your home. A large amount of energy can be lost through draughts which are not maintained. This causes elevated energy costs.

The alternative to DIY projects is to hire out for paid services or have new windows installed or double glazing installed. Both of these options may be of interest for homeowners who are seeking to upgrade for investment purposes, though they are rather pricey. There are many ways of saving energy costs with simple steps which do not require a large investment.

Many homes lose an average of 20 percent of heat due to draughts and ventilation. With energy prices on the rise, this dramatically raises heating costs. So, this is very beneficial to find cost effective remedies. There are a few choices when it comes to sealing windows from air coming through. Each method is easily accomplished without assistance.

Many may not be aware of this, but the type of drapery chosen has a huge affect upon conserving energy. Making selections of a heavier material that is thick in texture naturally saves many draughts from entering the living space. This is a great way of adding style to a room along with helping to conserve on heating through cold winter evenings. There will need to be another alternative though, for daylight hours when drapes are open for lighting a home.

A great way to create more efficiency is to apply a rubber adhesive stripping along the window, in each area where the window meets the sash and frame. This method is very effective and can last for a couple of months on average. The strips will need to be replaced when a breeze is noticed to be leaking though. Even with needing to replace the strips, this is a very cost effective way to save on heating. The stripping itself is very reasonable and easy to apply. All that needs to be done is to measure each area and cut the material to fit. Once in place, just run fingers along the area to ensure proper adhesion.

Clear plastic sheeting is another reasonable DIY method of reducing heat loss. These sheets come in a pack to fit a couple of windows depending upon their size. The simple way to install them is to measure each window and cut the sheeting to fit. Once this is done, apply the double sided adhesive tape to the outside frame of the window and gently place sheeting over it. Running fingers along the adhesive path all the way around to ensure it is secure. This method can last throughout a whole winter and changed annually. The sheeting is clear, so if it is cut will care, it may not be so noticeable. The only dray back is that moisture may build inside and take away from visibility. When removed, it can be recycled to be more environmentally friendly. Slowly removing the coating will ensure that paint from the frame is preserved.

Do it your self sash window draught proofing is a great option when conserving costs is the ultimate goal. It will save a great amount of otherwise wasted energy and add those savings to the homeowner.

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Do Clients Prefer Wooden Sash Windows Or Plastic Windows?

October 16th, 2014 Comments off

Debating the question – Wooden sash windows or plastic windows which option gives a better impression in an office environment? – is subjective, of course. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, there is no denying that wooden windows, being more traditional, give an impression of solid worth that plastic has a hard time matching. Even the best plastic blinds are… Imitation wood.

The winning team in this debate will have to convincingly argue that the material they support is superior in the perception of the clients who will come to the office. So let us see what arguments may be made.

As for the marketplace, wood costs more than plastic in any application. Perception is that wood is more valuable. You rarely if ever see ‘hard plastic floors throughout’ in a real estate listing, do you? If the floors – or the windows – are plastic, no one advertises the fact.

An office can be strictly utilitarian and not meant for show, but when we are talking ‘impression’ we imply there is someone who must be impressed. So, for an office that will be seen by clients or customers, and which will be judged by them even if unconsciously, wood can be an important part of that essential ‘good first impression.’

Of course people notice. Then, if what they notice is plastic, what are they thinking? ‘Hey, this guy is smart, and he knows how to save a buck. His furniture is plastic, so it won’t scratch easy. I bet he saved a bundle by using that composite door and look, vinyl windows! He’ll never have to paint those babies!’ Or are they thinking, ‘This office looks kind of lightweight. I wonder how long this guy has been in business, anyway?’

Seriously, wood makes a good impression. Even unconsciously your clients will notice details such as polished wood floors and woodwork, or wood painted to match the carpeting and drapes. Wood gives a sense of permanency and sound construction which will enhance your professional image. Unless your office is in a site trailer, wood will be the material of choice for doors and windows.

Wooden sash windows or plastic windows which option gives a better impression in an office environment? It is really hard to make a winning argument for plastic.

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Exploring The Origins Of The Sash Window In England

October 14th, 2014 Comments off

The origins of the sash window are generally thought to be in England, since there the earliest examples were seen in elegant houses. Windows, designed to let in light while shutting out the elements, were formerly fixed panels or casement windows, which were hinged at the sides, pushed outward to open and pulled in and latched to close.

This style, a major innovation that differed greatly from earlier casement windows, is generally credited to a a major scientist and inventor, Robert Hooke. Hooke was an industrious man who coined the term ‘cell’ for the living units of biology he observed with a homemade microscope, discovered many principles of the law of gravity, designed some of London’s most historic buildings, and surveyed much of London after the Great Fire of 1666. He also studied the properties of glass and invented a balance spring which allowed for the watch to be created.

It is easy to match the sash window with the interests of this industrious man, who was very influential in the rebuilding of London after the Great fire of 1666 and was also the architect of some principal buildings. This style consists of one or more movable panels, with a weight, cord, and pulley system to defy the pull of gravity, and a framework of muntins, or wooden strips, to allow small panes of glass to be united in a panel, or sash.

One of the earliest known houses to install the innovative designs was the Ham house, an ancestral home updated in the 1670s by the Duke and Duchess of Lauderdale. This property has been owned by the National Trust since 1948 and used in many films.

Repairing these old windows is an option that many choose, since a handy homeowner with simple tools and a vast amount of patience can do the job. Others wish to retain as much of the original structure as possible when renovating an historic property. Replacement is an option as well, as many reproduction windows are manufactures out of traditional materials, and custom woodworking mills can make exact replicas of old designs.

Wooden windows may be repaired; the work is time consuming and requires some expertise and certain tools to take the sashes from the frame and examine and replace such things as stops, cords, corroded pulleys, and missing weights. Many homeowners repair their own windows, while others resort to propping them open with sticks and stuffing the cracks with folded paper to stop rattles. Full replacement is an option, as well.

The origins of the sash window are not certain, but its evolution is easily traced by the architecture that has used this style down the centuries.

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