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Beautyful Tresses

Todays Date: November 21, 2018

Hair extensions are the latest FAD these days. They are the process of adding commercial hair natural hair. They are the latest methods being used to conceal thinning hair or hair loss. With pollution and excessive dirt in the air playing havoc with hair, hair extensions have come to one’s rescue. Salon’s which deal in hair extensions have a solution for every kind of hair problem-whether its’ thinning hair or finding a perfect look for one’s wedding.

The best salons dealing in hair extensions give the luxury to its customers to get hair extensions done within the comfort of the customer’s own home. Generally three types of are done- Keratine, Ring system and Taped hair extensions. Keratine hair extensions match human hair quality and are fused into the natural hair. In ring system of hair extension, hair is attached strand by strand without the use of glue, chemicals or heat. Instead rings are used to attach hair.

People often go for hair extensions to add volume to their thinning hair or making a fashion statement. One can get the perfect hairstyle with the help of hair extensions without really having to perm or color one’s hair. Hair extensions are available in synthetic as well as natural human hair. Human hair extensions cost more as they can be easily colored, permed or curled unlike synthetic hairs which melt when exposed to high temperatures of a curling iron or blow dryer.

MIAMI HAIR EXTENSIONSare quite popular as they are experts in the field working for the last 25 years in the beauty industry. They provide with three different hair extensions and hair replacements types. Hair extensions are said to be most natural looking and are now becoming a beauty and fashion accessory. However anyone who is going for a hair extension whether synthetic or human needs to care for the hair. The hair need to be brushed and made tangle free before every wash and while doing this the hair need to be firmly gripped above the bonded hair.

Most of the hair extensions salons which work in the field of hair extensions give the first consultation free of cost to evaluate the condition of the natural hair of the client. It is only then that the actual discussions on the kind of hair extensions best for the client are discussed. The whole process of the fitting of artificial hair takes about 4 hours for a full head. Anyone who goes in for the hair extensions need to have a maintenance check from the salon every 3 months to keep the extensions looking fresh.

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