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Analysit the Nanjing Project Data

Todays Date: January 20, 2019

Monitoring equipment further enhanced on the road, particularly camera monitoring for overload vehicle also the purpose of monitoring in real time. Overload of high speed road and the road has been a long time where governance do not easily resolved, this time from the source control, pavement monitoring and legal responsibilities of the three aspects enhance governance.  Further monitoring of complete road network.

Announced will Shang, traffic of spokesman introduce said, 1997 Kingdom promulgated road method back, as these a years economic social form of progress, new things status of constantly revealed out, especially these a years to carried out vehicles super limited governance and road outbreak things of emergency disposal Office, examination seeking is road security tried to care aspects new of mechanism and moves, this also promoting push traffic further promulgated has road security tried to care legal. In recent years in the armed police play obviation of significant utility, the Ordinance provides for armed *** transport units according to country-related equipment such as part of the bridge the road tunnel under the road spot repair work as of, it is also specifically into the new regulations. It is a further refinement of the original road law and supplies. Bcc network Beijing, March 23, according to voice of the wide Central News reports, traffic security tried to take care of the Ordinance of the Ministry of transport of the the road today (23rd) was issued. Additional, for differences provided vehicles, public security and the trigger does not deal with vehicle registration.  

Source of enhanced governance, in vehicle production and sell links for overload transportation vehicle specifications, dimensions, load limit values and quality made clear provisions, exceed the limit values not to be produced, have not produced a sell.  

Increased unrestricted transgression, and has been to limit punishment lacks strict legal provisions, the experience summed up the road of the Ordinance, for road transport companies (spy pen camera), vehicle handling such movement of body, pursuant to provisions not due to join the number of frequencies to be revoked gift card and order them to close down and rectification (hidden camera spy), as punishment for liability purposes not the same as the number, increases the deterrent force of law.from: hidden spy cameras for home

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