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A Koozie to make it Cool !!

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

“I love the ‘Koozie’ gifted to me by my best Buddy.”

“Hey you know what .. they have got such good Can holding devices at their store for this summer!”

Ever found people talking about ‘Beer or Can Koozies’ and wondered what they are. Perhaps to a layman they might sound none different then some Japanese dish or some modern day, wannabe cool type rapper coined term. Isn’t it?? Trust me, it’s none of these, yet it is the coolest thing in town these days.

A ‘koozie’ is a hollow cylindrical device generally made of polyester or foam that is designed to keep a beverage can or bottle cold. Not only will it keep the beer can or your bottle cool, but will also keep your hands warm. It is so designed, that it will easily fit into bottles of wide variety of shapes and sizes and still regain its shape when pulled out. You can these days find it very useful for a number of reasons; Style being one of those and not to forget the coolness of carrying it in your hands.

And so when you want it cooler than the coolest … you can try personalizing or customizing your koozie. How?? You can now go online and design your own unique device and make a unique style statement. Be it Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, with you it is going to be a new thing in your hands everyday. Endless number of designs, colors and appearances … use it for your water bottles, your juice bottle or cover your secret energy drink with it. These new style can huggies are going to keep it cool and also make you look cool at the same time. Pull it up as in the ‘fabric pull on bottle type’ or jus wrap it and zip it as in the ‘zipper neoprene bottle type’ and you are ready to play it cool. Travelling an issue?? Well, choose the ‘Collapsible fabric can type’ or the ‘neoprene collapsible can type’ and you are all the more cooler than ever before. Gym, office, car or your living room, jus slip your can or bottle in with a lot of ease and also pull it out with the same amount of ease. To facilitate this ease of slipping it in and pulling it out, these devices are generally provided with a small hole on the lower side for two reasons; One, to keep the vacuum suction out of question and secondly to allow you to insert your thumb and push your bottle or can out. With this, jus give it a few minutes to regain its shape and you are ready to go with your next can of energy drink after having finished your finished one.

Henceforth, not only because of their beneficiary use and their multitude of application but also because of their cool appearances these devices are surely going to be something you wouldn’t want to miss out. And it would take nothing more these days than jus browsing though a few websites and choosing your style of Cool Customized and personalized koozie to suit the drink cans and bottles you hold in your hands!!

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