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Ancient natural remedy: Flower Essence therapy

Todays Date: December 18, 2018

Using flowers and extracts from flowers as natural remedies for ailments is a practice that has been coming on from ancient times. After all in that time where were no medicines and people use to fall sick all the more frequently due to the socio-environmental conditions. No wonder, when ancient tombs were discovered in Egypt, alongside were also found flowers preserved in honey.

In fact it is surprising that what our forefathers knew, and practiced frequently as a mode of rescue remedy, is a technique that was long forgotten and is now being brought back because it is noticed that many a times where allopathic medical treatment fails, especially in cases of depression and other psychiatric problems, natural remedies like flower essence therapy works wonders!

It has actually been in the beginnings of the twentieth century that a British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, while working in the peaceful surroundings of the English countryside, pioneered the bach flower therapy. This was a varied and diverse range of natural remedies made from flower essences to treat various emotional disturbance and psychiatric disturbances.

Flower essences, as the name defines are extracts from flowers, prepared by sun infusions in a bowl of water, further diluted, potentized and preserved with brandy. Each flower used has a different energy used for a different cause. These natural remedies can be taken diluted in a glass of water or directly under the tongue. Initially each essence use to be taken separately but now a mixture of essences to heal various problems is available. Even Dr. Bach made a combination of 5 different essences to make a rescue remedy.

What modern allopathy and other forms of medicine are now discovering was understood by Dr. Bach in the early twentieth century. He understood how the natural essence or the natural energy ‘chi’ in the flowers affects the mind and body and that the mind and body are interconnected. Thus as with the body, the mind can also fall sick and that sickness is something that can be treated with natural remedies like flower essence therapies.

Unfortunately what ancient practices and people of the likes of Dr. Bach understood, modern medicine has failed to understand. Flower essence therapy works through resonance. It is a form of holistic healing that understands that the mind and body are interconnected yet are separate and the mind can fall sick just the same way as the body can. And there is not many a drug that can heal the mind because unlike the human body, the brain is still a big puzzle to many a medical scientist today and that is probably why modern medicine sees the effectiveness and truth of natural remedies like flower essence therapy but yet fails to recognize it.

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