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Aria by Richard Rodriguez

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Aria written by Richard Rodriguez is considered to be his own memoir about bilingual education of a Spanish child. With the help of his essay he represents the individual power of a person that helps defeating the language barrier; besides, he tells how he overcame this particular problem while being a child. Now he feels that he is being a part of the American society as a public individual, he is no more aware of expressing himself in society. It is essential to note that together with loosing his native language he began to feel that his childhood was over.
This essay is the first chapter of the author’s book called The Hunger of Memory, where Richard tells of a young boy who encounters with sounds and the meanings behind them. All of his experiences learning English are told with the insight of a young Hispanic boy; they are told with the help of his inner feelings and thoughts.
He is the son of Mexican immigrants; he grows up at home with Spanish as the native language. When he enters school, he is very poor in his knowledge of English that is why the boy is being very shy and unconfident in class. His school teachers visit his family and ask the boy’s parents to speak English at home in order to help the child. Of course, Rodriguez’s parents comply. Because of this the boy looses the feelings of private bonds and intimacy that he had with his family members before.
The problem of deep intimacy is raised in this essay. That is seen almost at the end or felt throughout the whole story. When the boy learns English well, he becomes confident in his public identity, but he does realize that a loss of intimacy with his family members happens. He appreciates the sounds of his family’s language and feels the security in his family. Although he feels that intimacy is more than simply words. Only being an adult he then realizes that not words spoken are important, but their content.
But the author probably wanted to show the common well-known truth in his Aria: while our culture may remain forever expressed in our native language, only through the dominant language of the country we can achieve a place in society. dance essay paper

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