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American modernism

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

American modernism was a period of time that ended in the 1940s. American modernism does not clearly relate to the qualities of the work of art, hence it is not specific in matters dealing with art. It is symbolized by the young generation with the modern approach to many issues. Walter Benn Michaels (1995) states, that American modernism represents the future, the revolutionary and the conservatives. Americans became happy especially the young due to the benefits that they realized from modernism, but also modernism was opposed by other Americans who were against its influences. It was opposed because it brought about and encouraging new culture among the Americans. American modernism clearly defines the break people realized from their past experiences. Some groups of people realized a positive break from their past while other realizing a negative break from their past. Especially the group of people that greatly relied on technology rejoiced due to the influences modernism had to their lives. American modernism also defined human horizons. It was through American modernism that the feeling of American people was charged.

The future of the American people was gauged by modernism. Through modernism Americans stood a good position of predicting the future which was perceived as being bright by a majority of them. It predicted the innovativeness and creativity of the people within America. American modernism clearly represented all categories of people in America as per the 19th century. It represented the romantic, those who wanted to remain with their old traditional beliefs and those who supported the changes that where taking place.

American modernism made most Americans to believe that money was the answer to everything. Most people in America related to each other in terms of money rather than with their families and community at large. American modernism made most Americans relate themselves with the resources that they owned. One basically defined himself with the resources he owned. American modernisms were not keen with the changes that were taking place within their community. They were greatly detached from their own community.

American modernism further gave rise to new ways of viewing issues to its citizens. First the sense of belonging to the family was done away with. A person could not get the necessary moral support and assistance from his family members because of its outcome. Likewise also that kind of belonging and bond to the nation was lost; Americans citizens did not have good relationships among themselves. They were not attached to their traditional believes.

A serious problem arose as a result of this believes. The Americans started thinking of ways of doing away with modernism because of the negative side effects it had given rise to within the society. Both family and communal relationships had been greatly affected. They thought of ways of altering their attitudes and

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