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A gift to remember!

Todays Date: November 16, 2018

Remember that watch that you got on your 5th birthday? And the one you got, when you came first, in School? What about the one that your girlfriend gifted you and the super stylish one that you bought yourself from London??

Now think… How many of those watches are in perfect condition? How many of them have been preserved as memories? Are they still a part of your watch collection? Wouldn’t you, as a watch collector, or even a common man fond of wearing a watch, want to preserve those memories and possibly share them with your kids as and when time comes?

The answer to all your problems is Watch Storage! No… This does not mean putting your watch into some old wooden case or a trunk or wrapping it in cloth so that your son gets to see the face of it. C’mon Stop! By the time your child is old enough, that watch will not even be worth looking at!!! Watch Collector or not, watches are pieces of time and fashion that need to be cared for the same way as you’d care for your favorite IPod or jewelry or such.

Watch Storage comes in many forms. These are usually cases made of a good quality wood and lined with cushioned velvet on the inside, or may be all velvet Similar to ladies jewelry cases, after all a watch is a very important part of a man’s personality and can amplify or degrade his looks at any time. These Watch StorageBoxes save the watch from getting damaged by Impact and preserve them for several years. They are also a fashion statement with the rich and famous like Bill Gates and Lakshmi Mittal using Original and very expensive teakwood, rosewood and Sandalwood Boxes and a different watch for morning, noon and evening.

Watch Storage boxes make an excellent Gift too… With or without the watch itself!

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