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Buying A Home Jointly – Facts You Need To Know

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

If you’ve been dreaming of buying a home but your finances aren’t strong enough to qualify, you may want to partner up with another family member or roommate in the same situation. By pooling your resources together, you’ll be in a much better position to buy a home. One benefit of cobuying with your roommates is there will be less adjustment because you’re already living together.

One type of property to consider is a dwelling with separate units, like a duplex or triplex. Each of you would enjoy the benefits of a separate entrance, kitchen, and more. While you may physically be living in separate units, you still have the joint responsibility regarding ownership and maintenance costs associated with the land and roof.

One cost effective option is to buy a single home and divide the living area into separate sections. The only problem with this setup is you lose the benefit of having your own private space. If possible, try to buy a house where the layout allows you to easily separate the living space.

It’s important to spend time discussing some key financial issues and issues unique to co-ownership before you jump feet first into a co-buying situation. One vitally important concern will be how the down payment and monthly expenses will be apportioned. Are you going to divide everything evenly or will you divide everything on a percentage based on the amount of down payment invested, the size of bedroom assigned, or other criteria? A good idea is to check with a tax professional on how your arrangement will affect your tax situation.

Another significant concern is what happens to a co-owner’s portion of the property when he or she dies? Will his or her heirs have rights to it? How will you deal with circumstances where one co-owner decides to move out-does he or she have the option to sell his or her portion of the home, require the other co-buyers to buy his or her portion out, or force the sale of the property?

Knowing which form of title to list on the property deed shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some typical forms of ownership include tenants in common or joint tenants with the right of survivorship. Consult with an experienced attorney who can advise you on the most suitable form of ownership for your needs.

Other issues you should agree on include what length of time everyone plans to live in the house (also what options are available when a co-owner decides to marry or when an elderly parent needs constant care); what course of action should be taken when a co-owner becomes unemployed; what style to furnish the house; and house rules (such as cleanup, household supplies, sound level of music, and overnight guests).

Co-buying a house is a major decision that requires the right co-buyer to be successful. Make sure you spend quality time discussing all these important issues with your partner and solidify it with a legally binding contract drafted by an attorney.

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