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Broadband, DSL and Naked DSL: – What’s the difference?

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

Once upon a time, there used to be a telephone line for simple calling; then came internet, on the very same telephone line. The jubilance and effects of the same were huge. People use to be more than glad to pay 100 Australian dollars (AUD) and more to simply get a taste of the internet, even with what we would term today as ‘pathetically slow speeds’. Little did they realize and believe that the same technology would advance further and further and, with time, would become cheaper and cheaper.

Gone are those days when we use to be more than glad to surf the internet at 56kbps on dial up (telephone line based internet). Today it is the same telephone line or a TV cable brining on the Internet, but speeds of 56kbps (Kilo Bytes Per second) are passé. Infact now days if Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) talk of such speeds, people think that the ISP is mad! Today is the age of newer and high speed technologies like DSL, Naked DSL,TPG and other Broadband Internet services.

DSL basically stands for Digital Subscriber Line and is also called bundled DSL as it is a service bundled with the telephone line. It is basically the same old telephone line that use to provide you with Dialup but DSL is much faster than a dialup connection. Aside from being much faster and with higher download speeds, DSL internet does not use the telephone line directly. It may be recalled that in the days of dialup the telephone line had to be disconnected from the phone and connected to the modem. But buy doing this, while internet surfing use to be on, the phone would be tied up as well. In the case of DSL, the telephone line is split into two parts using a device called a Splitter. One part powers the telephone and the other connects to a special DSL modem which can be used to directly connect a computer to the internet. The DSL modem can be LAN based or even wireless, in case multiple computers have to run internet from the same line.

One of the Advancements in DSL, or as it is more popularly known, one of the Flavors of DSL is Naked DSL also called dryloop and unbundled DSL. Naked DSL is a technology where in the telephone line is not split up. What the subscriber basically gets is a telephone line that is exclusively for internet and does not have telephony services on it, or in other words the line is not connected to the Plain Old Telephone System (POTS)and cannot be used for normal telephone calling from the local exchange. This technology offers price and plan customizations but the speed is relatively the same as a bundled DSL. Subscribers in this scheme can make telephone calls, but only through VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

DSL and Naked DSL are a type of Broadband Internet Service, commonly referred to as Home Broadband. Broadband Internetservices are offered by many a company all claiming to offer the best Broadband. Broadband is a high data rate internet access with a minimum speed of 256kbps going up to 16mbps with limited and unlimited surfing and download plans. It is a title or a scheme under which providers offer DSL and mobile Internet, with newer technologies like VDSL and optical fiber fast gaining popularity.

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