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A safe car parking at the Gatwick airport

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

When ever we go out for some vacation or to drop some body at the airport the thing about which are least concerned is the car parking. We go to the airport, park our car in the parking lot and move away. What happens behind our back we are not bothered of that unless we ourselves fell victim of some accident? Before we move further let me share some similar incidents that I came across in the past few years.

I know it was late summers two years ago when I went to the Gatwick airport to see off my friend. He was to catch a flight to New York. Earlier that year I have bought my brand new Honda SUV. I was really crazy about that. I just casually parked my car outside the airport in the Gatwick airport car parking space. When I came back after an hour ago guess what happened? Some drunkard has rushed his crap right in to the face of my car. That day seemed like a hell, my brand new car now was without the head lamps, side mirrors, the grill was completely thrashed and the bumper was lying on the floor. But thanks to God that day was really good for me, that the driver just flew away after striking my car. Else I would have definitely killed him and would have been behind the bars. Jokes apart!!! But what I learnt from that incident is that I need to look for some other options to park my car when I am at the airport.

A similar incident happened to my neighbors. He was out there at the Gatwick airport to receive his wife. The moment they were about to get out of the parking area, they were attacked by a group of car robbers. Such incidents have been on their peak those days. But they managed to escape by just running down their car. These were just the two incidents that I came across but I believe I am not the only one who has faced such situation. Even such incident might have happened to you as well. So when I was looking for the alternative ways to park my car, I came across a company. That company provided the parking services at the Gatwick airport.

The process is really simple. When you are out to the airport, just make a call to this phone number (07766228963) twenty minutes before the arrival at the Gatwick airport, they will send their drivers and will tell you a meeting place in the airport. At that place you will be required to fill a form and after that the driver will take away your car. And when you are to return just make the call twenty minutes before and the car will be there in front of you, in the same condition you left it. I really liked their services. Now I can go out and enjoy my vacation or trip with complete peace of mind. I recommend this to all my friends and to you as well. For more details about the company you can just log on to: www.gatwickairportparkingrs09.co.uk

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