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Beijing Telecom Will Open iPhone 4 into Network in June:Guangdong Is the Pilot

Todays Date: November 21, 2018

Apple’s CDMA version of iPhone4 is different from CDMA BlackBerry phone, the BlackBerry does not have the design of the UIM card slot, and its operator Verizon companies write users’ Blackberry mobile phone number directly into the phone when on sale. Domestic users who want use the parallel U.S. CDMA mobile phone, most of them through private channels to get the five yards corresponding to their mobile phone number, it can be normally used after the number have been written, this is called “burning number” by the industry.

The premise of burning number is that users need to get the five yards (ie IMSI, ESN, AKEY, AA, AN)of the current mobile phone number. To inquire the “five yards” doesn’t come cheap, it’s up to 400 yuan inBeijingand other regions are more than 200 yuan at least.

“Burning number” is also divided into two ways: First, provided by operators; Second, asking someone to burn.

It is learned that Beijing Telecom does not provide “burning number” services from Beijing Telecom. The previous news said that Zhejiang Telecom launched “burning number” business of CDMA version of iPhone 4 on February 10. However, this news has been denied by Zhejiang Telecom.

Owing to the complete written code method of CDMA version of iPhone 4 has not yet appeared, which also affected the sales and prices of the parallel CDMA version of iPhone4. It has nearly one hundred shops selling parallel CDMA version of iPhone 4 on Taobao. The price of 16G is from the range 4,500 yuan to 5,800 yuan, which is significantly lower than WCDMA version of iPhone 4 (Wholesale cell phone covers), the hot version and the same grade with CDMA version. Zhongguancun parallel importers said yesterday that the purchase is only tentative and they will not purchase in a short time, there are no users interested on it.

Last Sunday, GuangdongTelecomProductsCenterrevealed in the micro-blog that they have been tackled “burning number” technical difficulties of CDMA version iPhone 4 (cell phone cases wholesale ). Before, Guangdong Telecom Products Center revealed on Sina microblog that the first phone of CDMA version of iPhone 4 (cell phone cases wholesale ) has successfully opened up in China, because it calls 110, which belongs to the emergency call, so it can’t achieve the coding of CDMA version of iPhone 4.

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