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Best BroadBand … Choose according to your Use!

Todays Date: November 17, 2018

In data broadband may have the same meaning as broadband networks or broadband Internet. The data transmission over a fiber optic cable would be referred to as broadband as compared to a telephone modem operating at some fixed speed. (not clearly mentioned because a worldwide standard for what level of bandwidth and network speeds have not been exactly determined). With the increasing number of people willing to avail the services, there are also a number of Broadband Providers providing different type of services. The best broadband amongst all the available options is completely dependent on the individualistic choice and requirements.

An internet access that doesn’t use a telephone line or cable network is referred to as Wireless internet type of broadband where you are connected to the internet using radio frequency bands. This service lets you access the internet when you’re away from home or out of the office, that is full access to internet at your convenience wherever and whenever you want.

The line speed and download quota that any individual would need, will completely depend on how much time supposedly thought will be spent on the web. You can use the table below as an indicative guide for average usage. And the following points are to be considered when calculating the requirement based on the amount of data used, downloaded, accessed:-

This will vary according to the size of the website, files sizes, MP3 recording quality etc.

-Usage: duration and speed requirement and amount of data accessed during the usage time.

– Receive emails that are supposed to be read, downloaded etc and also the mails that are sent.

– Random Surfing on the Internet and the frequency and the number of hours spent doing so.

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