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Adult vacation of your lifetime!

Todays Date: November 21, 2018

Located 150KM from Bangkok on the eastern shores of the Gulf of Thailand; Pattaya occupies most of the Banglamung District’s coastline in Thailand’s Chonburi province.

Pattaya has morphed rapidly over these past several decades from a once quiet centuries old nondescript fishing village into a globally regarded hotspot for tourists. Today Pattaya has a residential population that swells to over 300,000 during the busy tourist season, which attracts upwards of 10,000,000 tourists annually.

The “Greater Pattaya” area features 3 principle beaches; Naklua Beach (North), Pattaya Beach (center and parallel to the city), and Jomtien Beach (South). There are also several islands in the near vicinity that are available by water taxi which include Ko Lan, and Ko Phai.

Pattaya hosts all the traditional tourist activities a vacationer would expect including; beaches, theme parks, golf (21 golf courses within 1 hour of Pattaya), cultural entertainment/education, SCUBA-diving, go-karts, bungee jumping, eco-tourism, cabaret shows, Zoos, animal attractions, and much more.

All budgets are welcome with lodging options ranging from $4 – $200USD per night all nestled in one convenient resort community. With an American conversion rate of better than 30:1 (50:1 GBP) It is very possible to visit Pattaya comfortably on less than $25USD per day in theory, however most find budgeting nearly impossible as Pattaya’s nightlife is simply irresistible. While Pattaya does offer all the traditional tourist activities a vacationer would expect, tourists overwhelmingly flock to Pattaya by the millions for its infamous nightly entertainment scene, which is unrivaled almost anywhere in the world.

Pattaya has over one hundred GoGo clubs, thousands of bars, world-class discos, restaurants, and just about any form of entertainment a vacationer (particularly the single male vacationer) could ask for at half the cost of most similar destinations in the world.

Evidence of Pattaya’s reputation as a Red-Light District can be found throughout the Pattaya region, however it is most highly concentrated parallel to Pattaya Beach, a district often referred to as ‘Pattaya’s Golden Rectangle’. At the most southern end of the Golden Rectangle resides one of the most highly regarded red-light districts in the world: Pattaya’s Walking Street aka the Mile of Sin.

Walking street is jam packed with so many entertainment options a travel writer once compared it to ‘being inside a pinball machine’. Neon signs on almost every shop, exotic aromas from restaurants, music in every direction competing for attention, and most importantly: a seemingly endless parade of available attractive people eager to satisfy every fantasy imaginable.

From the bargirls to the pole dancers, the massage boys and the soapy massage girls sliding on an air mattress, the freelancers walking Beach Road to the famous Pattaya ladyboys; almost all is cheerfully available for extra entertainment. Pattaya truly is a paradise on Earth.

Each map clearly depicts hundreds icons including gogo clubs, bars, discos, massage parlors, restaurants, hotels and much more. Your ‘one-stop-shop for all things naughty in Thailand, Red Light Maps products contain all of the explicit information you’ll need for the most outrageous Thai vacation of your life.

Don’t waste your precious vacation looking for sexy Thai gogo dancers, an erotic soapy massage, or that perfect steak. RedLightMaps will take the guesswork out of your Thai holiday, while you satisfy your cravings.

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