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A few things you need to change to attract girls and strengthen your bond.

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

If you are one of the guys who believe in serious relationships or you hasn’t dated any one for years because you were just unable to find some girl, who is really made for you. Or this can go the other way as well. May you are the one whom girls don’t find good enough to be on a date with. There are a few mistakes or error that often boys commit and you could be the one doing the same. Being out of arrogance you may regret the fact but still you need to work over your self.

As a pick up artist here I can suggest a few things that you may find helpful while on a date or when you are just beginning with your date. You will definitely agree with me over the fact that what looks good definitely draws attention. Girls are not conscious but are over conscious about looks. Girls take an extra mile to look good and they expect that from their boy friends as well. Give up a slob look and buy a nice pair of jeans and a T-shirt. Be a well dressed guy when ever you are with her. You also need to take an extra care of personal hygiene. Get a shave and you can also refer your girlfriend and dress up the way she likes. I don’t want you to change your style completely, but at least if you try that for your girl friend will make her feel good.

Don’t ever try to be preacher. This is what I often see among boys. When ever your girl is depressed, don’t just bring out the preacher or saint lying inside you. Girls just want that some body should sit by their side and listen to them. They want some body with whom they could share their feelings with. And at that moment if you just take a upper stage and start narrating instances that in a similar condition that happened or even you get worse with that, start advising her. This is what girls never want their boy friends to be. Just sit by her side and hold her hand, try to console her. I few lines like “Don’t worry, every thing is going to be fine”, “you feel sorry about that”, you are always there with her in good and bad times.” Such words can really help you get better with your relation.

And one more things, girls just keep on testing how much you notice them and care for their moods. Girls love to get noticed especially by their boy friends. So just don’t miss a chance to comment over her dress or her hair style or any similar thing. Also girls wouldn’t love you to be clueless. Keep your eyes and sense open. Just watch through the moods your girl friend is having. She may be giving you soft touches, or give naughty glances. They may be the signals to let you know that she is really in a wild mood today and wants to make a hot steamy love tonight.

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