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Champagne: An excellent celebratory drink

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

It must be remembered that all champagnes are Sparkling white wines wines but all sparkling white wines are not champagne! Simply put, champagne is a sparkling white wine produced in an area called Champagne in the far north of France and only sparkling wines produced in this area can be called Champagne, although retailers tend to market any sparkling white wine as champagne.
The bubbles in a Champagne bottle are actually due to a second fermentation carried out under methode traditionnelle or traditional methods. Under this method the basic white wine is bottled with yeast and sugar triggering a second fermentation process giveing off some CO2 gas, carbonating the liquid inside the bottle.
Champagne is a clear white wine but the methode traditionnelle leaves a bit of sediment in the bottle, to remove this sediment, it is riddled into the neck of the bottle then frozen and then removed as a lump. The bottle is filled with a bit of extra wine and a touch of sugar, this process is called dosage. Some champagnes do not have the sugar added, and are called ‘extra brut’ or ‘extra dry’.
The original champagnes, produced in Champagne, are a blended mixture of three grapes: the Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and the Chardonnay. The amount these grapes are mixed in varies from producer to producer and some Champagnes like the blanc de blancs or blanc de noir – uses only Chardonnay grapes or the Pinot Noir grapes.
Most Champagnesare designed to be consumed as soon as it is purchased. Many are not meant to be collected, although it is a very appreciable gift! Most of the Champagnes classified as a non-vintage do not last more than 3 – 5 years while the more expensive, and also the more prestigious Champagnes can last up to 15 years.

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