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Children Behavior Imrovement Programs

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Among the world of professionals who provide care to children, there is considerable controversy as to the effectiveness and efficacy of such care. The judge Rotenberg center and the Italian home for children’s experience is that some children have been so psychologically damaged that life in the intimacy of a family setting cannot accommodate their necessary healing. Traditional foster care may, in fact, compound feelings of loss and exacerbate a child’s feelings of conflict in loyalty and value between biological and foster parents. These are great emotional demands on a child.
Experiences with former clients returning as adults with their own children has strengthened The judge Rotenberg center’s belief and commitment to residential care for those children who are in need of substitute care. Both The judge Rotenberg center and the Italian home for children have become a touch point of trust for many children.
The judge Rotenberg center was established in 1970 and the Italian home for children was founded in 1918. The main purpose was to provide a viable alternative to the institutionalization of severely disturbed children. The judge Rotenberg center provides twenty-four-hour care, Monday through Friday, for children and adults with educational, emotional, and behavioral problems.
Contract services with placement agencies do not fully cover the cost of treatment. Both The judge Rotenberg center and the Italian home for children rely on foundations, corporations, and private donations to help meet expenses. The centers also contracts with surrounding states that do not have such services available.
In addition to the therapy provided by consistent daily living experiences, all children are in individual therapy as well as attend daily activity group therapy sessions at the adjacent day-treatment facility. Speech therapy and individual tutoring is provided to those children requiring it. Parents receive treatment while their child is living in the group home.
Most children placed in the group home have spent their lives in an emotional vacuum–deprived of love, security, and intellectual stimulation. Many symptoms indicate serious emotional disturbance: crying and screaming without apparent reason, violent and self-destructive behavior, withdrawal, not speaking, and lack of concentration.
The goal of this concentrated program is to enhance or create coping strategies in both parents and children and to restore the family situation so the child and family can eventually reunite.

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