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Small Businesses – Why Pay More Tax Than You Have To?

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Is it equitable that while large conglomerates can afford to hire savvy planners to help them reduce their tax bill, smaller enterprises end up paying proportionally far more than they should? On one side of the coin is the belief that smaller entities already face formidable challenges even without large tax bills. As a counterpoint, it could be argued that the system is indeed just, since the tax laws are the same, no matter what size the corporate taxpayer. The functional difference is the ability of the larger enterprises to use legal technicalities and interpretations to their advantage, as opposed to the probability that the small business simply follows the black letter of the tax rules and regulations.

A significant barrier for smaller businesses is that they often employ tax professionals who fail provide advice that would maximize tax savings by using creative solutions. It is not uncommon for such advisers to simply punch the relevant figures into their accounting software and produce a statement of liabilities. Such a practice neglects any type of strategic planning or innovative thinking.

Accounting and tax professionals hired by small business may argue that among their top priorities is providing their services at a rate that their clients can afford. They are of the belief that engaging in true strategic tax planning would produce a sizable bill that their customers did not intend to incur. There may be some truth to the notion that certain small businesses are interested in securing simple tax compliance at the lowest possible fee, it seems logical that increasing numbers of such entrepreneurs would realize that by paying slightly higher professional fees upfront, they may realize tax savings that would far outweigh the initial expenditure.

Ultimately, it’s the responsibility of each small business to achieve the best bottom line results that they can. Paying a larger tax bill than is necessary is not conducive to achieving that goal. Just because your accountant has done your taxes for many years, knows you and your business, and charges less than is advertised elsewhere doesn’t mean that they are the best option for you. It is time to look for competent tax planning advice. This needs to be done as soon as possible, not after the year is over but at the beginning of the year, as that is when strategies can be implemented that can result in big tax savings.

The economic climate is far too competitive for any business owner to willingly part with more money in tax payments than is legally required. Even small entrepreneurs can take advantage of the kinds of smart tax planning strategies long employed by industry giants. Retaining the advice of a seasoned tax planner can make a substantial difference in a company’s bottom line and can rapidly pay for itself multiple times over. The philosophy behind such planning is not to break the law, but rather to wisely interpret and maximize the provisions already built into the tax laws in order to reduce total liabilities. Not all tax professionals are skilled in this type of sophisticated analysis, and therefore all business owners are well advised to seek the services of those who are. More : Tax Planning Sydney

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