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Umbrella Companies – Information & Advice

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

There are hundreds of umbrella companies on the market, each them of claiming to be offering a service that is better than their competitors. The problem for newbie contractors is deciding which one to use as they have to work their way through a minefield of gloss and clever marketing. So, how do you compare umbrella companies? Well, the good news is that they all pretty much all do the same thing, with the only difference from one umbrella company to the next is the price they charge and their standard of customer service.

The average cost to process a timesheet is about $50 per week. If a company quotes you a price much lower than this, it is probably best to avoid them as they will most likely be sacrificing quality for reduced fees. Administration fees should be quoted as gross figures and avoid any company that charges based on a percentage of your invoices, it is easy to run up excessive fees this way. A company which charges a fixed fee is a better bet for staying within your budget.

Of course, any umbrella company you look at will tell you that they have excellent customer service, so you may have to do some homework on your own to figure out what the story really is. Check on their websites for guarantees of same day payments, and look closely at the online timesheet portal. If there are any customer testimonials posted on the website, take a look at these too but remember that the company has control over what gets posted.

As well as what you can find out on the website of an umbrella company, you should also try to find out what other people have to say about them. One option for finding out this information is to look on a review / comparison website that gives an overview of a few different umbrella companies. Another option is to look on forums for reviews that other people have left. The second option is generally more reliable because those leaving the reviews do not have a vested interested, whereas sometimes review / comparison websites are paid a fee by umbrella companies.

Once you weed out the various companies to a few key choices, gather any unanswered questions you may have and give the companies a call. An interactive conversation will help you evaluate their knowledge of the business and their ability to provide the service you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for a referral from one of their current customers, regardless of whether or not you are actually going to call them. Their readiness to provide you with a current customer’s contact information will illustrate how much confidence they have in their service, as well as their willingness to satisfy customer requests.

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