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My View Of Are Low Taxes Exacerbating Recession

Todays Date: November 21, 2018

I am not sure if we have made the way out of the financial crisis. But one thing for sure, someone is claiming it is the low tax rates that causes our current economic situation.

According to the article from the San Francisco Gate, Hilary Clinton the Secretary of the United States is showing her support for high tax rates.

Now I am not going to talk about whether we should have low or high tax rates, because I know it does not make much sense. We people do not really influence the pass of a certain law, do we? Or we can just wait for the next election and hopefully, the next new President will have another sight and also have a new State Secretary.

But have you read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”? It says no matter what kind of careers we choose, we pay taxes, though owning a company is probably the best way of saving money from the hands of IRS listed in the book. Then, is there anything else we can do to stop IRS collections? Of course, there is.

If you yourself are a lawyer and you know the magic of taxes laws, then go ahead and lead your battle against IRS. And for people who are not familiar with those laws, just like me, I say we had better go and find ourselves a qualified lawyer, like Roni Lynn Deutch.

Roni Deutch, namely The Tax Lady, has 19 years’ experience in Tax and 6 years in Franchising. She found the largest tax resolution law firm in America. And for more than 20 years, she and her team have helped thousands of American taxpayers. Her company is determined to offer competent and professional services for people who are in need of tax help.

I am writing this here not to boast how great Roni Lynn Deutch is but try to let you know there are people who can help us if we do not know tax laws, and at the same time we want to pay less money to the IRS. The point here is to find a trust worthy lawyer who can really do something.

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