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Investments – Capital Gains – Alternative Minimum Tax Planning

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

Home mortgage interest is deductible in computing the Regular Tax, although certain limitations apply. The Alternative Minimum Tax similarly allows this deduction, but it is subject to differences in the limitations. Understanding these differences will allow a taxpayer to plan in advance to minimize the AMT impact.

For example, lawmakers in Sacramento have come up with a hybrid tax incentive to encourage businesses to make the switch from large, low-mileage behemoths to highly efficient gas-electric autos and trucks.

Although at this writing, the hybrid tax incentive has yet to be signed into law, these particular vehicle tax incentives could ultimately save your company as much as $4000 when it acquires such a vehicle for business use. You may find it well worth your while to invest in vehicles that qualify for the hybrid tax incentive, such as the Prius.

If you do not have the money to pay for legal help, you can find one that works on a fixed percentage of the amount of money that you may receive. This is not a pro bono representation, but a way for attorneys to allow you to hire them if you do not have money and then to receive their compensation if they win the case.

For Regular Tax purposes, a second home that will qualify for the mortgage interest deduction includes certain mobile homes or boats, in addition to the traditional single family home or condominium. For purposes of the Alternative Minimum Tax, however, only interest on real estate loans is deductible – interest on the mobile home or boat loan is not deductible for the AMT.

More vehicle tax incentives come when your company chooses to lease vehicles rather than purchasing outright. The difference here is that your tax deduction is based on the percentage of business use of the vehicle in years during which lease payments are made, as opposed to simple depreciation.

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